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April 24, 2017
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May 1, 2017

We still have a few spaces available for Idaho classes 10 – 28 May. I just had a sign up for the 5 day CTT / Mobility class today.

I am currently in Missouri running a mobile class before heading out to Idaho next week. We have been able to run the 4 day class here despite the horrific weather. In fact, we ran the second square range day yesterday literally off the porch of the range building, including RTR drills and Stream Fire etc., while thunderstorms raged and a floodwater broke the banks of the creek and ran under the building! Amusing in the light of my comments about ‘porch snipers!”

The weather did improve today so that we were able to get across the creek and run the first day of the Combat Team Tactics portion. However, we did an impromptu Q&A on combat lifesaver protocol and the reality of medical care in a collapse situation, with amazing input from a cardiac surgeon and new general surgery resident who are on the class. There is a lot of reality that many do not get, both on the tactical training side and on the medical side. I hope to work on a guest post for the MVT Forum on this. It is always humbling when I am lecturing on combat lifesaver protocol and there are Doctors/ Surgeons in the class, and  always relief when they don’t tell me that I am an idiot.

This reminded me that we are running a full day of training on this in Idaho on Wednesday 10 May, and I happen to know that there will be some ER doctors sin that class too. This will add a lot of value. There is still space and you can still sign up.

Also, don’t forget that I am working to get more students for the June Force on Force Team Tactics Class, and as such have offered massive discounts. The value of this class cannot be underestimated. Here is commentary on that from a student, posted in the open side of the MVT Forum, titled: ‘Get Your Feet Wet.

Massive Father’s Day Discount! Force on Force June 17 – 18

Idaho Outline:

Combat Lifesaver: Wed 10 May.

Combat Team Tactics (4 Day ): Thu 11 – Sun 14 May.

Note: the first 2 days can be taken standalone as the Combat Rifle Skills Class.

Combat Team Tactics / Mobility (Convoy Tactics) (5 Day): Wed 17 – Sun 21 May.

Direct Action Live Fire (3 Day): Tue 23 – Thu 25 May.

CQB / Force on Force Team Tactics (2 day): Fri 26 – Sat 27 May.

If you want a space, email me and we will make it happen:

Link to Idaho Class Page for details:


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