Upcoming Class Spaces 2016

Combat Video Analysis: Breaking Contact from Multiple Firing Points in Helmand
August 29, 2016
Intelligence Studies on the MVT Forum
September 4, 2016



Upcoming class spaces through the end of the year:

September 15 – 18: Rifle Skills / Combat Team Tactics: 2 spaces available.

October 1 – 2: Force on Force Team Tactics: 1 space available. 

October 13 – 16: Combat Patrol: Space available. I have posted about this: ‘Why you need the Combat Patrol Class.‘ I would like to rustle up some movement from CTT alumni to get 1-3 more people on this class.

October 27 – 30: Rifle Skills / Combat Team Tactics: 4 spaces available.

November 5 – 6: Combat Rifle Skills: Open.

November 17 – 20: Rifle Skills / Combat Team Tactics: Open.

December 3 – 4: Defensive Concealed Handgun: Open.

December 8 – 11: Rifle Skills / Combat Team Tactics: Open.


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