The Death of Liberty: Problems and Solutions for the Liberty Movement

Comment: Video Bundy Arrest / Finicum Killing
January 29, 2016
Private Group Classes – Nationwide
February 10, 2016

I have been meaning to write a post for a week or so now, concerning patrol formations. But things have been busy with the post on the Finicum killing. I may yet get round to the patrol formation post, but given recent events, I have to ask myself: WHY? It’s just more free tactical chicken on the Internet that will perhaps intellectually interest some, but will be no use to anyone who is not willing to participate in training.

In light of these posts:

Comment: Video Bundy Arrest / Finicum Killing

On Legitimacy

Unity of Effort, Infighting, and Black Helicopters

It really makes you wonder, particularly when you assess the fallout from the Finicum killing, and also anecdotes on the forum about the inability of people to conduct maintenance training, and effectively work together as teams.

Do I think this post today will make any positive difference? The answer is, sadly, no.

Most of what we see is just internet outrage porn, people bashing away at their keyboards and ultimately doing nothing constructive. Most of the country are a bunch of statist cretins anyway; either ‘law and order’ types cheering the demise of liberty, or left wing moonbats cheering for as much death and murder of ‘right wing nuts’ as they can. What a bunch of murderous idiots.

The ‘Liberty movement’ is riven by division, ego and stupidity. No one can agree on what Liberty actually is, or an end game. They can’t even agree that the United States Constitution, or a return to, could be a good common start point. Simply a return to the actual law in this country?

As far as the ‘Patriot Movement’ itself, what a cluster. You have this so-called leadership, groups who in their actions seem to me nothing but a controlled opposition. They make me want to vomit. They keep making statements such as ‘No more free Waco’s,’ but when an atrocity happens they always talk their way back from it – this “isn’t the hill to die on” and associated cowardice. What is the point of these groups? To collect membership fees? I see them as nothing but sensationalist, with their claims of super-secret information that only serves to try and highlight their own self-importance. Does a “Waco” refer only events that specifically happen in Waco, involving a compound filled with Branch Davidians?

But what are these ridiculous organizations to do anyway? Violence? Well, it appears that if tyranny keeps encroaching, the logical answer is that violence will become the only option, because at some point it becomes inevitable unless you intend to simply acquiesce, against the very oath you took to the Constitution? But who is going to do this violence? Which of these various groups? What a joke. Let’s think: what about the Bundy Ranch? What about the soup sandwich that was, and the infighting between the various groups and organizations, and the super secret BS about drone strikes etc, simply because they were not happy about Ryan Payne being in charge of security, or whatever the tiff was about.

Let’s imagine for a moment, if another Bundy Ranch style event happens. Assume that I am sufficiently motivated to get in my truck and go join the protest. HELL NO! Why would I voluntarily join in a guaranteed shit show of disorganization and incompetence? Why?

I have written about it many, many times. Leadership, teamwork, training, continuity training, legitimacy and competence. The ‘Liberty Movement’ has none of that. Unlike leftists, who understand that at some point they simply have to get behind an umbrella cause in order to make things happen, Liberty types spend endless time on the internet arguing in circles about who is right. Meanwhile very few are actually training or doing anything effective. For example, you can’t have a simple rallying cry such as the supreme law of the land, the USC, because then you will have a bunch of abolitionists or anarchists saying they don’t believe that. Philosophizing and dissecting Liberty to death, and so on. Then you get the black helicopter paranoid nut job types entering from stage right and messing it all up.

Where the crap is the rational in all of this? Most of it is simply outrage porn on the internet anyway. Pointless. Meanwhile, Leviathan sits back and laughs, cheered on by the assholes that make up the majority in this country.

I will have nothing to do with it.

If I was to make a suggestion, it would be along these lines: you all need to have your collective heads banged together, and get a grip. I know it is pointless for me to write this, because it won’t happen. But I’ll do it anyway, out of sheer bloody-mindedness. You need to fall in and get in line. STFU. Even that statement will set many off: it includes the word ‘collective’ and implies that you actually have to STFU and start following a leader(s). That statement is not going to fly with the ‘rugged individualists’ who totally misunderstand that whole concept, and think it simply means to be a grumpy disagreeable individual rather than someone who is free, has their own mind, but can organize for a cause, such as mutual defense, when necessary.

People like to talk a lot and make parallels with the Revolutionary War and the Civil War (i.e. War of Northern Aggression). But the guys who formed as the militia were actually under orders, it was an official organization, even though the training and discipline was not as extensive as for regular troops. What about the Confederate troops in the Civil War? They were signed up and under orders, as an army. Do you think they just stood there in formation and received enemy fire because they wanted to? Or charged with the bayonet into the enemy guns? Can you imagine trying to organize that (tactical era differences aside) nowadays? Everyone on FaceBook being told to show up and form up? No I get it, it’s not the same tactical era or style of fighting we are talking about, it’s not the more likely 4GW, but the point being that at some point, these civilian soldiers needed to STFU and get under military discipline, without which none of this would have happened.

