J.C. Dodge Sends: “Tactical Welfare” And The “Malice State”

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August 31, 2016
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“Tactical Welfare” And The “Malice State”

 By J.C. Dodge (Mason Dixon Tactical)

As a lot of you know, there’s been a big hubbub of late over the fact that Max Velocity Tactical has gone to a paid forum for those who read what he writes at his website. As I told Max in a recent email, my original thought on this was that it was ridiculous, and made no sense. Upon reflection, I had to take my personal opinion to task because although I don’t see a need to do that with what I write on my blog as a “part timer”, that does not necessarily transfer over to what Max is doing with his full time gig.
As you know, I do this part time, and don’t need the income generated by what I write or what I teach to support my family, so it gives me more options. Max, on the other hand, does support his family with what he writes (books) and what he teaches in classes. Making his forum/blog, which in fact could be considered an extension of his books, into a “you must pay for knowledge” affair isn’t as ridiculous as I first thought. Most readers don’t realize that solid, detailed posts take hours to write.
I wrote an article for Sam Culper at Forward Observer magazine a while back, and guess what, I got paid for it. A lot of what was in that article came from previous blog posts or Survival Expos presentations I had written, so for me to say Max shouldn’t charge for his info is somewhat hypocritical. Do I plan on charging for what I write on my blog? No. But then again, that side of my life and income isn’t a requirement to support my family. If it was, my perspective would probably be different.
Shifting gears a bit, let’s talk about the “Movement”. Having had numerous conversations with a number of individuals whose opinions I respect, I’ve come to the conclusion that the “liberty movement” isn’t. Too many out there use the term “liberty” or “freedom” (you understand they are not necessarily the same thing, right?) to describe their version of “The Movement”. They only use those terms as a crutch upon which they will support attacks on those who disagree with them.
How can you say you are for “rightful liberty” in one sentence, but then espouse the phrase “First we kill all the muslims” in the next sentence? How can you say you are for “liberty”, but then say “Anyone who works for the Federal Government is a valid target”, simply due to their employment status as a cafeteria worker? How can you say you are for “liberty” but then give those Professional Instructors (guys who have worked to make it into a business) grief about not offering it for free (but it’s for libertah…right?)? The instructors have worked their asses of learning and doing the things they teach. They earned it and you can too, but at a cost. If you are truly serious about learning the skill sets of survival, you must pay for them.
I have given of my free time to help a number of people who called themselves “patriots”, only to have them shit all over me. I have learned some valuable lessons, a few of which are:
1) Most of the people that use the term “patriot” don’t know what the term “patriot” means in action. It’s just a term to give an excuse for their gear purchases, foolish actions, or something to call a blog to lure in the unsuspecting.
2) People who are selfish, self serving, and cheap (Tactical Welfare recipients) are not patriots from a practical sense. Once again, they use the term “patriot” like an EBT card, and wouldn’t understand the idea of “just compensation” if it hit them in the mouth.
3) If a guy says he’s a “patriot” or part of the “libertah” movement, them tries to “guilt” you into a discount or freebee, he is not a “patriot” or for “liberty”.
4) A commentariat that is more about making specious attacks on the writer than addressing the validity of what is written (with their “I would know” credentials) is neither “patriotic”, “freedom”, or “liberty” minded, and are probably legends in their own “youtube trained” mind.
5) Generally, “patriots” or members of the “Libertah movement” only refer to themselves by those terms when it is convenient and furthers the paradigm they are espousing at the time, and it’s usually used to evoke a response of “Well I’m for liberty, so I guess I agree.”.
These are just a few of the lessons I’ve learned over the last couple years.
My experience with these groups goes back over two and a half decades, and all I can say is the more things change, the more they stay the same.  Nothing changes, just the actors and the roles they play. To the poseurs who want to look the part with the perception they try to give (try to look like “operators” but are only “multicam airsoft colonels”), get over yourselves and become a video gamer, it’s cheaper. If you are not willing to bust your ass (physically and sometimes monetarily) to learn skills that will save you and maybe your loved ones lives, you deserve what is coming.
If you are training hard (as hard as you can, you know what you can do and not do, who knows, you might surprise yourself), preparing yourself and your family, and you are always seeking to expand your knowledge base through academic (reading) or hands on (taking classes) study, good for you. Keep up the good work and don’t let the “negatives” around you bring you down or discourage you. I have no problem giving of my free time to help others who “Get it”, but unfortunately, now you have to prove to me that you do “Get it” and don’t just want “Tactical Welfare”, I learned that requirement the hard way.
Max is full time, and DTGMosby, and I are part-time at teaching different areas in the survival skill set arena.  The difference between us and “Specialist Snuffy” who did four years in the Army and got out as an E-4 Specialist from a water purification unit, is that we all went further than the minimum in our training, and in our rank. We’ve all gone to the effort of building businesses that are geared for helping serious people with serious problems.
Teaching survival, whether wilderness skills, tactical skills, or just the prepping side is as serious as a business can get. People depend on us to give them real world solutions for the situations they believe they will face, and “Specialist Snuffy” can just give BS answers to the people he trains (a militia group for instance), and not be held accountable when someone says “That’s really not how it works”. We are accountable (“Specialist Snuffy” is not) and have professional reputations to consider simply because we have made our passion into public businesses. Although you can learn basics from “Specialist (E-4) Snuffy-Infantry” more than likely, he will not know how to pass on the info in a clear, efficient manner, simply because he was just starting to figure it out for himself when he got out. We do, and have posted the AAR’s to prove it.
All things being equal, who would you rather train with? Someone with professional teaching and leadership bona fides, or someone who was the epitome of what’s called the “E-4 mafia” (there’s a reason it’s called the sham shield). Worse yet, you might come across someone who talks a good game, talks about his supposed experience, but in the end has nothing to back up (bona fides) any of it, and attacks those who point out that his different stories aren’t jiving.
I’ve told you in the past that if you can’t afford to pay for training (you know what you can honestly afford, and your Starbuck latte habit is a poor excuse/replacement to not pay for legit training), find a friend or family member that was an NCO or Officer in Combat Arms (hopefully Infantry), and get them to teach you what they learned. One of the hardest parts of teaching SUT is putting it into “civ-speak”. Hopefully, they can square you away.
Why am I writing this post now? Two reasons. First, I think it is important to show solidarity with other Professional Trainers whenever possible. Two, because showing that even when you’ve had issues with someone in the past, it is important to get past some things, find that common ground that is there, and jointly address the issues in a frank and honest manner.
Get Trained, Get Prepared, in body, mind, and supplies. What’s coming with severely test us and cutting corners now in any of the facets of your preparations will bite you in the ass when the crisis strikes.
American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE
Max Adds: I have discussed this topic at length with J.C., and we decided we would proceed with this post by J.C., which is also up at his site. A little extract from a post that I recently wrote inside the subscription wall of the MVT Forum:

