2017 Mobile Classes: Texas, Missouri, Idaho, (Georgia)

Missouri Classes April 27 – May 4 2017
November 30, 2016
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December 5, 2016

MVT currently has several Mobile Open Enrollment Classes booked for 2017:


In addition, we have the new Combat Leader Course in April at the VTC.


TEXAS 17 Feb – 5 March.

Vicinity of Brady:

  • Combat Team Tactics (4 Day). February 17 – 20 : FULL
  • Combat Team Tactics / Convoy Operations (5 Day). February 22 – 26: 2 Spaces Remaining
  • Combat Patrol (4 Day). February 28 – March 3: 1 space Remaining
  • CQB / Force on Force Team Tactics (UTM) (2 Day). March 4 – 5: 4 Spaces Remaining 
    • CQB / FoF is an add-on to the CP class and has a class limit of 18. It can be taken standalone and there are no prerequsities. The class will utilize UTM Man Marker Rounds  for Force on Target and Force on Force CQB and Team Tactics training over 2 days.





Held at the Velocity Training Center (VTC), Romney, WV.

Summary: This is an infantry combat leader class designed to teach you the basics of leadership, decision making, the planning and the execution of combat missions at the team and squad level. Students will rotate through command appointments, with each student getting the minimum of one full rotation as squad leader.

  • This is NOT a live fire class.
  • Ammunition will be UTM Man Marker Rounds.


  • No MVT Class prerequisites, although CTT/CP is recommended.
  • You must have some appropriate infantry or civilian/other tactical training. This class will not be taught from the ground up of basic tactics. The focus is on the planning and leadership. If you need help with specific techniques for your mission, of course it will be given. It is a learning environment, not sink or swim. Cadre will shadow you through your appointment, as deemed most beneficial to your training development.




MISSOURI 27 April – 4 May.

Vicinity of Camdenton:

  • Rifle Skills (1 Day): Thu 27 April.
  • Combat Team Tactics (3 Day ): Fri 28 – Sun 30 April.
  • Direct Action Live Fire* (2 Day): Mon 1 – Tue 2 May.
  • CQB: Force on Target / Force on Force (1 day): Wed 3 May.
  • Force on Force Team Tactics (1 day): Thu 4 May.





IDAHO 10 – 28 May.

Vicinity of Midvale:

  • Combat Lifesaver (1 Day): Wed 10 May.
  • Combat Team Tactics (4 Day ): Thu 11 – Sun 14 May.
  • Combat Team Tactics / Mobility (Convoy Tactics) (5 Day): Wed 17 – Sun 21.
  • Direct Action Live Fire* (3 Day): Tue 23 – Thu 25.
  • CQB / Force on Force Team Tactics (3 day): Fri 26 – Sun 28.





GEORGIA. TBD: Possibly September.

This class has not yet been scheduled, but is being discussed on the MVT Forum and interest generated.

In outline, the class offering may look like:

  • Rifle Skills (1 Day).
  • Combat Team Tactics (3 Day).
  • Direct Action Live Fire* (2 Day).
  • CQB / Force on Force Team Tactics (UTM): Up to 3 Days.


* Note: The specifics of each Direct Action Live Fire Class are covered on the linked class pages for each remote location. In summary, the class is an abbreviated Combat Patrol Class focusing on the specifics of Live Fire Ambush and Raid. This rolls nicely into the following Force on Target/ Force on Force CQB and Team tactics classes, utilizing UTM Man Marker Rounds.


Fitness Basics

All MVT classes require a basic level of physical fitness. This includes cardiovascular fitness for the tactical ranges, and basic body/arm strength / endurance for tasks such as charging your rifle on repetitive weapons manipulations.  The physical fitness standards are easily attainable and are not onerous. However, if you ignore the requirement, you will be reducing the value you gain from training, and being an impediment to your teammates. We do offer tactical fitness training plans, including advice on basic standards and how to test yourself HERE.



Gear Basics

One of the problems we have at class is poor gear negatively impacting the training experience of the student. For that reason, we have begun designing and selling MVT gear, designed for best tactical performance and functionality. Many do not understand gear, and it is a constant source of questioning on the MVT Forum. We have several chest rigs available that are ideal for both training and potential unconventional combat operations. Keep your eyes on the blog for more gear coming out in the near future, such as the the MVT Lite Belt. I strongly encourage you to have a look at the MVT Gear Store and get you and your family fixed up with quality, 100% made in the USA, tactical gear from MVT. If you are motivated enough to invest in quality tactical training, you should also invest in the right tactical gear, which will improve your performance and training experience. MVT Gear features kydex inserts in the mag pouches, for lightning fast reloads and one handed tactical reloads. We are light years ahead of others, because we designed this gear to work for you.










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  1. Gregg Long says:

    My son and I would definitely be up for a course in Georgia. Any ideas on the site?

  2. MTD says:

    GA classes are good for me coming out of central AL.

  3. Robert says:

    South Georgia, Alma area.

    Max will post dates soon. Be ready to book quickly, there is a boatload of interest in training in the southeast!

  4. Oldfart says:

    I’d love to be able to participate in one or more classes in Idaho. Do you have anything for an 83-year old man in a wheelchair?
    Humor aside, I really wish things like this had been available 40 years ago! They weren’t and we wouldn’t have gotten involved if they had, so those who can go now – or more importantly – NEED to go should do so before they end up in a wheelchair.