Introducing MVT West

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September 21, 2016
Combat Rifle Skills / Night Firing: MVT West, Spokane, WA
September 22, 2016


Above: Chris instructing at the Velocity Training Center

Introducing the MVT West satellite facility for Max Velocity Tactical Classes. Chris (BIO Page) is the Chief Instructor  for MVT West. It is hosted at the Tier 1 facility near to Spokane, WA. Those attending classes will get site maps and joining instructions. The training site includes a flat range and 60 acres of tactical training land.

Classes currently on offer include flat range based classes, which will be expanding to the full tactical classes as we develop the site.

The first scheduled classes are:

Night Firing is offered as an add-on the the main scheduled class (CRS or CTT), not as a stand-alone. Exceptions may be made for MVT Alumni.

For specific training inquiries for MVT West:

For bookings:

Classes are booked through the normal class booking procedure:




Below: Tier 1 Flat Range



  1. Good stuff says:

    Great news. Good job. Look forward to easier access to your training and curriculum. Chris is solid leader and a top hand.

    What’s the timeframe for the full curriculum being available for mvt west? 3-6 months??? Esp. FoF?

    Fyi citizens, mvt is best bang for your buck for a solid foundation of fundamentals and tactics, plus some. One experience, you will realize the value of max’s training and style. Max’s training is fluid, on point, organized, safe, and fun.

    Wonder if Chris can fake an accent for some ‘mvt realism’? Max will be missed otherwise…

  2. Christopher A Love says:

    This is outstanding. I have always wanted to attend a MVT event. I am from West Virginia now living in North Idaho (Just outside of Spokane). I am very excited about this.

  3. Antony says:

    Great News! Congrats Chris!!! I can’t think of a better addition and expansion to the MVT Training Facility.

  4. Chris says:

    Working on my British accent now, probably Just end up calling all of the students wankers or something.

  5. Batsoff says:

    Congrats Max… this is welcome news. Best of luck as the organization continues to expand.

  6. Good stuff says:

    Basha, asshume, wanker, mate, rubbish, reconnoiter, twit, cont, muppet, lad, bugger, burger, bollox, cheers, f all, F off, pikey, worsh, recce, yeah, chipy, Al-u-minimummm , pissa, propa, rinsed, vit-amins, privasee, shedule, gayrage

  7. somedude says:

    consider me a student. I’m single handed on the farm for 10/23-10/24. not going to make it. looking forward to the second class and a TCCC if that is possible. camping/sleeping in rig allowed?

  8. lineman says:

    😉 I guess not at this time became let’s do this shit;)

  9. Ryan says:

    I know it sounds stupid to ask but I am going to ask because I’ve come across this issue in the past and want it out in the open.

    Is it necessary to have a complete outfit to work in that resembles the completely camoe’d out pictures in these pages to participate?

    I ask because I have the tools but do not, at this point in time, have the outfit, if you will allow me to use that term.

    Thanks in advance and yes I would like to participate.

    • Max says:

      Which photos? Try this one from a recent remote CRS class:

    • Chris at MVT west says:

      There is no stipulation on dress though it should be rugged and able to stand up to the wear and tear of moving around a range. That said I’ve seen very little wardrobe malfunctions at training and it’s just an obvious go to that military uniforms are designed to hold up well to ‘tactical movement’. Outdoor camping clothes that are long legged and long sleeved with durable ankle support hiking shoes are sufficient

  10. Ryan says:


    Point taken.