The Forum: Moving Forward, and The Hate

In summary following the move to subscription only, I have to say that I could not be happier with the move. That does not mean that it has not been without pain, and a lot of hate, because it has, and that has opened my eyes wider, and in retrospect made me even happier that we took this decision.

I simply prefer the fact that what we write and talk about here is now for a limited audience, a team even, and not anyone on the Internet who wants to take a look. This is now the MVT club, and I like it like that.

There has been a lot of hate, and I have lost people, but in retrospect that was probably a good thing, given the hate that they have directed at me…….(cut).

And all this is why? It is because they think I owe them something. $25 per year is too much to pay for the accumulated knowledge, experience and online training on the Forum. . They are really pissed. And this has led me (along with my post about Chicom gear and other things) to a horrific realization about this so called ‘Liberty movement.” The reality is, it is full of cheap ingrates. There are a few, a very few, many of those represented by you who are here, and you who are willing to actually train, who are good people, and are worth something. And that is another reason why I am happy that we have our much reduced club here on the forum.

My job in life is not to provide a free professional tactical service to a bunch of useless pseudo-patriots on the interwebz. I run a professional tactical training business and as such people can pay for value or go somewhere else. I now have no time for the vast majority ……(cut)…… who really appear to me be act more like entitled socialists. I only have time for those who are willing to train, and to exchange compensation for value given in a fair manner in a free market. (cut)

It also occurs to me that this is evidence that these types are really only out for themselves, and how does that work out in terms of any kind of team or movement if the SHTF? ‘Selfish Patriot’ anyone?

This is not designed as a ‘rant’ as I so often get accused, but simply a frank and open account of what has been going on recently. One thing you can be sure of, is that ‘Max isn’t all about the money’ because if that was the case, I wouldn’t be running MVT. You can be sure however, that I have to run this as a business in order to pay the bills, and much of what is earned goes (has gone) right back into improving the MVT training site. MVT is an act of love, but I will be reducing the scope of that love severely. As a single person, a single family unit, without wealth, how can people possibility expect that I will be able to run MVT, with a whole bunch of free services, without compensation? I am not subsidized.



  1. Greg Owens says:

    Truly heartwarming to see your post. I remember
    the first time I saw you at Max’s. You were walking
    down the hill on the back range kitted up carrying
    an M-14 and I thought “WOW, so that’s what a
    soldier looks like.”

  2. Greatness says:

    Glad to see you and JC a team again. Great men, blessed day it is.

  3. Iceni26AD says:

    Good decision, Max.

    I will be subscribing in the near future, and am glad to be able to do so.

  4. FS says:

    I absolutely agree with everything said, there is nothing wrong with charging for expertise in the slightest.

    It’s this simple: You either go and acquire the expertise via the time investment yourself or you pay SMEs for their time and have them teach you.

  5. CrustyOldMedic says:

    Good show Max. Well worth the $2.08 a month. Keep up the great work.

  6. Abram says:

    So your knowledge and expertise will cost real cashy-monies; I reckon that’s as it should be, if it’s worth a damn. By my reckoning it surely is. I’ve paid for your books (well worth it), the combat fitness regimen (also a great investment), and will work a trip out to WV into my training schedule as resources allow. So what’s not to like about paying a couple bucks a month for quality info, and having the added bonus of less useless chatter over the channel?

