Defensive Concealed Handgun: August Class

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July 23, 2016
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July 24, 2016

We have made some changes to the Defensive Concealed handgun (DCH) class, including changing the name to DCH, which is probably more descriptive of what the class is.

We have also added some airsoft drills to the scenario training aspect of the class.

We have some spots remaining on the August 20-21 Class.



  1. Diomedies says:

    And if you come you get to hang with me!
    maybe that’s a disincentive…..

    • Max says:

      Maybe we will add an overnight patrol base with blow out live under contact and a casualty carry just for you?


      • Diomedies says:

        Sounds like I’ll be getting my money’s worth? 😜Maybe I should bring my ar and my rig then….

        • Max says:

          It’s ok, we have a new super comfortable patrol base for your. When everyone else goes to dinner, you can set up in the woods….;-)