MVT VERSA Chest Rig – Available for Purchase!

February 11, 2016
Diz Sends: MVT VERSA Chest Rig Development
February 14, 2016


Above: Coyote Brown VERSA Rig with 5.56 insert.

The MVT VERSA Chest rig is now available for sale. The direct link to the MVT GEAR STORE is HERE.

You can also look for the Gear Store menu tab in the left menu on the MVT Website.

These rigs are 100% made in the USA by Patriots. We have worked hard to get the price down. Each rig comes with a 5.56 and a .308 insert. Coyote Brown is available at $160, Multicam at $170, plus shipping.

Whether or not you have a mix of 5.56 and .308 rifles, the VERSA is an excellent chest rig.

We do not currently plan an AK insert. We will be designing and selling a separate AK single caliber rig. The VERSA will be offered in 5.56 and .308 only.

When you look at the store front, there is a category for the MVT SHIELD, with nothing in it – this is because it is not currently available, but will be within a month or so. Please watch the blog for updates.

Thanks to Diz, the MVT Designer, and to the new OEM, for some great teamwork in bringing this gear back to the market! We have many more innovative and truly useful tactical items in the design pipeline right now.



Above: Multicam VERSA Rig with 5.56 insert.


Above: Coyote Brown VERSA Rig with .308 insert (25 Rounders).


Above: Multicam VERSA Rig with .308 insert.








  1. RobRoySimmons says:

    Nice. Video idea for this, assemble who you can, issue patrol orders and specify the equipment and change out the Versa as needed

  2. Diz says:

    It’s finally here! I know you guys have been waiting patiently for this. The pipleine is now flowing! Get your wife one for valentine’s day. The gift that truly says I love you. With P-mags and a basic load of ammo of course. What else would she want!?

    • Dennis says:

      Wow nice looking piece of kit. I am wondering if there is a behind the back strap that fastex to the other side to facilitate getting in and out of the rig. There appears to be, I can see the buckle but not sure as there is no back view.

      I have worked with several and most are a damned *itch to get in and out of or flop around unattached. It seems that they think of making it secure but forget it has to go on over armor and clothing.

      No substitute for experience…

      Thanks for your efforts,

  3. HiDesertRat says:

    Out of curiosity, what form of payment is accepted these days? I know in the past you had to change from your initial payment processor secondary to ‘they didn’t approve’ of your business. And, when the MVT Shield is available, what will be the price? Thanks

    • Max says:

      Credit card for class bookings and store front. Eprocessing network. Mailed checks are also accepted for class bookings.

      No price yet.

  4. mtnforge-Doug says:

    Darn those look top shelf quality and durable.

  5. shooter says:

    I was gonna wait and finger one of these at the Texas classes before ordering, but after Diz ‘splained a couple of the finer points about them on the forum, I just ordered one. Wish I’d have it in time to shake it out in class, but better late than never!

  6. Sourdough says:

    When will they be available in “Flat-White” with coyote trim….???

  7. Weber says:

    Just placed an order for one. Looking forward to trying it out.

  8. Diz says:

    Yeah it helps to finger-fuck the gear, I mean getting hands on it is the whole deal. Hopefully in the future we will have demo/rental rigs available at classes so you can try them out and see for yourself how they work.

    I’ve been mucking about with this stuff for 34+ years nowadays. Things really accelerated after the GWOT. I took input from Max, and other combat vets about what worked, and what didn’t. I think you’ll find this rig suits our needs to a “T”. And (insert teaser here) we have up-grades in the works.

  9. Ak / ar says:

    Why no ak insert?

    Didn’t mvt offer an ak / ar insert previously?

    Can you make an ak / ar rig on request?

    • Max says:

      We didn’t make the AK insert because we feel that the AK mags are too long, or the rig is too shallow, for AK mags. For the AK, we are going to concentrate on a single caliber rig which will be specific. We will have single caliber rigs for 5.56, .308 and AK.

  10. Magnus Eunson says:

    Sorry for being dense, but I hope you can explain this to me: I want a chest rig with insert for 5.56, not interested in other calibers/platforms. So, the rig being offered for sale now comes with one insert for 5.56 and one for 308 if I understand correctly. But there will be single-caliber rigs sold too, in the future. OK, what I don’t understand is, for my application of just needing 5.56, what’s the difference between the rig being offered now and the 5.56-only version to come? That probably sounds like a dumb question. Let me be more specific: Will the 5.56-only version cost less since it does not include the 308 mag insert? Will the 5.56-only version have the insert permanently attached since it is intended to only be used for one caliber?

    The Real Question: If I want 5.56 and I am only ever going to use 5.56, should I get this one being offered right now (comes with both 5.56 and 308) or wait for the 5.56-only version? I feel like the answers SHOULD be obvious, but thanks in advance for your patience because the answers are not obvious to me.

