Upgrading the CQB Hut Site

New: Close Quarter Battle Course: March 24-26 2017
December 10, 2016
Special Operations Rig (SOR)
December 13, 2016

Photos from a volunteer work party this weekend, doing the next build phase on the CQB Hut Site. These huts are used as a UTM and scenario training objective and are incorporated into the following classes:

Force on Force Team Tactics

Close Quarter Battle Course

Combat Patrol

Combat Leader Course





Note the size of the doorways. Standard opening, residential size. Before you start trying to fit yourself through doors such as that, you ought to give the following post a read. Consider the MVT Gear Philosophy and how you can build a similar gear loudout. Consider a ‘Lite’ Battle belt and a well made chest rig – this will reduce getting hung up in doorways. Your battle belt should be low profile and close to the hips, and a with a good chest rig the load is carried within the triangle of your chest/arms when entering with your rifle, so it doe not stick out or take up space that could cause a hang up.

‘Gear: Purpose, Use, Your Functional Gear System.’


Above: Student running a 3X Special Forces Rig attached to a PC with the PC Attachment Kit.


Above: 3X Rig in Ranger Green. All MVT gear is available in Coyote Brown, Ranger Green and Multicam.


Here is a video of the huts previously in use as part of a Force on Force Class:



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