  7. James says:

    Good for you Max. I have not had much time to read posts and spend less time on the net than I once did. That said, the real deals among us deserve to be compensated for the knowledge they give.

    Truly have appreciated your work. Have been nothing but happy to have purchased your books. One day I hope to take some of your courses.

    Shame to those who hate you for looking to be compensated for all you know and teach.

    • Max says:

      I appreciate your comment. However, one of my own: I have noticed a consistent theme among commenters along the lines of ‘hope to take a class someday.’ Now, given what I know of the ‘night vs. day’ like progression of students who actually train, and given your obvious realization that this knowledge and training is needed (because you are here), why do you not place an absolute priority on getting trained?

      You will default to your level of training in a crisis. It won’t magically happen. All the time, I see guys on the ranges whose guns won’t run, or they can’t even change a mag until we train them how.

      If you understand the need for training, you cannot delay, it would be illogical. Unless, of course, you are not there yet because you are not yet convinced it will be needed.

      • Abram says:

        Legitimate question. Speaking only for myself, I am undertaking training in multiple disciplines, of which combat tactics is but one.

  8. Bob says:

    How dare you charge, let me do the math: $25 / 365 = .0685, less than 7 cents a day! If they are upset and angry over 7 cents a day you are much better off without them. It kind of goes along with the old adage: If you loan someone $20 and never see them again, it was money well spent. Therefore, if you charge someone 7 cents a day for invaluable information and they get pissed and leave, good riddance!

  9. Steady Steve says:

    I have wanted to take one of Max’s courses but my work schedule has not permitted it yet. My feeling is that the prices are a bargain for the skills and knowledge gained. I shell out much more for school courses that I require to keep my merchant mariners license current and don’t always get new and useful info. Don’t know why some would complain. Business is business.

  10. Jeff B says:

    Good point Steve.

    In life, many of us find the the old saw “you get what you pay for” works out to be pretty accurate.

    When Max put out his notice about charging, I thought about it. For a minute or so… And then sent the payment.

    I’m another in the “need to get to a class” group. Works busy as is life. But, this busted up old 11A could use a few days of current, professional instruction to get back up to, say low to medium speed. I’ve got plenty of drag. Now I need to get off me dead butt and make some time.

  11. Diz says:

    Wow, J.C. you hit that one out of the park, my friend. So much to comment on. First is the term “Tactical Welfare Recipient”. That is classic. It describes the guys, who through their entitlement mindset, or romantic notions, see this knowledge and training as being their right to receive.

    The Survival/Prepper/Freedom/Liberty movements. Hoo boy. My experience has also been that trying to train folks with no real skin in the game (i.e. paying customers) is like trying to herd cats. Very frustrating and usually without results.

    So for those who think, in theory, this shit should all be for free. It doesn’t work that way in reality. In fact, I’d wager if Max or J.C. offered a free series of classes in SUT, that you’d have a hard time getting people off their asses and attending. Then, if you held a refresher/sustainment class a year later, practically no one would have practiced and retained the skills.

    That’s the reality of it, IMHO. People are just making excuses for not training. More fun to buy all the gear and talk shit on line.

    The “E-4” Snuffy Smith vs Professional Instruction. Boy this is wide open. I would venture to say your best bet is to seek out professional training. Not only does someone need to know what they’re talking about, but they need to have some kind of organized POI, and be able to impart these skills to others. That’s really 3 separate skill sets in order to teach someone else.

    I would also venture to say that most combat arms NCO’s would be lucky to have one or maybe two of these; it would be a rare individual who possessed all three.

    So not to say that they’re aren’t individuals out there, who could possibly school you up, on a local level, but it would be a difficult task to say the least.

    If that’s all you have, and I mean that’s all you can truly afford, then so be it. You do the best you can. And good luck to you.

    But if not, then you need to get to professional training. The problem here, as I see it, is that folks haven’t really formed an estimate of the situation, in which they truly believe that this stuff might be needed. I don’t think paying for it is the actual issue. I think they are playing at being prepared, buying gear and talking shit, rather than actually believing in it, and actually training.

    If people thought that Martial Law was actually going to happen in the next few months, you might see folks gettin’ religion and gettin’ after it. But they hee-haw around and figure it probably won’t happen.

    Anyways, good article. Nice to see some comradery amongst professional trainers.

  12. Diz says:

    Hey Max I got some extra tomatoes from my garden I’ll trade ya for a little peek. WTF!

  13. Max says:

    Your loss bud.

  14. Diz says:

    Dude I just typed up a whole reply stating why you should invest in yourself and get professional training. Your reply right after that sounded like you just don’t get it. If you have such thin skin that you can’t take a little ribbing then you sure as shit don’t need to be training for high-stress combat shooting. How can your team mates depend on you if you blow up about such little things. Buy it or not but here’s your 25 bucks worth: consider whether you need to really change your attitude. And that’s not being “snarky”; that’s honest advice.