MVT Run n Gun 30 September 2016: Photos

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September 27, 2016
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October 2, 2016

As part of the Run n Gun / CQB day today, and as part of the Force on Force Team Tactics class over the weekend, we ran the first MVT Run n Gun event today in the rain. Some photos:

The route is 4 miles, with a shoot station at the halfway point, and a final shoot station. The final shoot is the same as the MVT Rifleman Challenge, and is done in groups of 5 once the run time has ended.



The fianl shoot is controlled, from 50 meters down to 10 meters, and is designed to simulate an attack. Different positions, different ranges, timed courses of fire with mag changes, including a transition to handgun at 10 meters.





  1. Brian from Georgia says:

    After completing the Run n’ Gun, bench shooting at resting heart rate loses all appeal.

    Train for this and test yourself. You’ll be harder to kill as a result.

  2. Keeper says:

    Run n Gun
    Since this is Max’s first Run n Gun at MVT it was a good way to shake down your kit. I found out that I need to readjust my MVT chest rig to be able to breathe going up the hills, not Mother Fucker hill but its sister hill which was a bitch. The first part of the run was down the road then up hills then down and more up hills then we came though the parking lot up the hill to the upper square range to our first shooting station. Twenty rounds in the paper and off again same track as before then back to the lower square range to complete the shooting station five ten rounds AR mags then to ten round of pistol round into the paper. The weather was heavy mist and lite wing which good to run in but hell to keep your eye pro clears. I know if Max’s has another Run n Gun combine with a class I’ll be there. Oh if I do it again and Jon aka Blind sack is running I am going to punch him in the kneels and get a twenty minute head start. That man is fast