Remote – Mobile – Private Training: Admin & Lecture Setup Photo

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July 30, 2016
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August 3, 2016

Max Velocity Tactical has the capability to conduct training at remote sites across the country as well as at the VTC in Romney, West Virginia. We are able to bring you a mobile training solution, and run the same classes that we run at the VTC, on your suitable land. To date, remote classes have been run in Texas, Idaho and Missouri.


I am currently in Missouri running a private 6 day Combat Team Tactics / Combat Patrol Class. I wanted to share with you a schoolhouse / training solution put together by the class organizer (photo below). This gives us the ability to securely store MVT equipment in the trailer, while providing a sheltered (sun / rain) schoolhouse / admin are under the tarp. It has worked very well so far, including during a thunderstorm!



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