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Review: Force on Force Team Tactics June 2017: JohnnyMac
June 23, 2017
Max Talk 006: The Squad Hasty Attack
June 26, 2017

To be truly dangerous to your enemies, train at MVT.

I have just added a CQB Introduction Day and a Force on Force Team Tactics weekend to the schedule for the 3-5 November. There was no other Force on Force on the schedule this year.

We have 2 spaces left on the CQBC on August 18-20.

We may be scheduling a further CQBC October 6-8 but we have to wait for a couple of other pieces to fall into place before we can do that. Keep an eye out here.

There are 2 spaces left on the October 20-22 Combat Team Tactics Class. The November CTT class is open and is the last class we are running this year. This class is an essential building block and exposure to live fire maneuver.

We have a couple of spots left on the September Kentucky class, and the Georgia class only has 1 space left on the DA portion.

Below are some recent reviews of the Force on Force team Tactics Class. It is a ‘must have.’ We run a holistic progression at MVT and you need to make an effort to attend the various classes in order to give yourself a chance tactically. Anything else is delusional to your chances of survival in a tactical situation. If you need work on your carbine skills (you do), do Combat Rifle Skills. For the basics of live fire team tactics, do Combat Team Tactics. For more depth on tactics, do Direct Action / Combat Patrol (we have some spots left on the August class). Do Close Quarter Battle Course to give yourself a clue in an urban or home invasion scenario. Do Force on Force Team Tactics to either bring this all together, or even as an intro before Combat Team Tactics. Links to class descriptions below.

If you are messing about doing nothing but ‘cool guy’ stuff on a flat range, you are kidding yourself, and so are those that encourage this approach.

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