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April 4, 2017
Video: Combat Leader Class (CLC) April 2017
April 11, 2017

I have just been updating the Combat Leader Course (CLC) page during lunch, between missions. The class is still ongoing since Sunday, and we have not yet done the AAR, but I have updated the page from the feedback I have had so far as the class has progressed.

I firmed up the schedule and training plan for the class since I wrote the initial CLC page, and we are in the process of executing this week. I am frankly ecstatic about the training scope and value of this class. Given a week with 12 students, UTM ammunition, and a dedicated OPFOR at the VTC, we have been conducting priceless training. Everyone but one is an MVT Alumnus, and he has completed a Force on Force CQB class with another school. We have two new ambush positions and numerous bunker and alternative positions for OPFOR across the VTC now, thanks mainly to the volunteer OPFOR who have been doing some building! This will also play into and benefit scenarios for the standard Force on Force Team Tactics Classes.

I will follow up fully after the AAR, and of course I hope for some class reviews.

Points right now:

  1. The class is definitely worth running and I want it to continue.
  2. It is a week’s worth of time and a chunk of change, and thus is currently intended to be an annual event. If there is more interest, I will consider running it spring and fall.
  3. I have been keeping tuition fees down well below the MVT daily rate, at $950 for a Sunday – Sunday class. My motivation for this is to make the class more attainable because it is really, really, worth it, and also due to the upfront ‘sticker shock’ cost of the UTM rounds.
  4. This class we had each student purchase 1000 UTM Man Marker Rounds @ $800. This price is cost to MVT, there is no mark up for profit. We are finding ammo expenditure is anywhere from 1000 – 1250 rounds per student, and we are having to sell more, depending on weight of trigger finger. Each 50 round box costs $40. So I have updated the page to say that you have to buy the 1000 rounds, and there will be more available on site if you need it.
  5. I would like feedback on interest in a fall class, or simply run it next April again.



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