Tactical Clearance: CQB Entry Methods Discussion

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November 23, 2016
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November 24, 2016

I have not had time to do diagrams for this, which I probably need to, but I wanted to get some information out there and secondarily provide a forum for discussion of CQB entry techniques. Tommy just joined the forum and I hope John will be along soon, so we will hopefully get some legit guys with recent CQB experience jumping in here. Excellent.

For those who have seen my posts and / or attended CQB training with me, you will understand my philosophy. I am mainly teaching civilians, and CQB can be a high attrition activity. I am not a fan of dynamic entry techniques and try to teach a mix of limited penetration / fight from the door techniques. I am aware that most buildings in the US provide concealment not cover. My methods can be similar to Israeli limited penetration techniques, but are not the same and may be more dynamic, with penetration.

If you have a barricaded or even an alert enemy in a room, and you try dynamic entry, it will likely not end well for you. Dynamic entry will work for you if:


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