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September 26, 2016
Student Review: Combat Team Tactics: September 2016: Chris (‘The Carpenter’)
September 27, 2016

Below is copied the recent post I did about the new classes to be held at MVT West, near Spokane WA.

I’m seeking a little feedback from readers / students:

1) I get the feeling from some comments I have seen that interest in MVT is mainly in the tactical classes, such as Combat Team Tactics and Combat Patrol, and that people will hold out on the flat range classes awaiting  the tactical classes to come online (I mention this in the post below). My ‘feeling’ is that people think they are squared away at flat range shooting and do not need it, and they want the tactical classes, in the main. What is your feedback on this? We won’t actually be able to get the tactical classes running for some time at MVT West, maybe not till summer 2016, so if you are holding out it may be a while. Also, if I didn’t think that the CRS classes held a huge amount of value I would not be running them.

2) I had the following idea, specifically for MVT West: given that it may be some time before we bring the tactical classes online, and that we are running only CRS classes in the interim, we could change the way things work: CRS is a two day flat range class. It gives you approximately the same training as you get by attending the Rifle Skills (Thursday) and Combat Rifle (Friday) days as part of a CTT class. The Saturday and Sunday parts being on the tactical ranges. We specifically created those Thursday and Friday training days because they were needed to bring students up to speed for the best training experience on the tactical ranges (vast improvement over the old 2 day CRCD class). So how about, for MVT West, we do the following:

  • CRS becomes a prerequisite for CTT. It’s a 2 day weekend class.
  • CTT goes back to a 2 day weekend class, having completed the CRS equivalent of the Thursday (currently optional Rifle Skills day)  and Friday Combat Rifle day by attending CRS.
  • This would give you 2 x 2 day classes, with no training on the Friday. You have to attend twice, but less work days off allowing for travel etc.
  • Students would be better trained having attended CRS. They would be equivalently trained as if they had attended the full 4 days of the current CTT class, taking the optional Rifle Skills class on the Thursday.
  • For MVT West, this would allow students to get the CRS done now, and then attend CTT when it comes on line.



The first classes to be held at MVT West, near Spokane, WA, will be Combat Rifle Skills, including Night Firing as an add-on option. See below:


Above: Chris instructing at the Velocity Training Center

Introducing the MVT West satellite facility for Max Velocity Tactical Classes. Chris (BIO Page) is the Chief Instructor  for MVT West. It is hosted at the Tier 1 facility near to Spokane, WA. Those attending classes will get site maps and joining instructions. The training site includes a flat range and 60 acres of tactical training land.

The first scheduled classes are:

Note: it appears that some may be holding out for when Combat Team Tactics / Combat Patrol will be offered at MVT West. It will be some time before these classes are offered, due to the site survey and preparation that needs to happen, including equipment (i.e. target) purchase. Perhaps not before summer 2017. I urge you to consider the flat range classes that are being offered, which are excellent, for all levels. For example, the CRS class gives you the same training as the combination of the Rifle Skills (Thursday) and Combat Rifle (Friday) as part of the Combat Team Tactics classes. The night firing is only usually offered as part of the CTT Class, but is being offered as part of CRS for MVT West.

Combat Rifle Skills (CRS) is a two day flat range class for all skill levels, from beginner to advanced shooter. It will teach you to safely and competently operate your rifle. This class takes the student from running their rifle on the bench, to practical combat applications that will put both rifle and shooter through their paces.  Max Velocity Tactical specializes in the teaching of  proven, adapted, legitimate combat tactics, techniques and procedures; as such, this class is designed as part of the progression to Combat Team Tactics.

Night Firing is offered as an add-on the the main scheduled class (CRS or CTT), not as a stand-alone. Exceptions may be made for MVT Alumni.


For specific training inquiries for MVT West:

For general MVT inquiries and bookings: or ‘Contact Us.

Classes are booked through the normal class booking procedure:




Below: Tier 1 Flat Range




  1. Patrick Clemons says:

    I have sent your email to others and I am hoping to get some interest from my Northern Ca. shooters. A few things are needed to know–Washington States firearm regulations pertaining to semi-autos, transport laws for said firearms in vehicles, camping at or near range location; also I use a saiga AK47 and I shoot as a lefty, there is no trigger finger safety and the best I can do is to order and install a Krebs Custom safety that will allow me to use thumb of left hand to engage the safety. What say you? Tx

    • Max says:

      I notify Chris of your comment here and he will pop up at some point West Coast time. I do suggest you email him directly at and he will reply. Some of the exact details are being nailed down by him on the ground, camping, motels, all that etc. There is an information packet that you will receive once you book, just like for any MVT classes.

      Although we aim the classes at the AR platform, we have all sorts of rifles on display. There is no reason why you cannot attend with an AK, Tavor, whatever. All you need to know is that any time you move, or any time you bring the weapon out of the firing position to scan on the line, the safety must go on. However you manipulate that. Weapon up to engage target, safety off. Weapon down to scan, safety on. It’s that simple.

    • Chris says:

      Patrick, washington states that the firearm be transported unloaded. Its pretty standard ruled (otherwise i wouldn’t attempt to train here, i want it student friendly). I have coordinated both with a nearby (ten minutes) campsite as well as a lodging/camping site just up the street from the training site that i will coordinate with if you need it.
      As for weapon type, i have no issues but we do need a safety mechanism,which as far as i know, all Saiga’s have a safety similar to AK variants. hit me up on email with any other questions