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September 21, 2016
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September 21, 2016



Velocity Training Center, Romney WV:

Upcoming class spaces through the end of the year:

October 1 – 2: Force on Force Team Tactics: FULL. 

October 13 – 16: Combat Patrol: 3 spaces available. I have posted about this: ‘Why you need the Combat Patrol Class.

October 27 – 30: Rifle Skills / Combat Team Tactics: 4 spaces available.

November 5 – 6: Combat Rifle Skills: 6 spaces available.

November 17 – 20: Rifle Skills / Combat Team Tactics: Open.

December 3 – 4: Defensive Concealed Handgun: Open.

December 8 – 11: Rifle Skills / Combat Team Tactics: Open.


Texas Classes 2017:

February 17-20: 4 Day Combat Team Tactics: 6 Spaces available (16 student maximum).

February 22-26: 6 Day Combat Team Tactics / Mobility: 11 Spaces available (16 student maximum). This was the same last year, last to fill, probably due to misunderstanding about what the class it, and its value. It’s one of the best classes that we run. Ran it at capacity two years running in Texas, and in Idaho May 2016. Excellent progression, with the Mobility class involving more dismounted work than mounted, with lots of free play scenarios!

February 28 – March 3: 4 Day Combat Patrol: FULL.

March 4-5: FoF CQB / Team Tactics: There are a couple of spaces left on this, due to not all the Patrol class students doing the subsequent FoF training.



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