    -Magnus Eunson

  11. Diz says:

    We are not slighting our AK brethren here. In fact we made the decision to break off the AK from our Versa rig and make it’s own specific rig, because of the unique shape of the mags.

    The new AK rigs will be much taller. We want the same ratio of coverage to exposure on the AK mags as you get on the AR. I have spent some time earlier doing research and development on rigs specifically built for AK’s and will dive back into that aspect of the market.

    Allow me to back up and explain the journey behind the development process for MVT gear. And then explain where the AK rigs fit in.

    Back in ’07 my buddy made his first deployment and discovered going out patrolling looking like robo-cop wasn’t such a good idea. So he contacted me with a request for a light-weight, low profile rig. This allowed him to choose whether or not he wanted to run body armor, which is a separate issue, but suffice it say there’s a time and place for different load outs. Over the next 10 years and 6 deployments we continued to develop chest rigs for various U-Dub missions. The rigs that came out of this became the basis for MVT gear.

    Along the way, we had discussions about AK’s and support gear for them. In fact, I spent a year researching and shooting them. I discovered a new-found appreciation for the weapons system and developed some chest rig designs that were built around the unique shape of the mags.

    To back up even further, a little about my background, and the technical aspects of the designs. After cross-training with the Brits and seeing how much better their kit was, I starting making my own stuff. This led me to apprenticing with a parachute rigger and learning about how to really make this stuff. The mil-spec materials, and the construction techniques used in parachute work are directly transferable to tac gear. Everything we make has 34+ years of experience in the making and using of this stuff.

    When Max and I first started talking about a line of MVT gear, I felt I had come full circle, back the Brits who started me on this journey in the first place. I took his input, based on his service in the Paras, and as a Contactor, and combined that with my own, to design MVT gear.

    So here we are. The Versa chest rig is designed to accommodate both 5.56 and 7.62 NATO mags, by using separate inserts. This gives you the versatility to use both calibers with one chest rig. It also allows teams to standardize their load outs with one chest rig for the entire team. It is designed for the lightfighter in mind. One layer of single mag pouches, with additional pouches for carrying mission-essential kit. It can be used with, or without body armor, depending on the mission profile. It is made to integrate with an assault pack or full sized Bergen.

    And we are currently developing single caliber rigs, including for AK’s. Stay tuned.

  12. Diz says:

    OK, lets answer your questions.

    First of all, what will be the difference between a Versa rig, and a single caliber rig. Quite a bit, actually. In order to make a rig that can take either caliber, we used removable inserts, to fit either 6 x 5.56 mags, or 5 x 7.62 mags. The design and construction of the Versa centers around a common base, with removable mag inserts. It is essentially one big pouch, with dividers for each mag.

    The single caliber rigs, on the other hand, will feature an entirely different construction technique. They will have individually sewn down pouches for each mag. Since there is no need for a removable insert, the pouches are sewn in, to a specific size. So yeah, in answer to your question, the design is simplified, and yeah will probably be a different price point.

    Real answer: This depends on you. If you feel the need to get your load out set up RIGHT NOW, then get something that fits your needs from what is available. If you can wait, then I’d suggest getting the single caliber rig when it’s available. Which hopefully should be within a few weeks.

    • Sourdough says:

      Diz, You do realize how huge the market is for predator hunting gear, and all you would need for that market is a slightly different insert, for slightly different tools.

  13. Steve says:

    Are there any plans for an OD version?


  14. […] comments on the announcement post about the MVT VERSA Chest Rig, Diz has answered some questions. Diz is the MVT gear designer and a man of many years gear […]

  15. Diz says:

    Well, let’s see here.

    Our main focus is load bearing equipment for lightfighters, but hey, I will research that subject, thanks.

    OD? Well, maybe; I’m partial to Ranger Green myself. Once we’re up and running we can re-visit some other colors based on demand. I just don’t want to over-burden the OEM right now with 16 different color choices. I might even handle the one-offs myself, as long as you realize they cost more to source material n such on such a small scale, but yeah, anything is possible.

  16. Palmetto says:

    Congrats! These look great.

    It might be nice to get a reverse side picture that would show the detail of the H-harness and the compass pouch.

    Also, is the H-harness designed to also be intended as a grab-n-drag handle? That may seem like a silly question but some stitching and design may be done intentionally to double as a drag handle while others may/or may not hold up if they were not intentionally reinforced for such duty.


  17. Rob says:

    I may have missed this….but what are the shipping times? I ordered a set yesterday.

  18. Karl says:

    Maybe I’m blind but I don’t see the materials listed anywhere.