Texas 2016 CTT / MOB Class Photo + VERSA Rig

Texas 2016: Squad Flank Attack: Support / Assault POV
February 22, 2016
Texas 2016: Break Contact – Front POV
February 22, 2016

Texas 2016 CTT / MOB class is complete. CTT / Patrol starting tomorrow.

Class Photo:

Texas 2016 Class Photo

Students with the MVT VERSA Rig:

Students Versa Texas


  1. Kang says:

    I’m glad I don’t live in WVA, I’d end up losing my girl to Max and his general air of awesomeness and bad assery.

  2. Diz says:

    Those are some nice lookin’ rigs.

    BTW, that guy with the day-glow mags, yeah. He’s been through a few classes.

  3. Easy says:

    Looks like a great group!

    Does it ever occur to you Max how many people’s lives you are impacting for the better with what you do?