And this is why none of it will happen now. Very few people actually train to a tactical standard on their own, and even then they mostly lack leadership, self-starting and motivational skills. That is why in the military you have discipline to get people out training. Otherwise, why show up for PT in the morning? Which is why *most* civilians will not show up for their own PT in the morning, because why? That is why we need self-discipline, and very few have it.

To continue the Civil War analogy, consider this short extract concerning the actions of Colonel Jackson to reorganize Confederate Forces at Harper’s Ferry:

The former Virginia Military Institute professor discovered “things presented a most hopeless aspect” upon his arrival, and immediately began transforming Harpers Ferry into an army town. Drawing upon his experience as a West Pointer and Mexican War veteran, Jackson first deposed the militia generals and disposed of the whiskey. He then stripped independence from the individual militia companies and organized them into regiments, recruiting VMI graduates into many command positions. Within a week of Jackson’s arrival, the “pomp and circumstance of glorious war” had been replaced with seven hours of daily drill and enforcement of the strictest military code. “What a revolution three or four days had wrought,” observed the commander of the Staunton Artillery. “Perfect order reigned everywhere.”

Of course, to be able to do this, Jackson required recourse to some form of authority. In a modern militia type standoff, no-one has that authority, except perhaps by force of personality. Hence, ego and big problems. Now, no-one expects any armed conflict against leviathan to take the form of the Civil War, with formed armies marching on the field, but the point is there.

Concerning the Malheur protest, the stupidity of calling this a ‘tactical operation’ is still making the rounds of the blogs. Whether through intent or incompetence, this was not run like a tactical operation, but as a protest occupation. Could they have benefited from better security? Of course, but that is a matter of security to a protest, not a tactical operation. If this was in fact a tactical operation, none of what they did, should have been done, in simple terms. You can denigrate them, if you wish, for their lack of security and the ‘tactics’ that they employed, or failed to employ, but in my mind they were simply trying to organize a protest occupation. Some out there simply do not have the mental flexibility to see the differences here. It’s a case of nuance – not everything is a camo clad militia tactical operation.

If we are talking tactics, and again I have commented on this before, setting up a fixed ‘key point defense’ is not a sound plan – where you can be surrounded and reduced at will. And herein lies the nuance – the proper tactics to fight leviathan are those of guerrilla hit and run, but of course we are not in that situation at this time, so what did you expect the protesters to do? The situation we are in is one of FaceBook outrage, and calling on others to ‘do something,’ and trying to increase our organization’s reputation by sensationalism on the internet. Granted the most likely situation we will face in the future is something similar to the Bundy Ranch, where a cause appears and people want to rally to it – some sort of armed standoff if you will. Again, this whole ‘standoff’ mindset is tactically unsound. If you must get involved in a standoff, then you really only want protesters and some form of basic security at the actual site. You want any tactical teams outside of the key point, acting as a QRF. You want them separate but able to respond from the outside of any LE cordon operation – this prevents the standard ‘Waco’ style standoff from developing. However, this requires organization, leadership, training, competence and coordination, something that I do not see – even if individual groups have it, it cannot be used between groups, who simply want to bicker about who is in charge and who has a better ‘tactical’ plan.

And while we are on it, we need to have legitimacy, and sound judgment. This means you cannot have a bunch of stolen valor wannabes or petty criminals running your show. You also cannot have the paranoid, because they cannot objectively assess the situation, on for example what the FBI may be thinking, because to them everything is a conspiracy theory and they therefore cannot apply sound judgment and decision making. They are thus more likely to make poor decisions regarding matters such as rules of engagement, because when everything is a conspiracy in your mind, it is more likely that you will make a bad call.

I’ll throw out some points that I think would be great to see in the Liberty movement:

  • An agreed objective, that has a chance of gaining popular support. Something to unite the disparate groups and thinkers. I would suggest the USC, because it already has legitimacy as the law of the land, and is at least known by the population at large. Whether or not people understand how this country has been corrupted or not, it is a start point – a return to the Constitutional Republic. This is in line with oaths that people have taken and their understanding of America, whether or not they are living in a fairy tale fantasy land or not. The military and the LEOs understand it, even if right now they do not know how far we / they are operating from it. You can get behind a broad objective such as that, or you can philosophize it down the rabbit hole so that any cause dies by 1000 cuts of internal bickering. Up to you.
  • A political wing. There are a lot of thinkers and bloggers out there. How about the formation of a Liberty Party? And I don’t mean to actually run for office, but as a pressure / interest group. This way, Liberty can be represented by people other than camo clad militia, the political bloggers can stay out of ‘tactics’ and we may actually have a chance of being represented.
  • Along with the Liberty Party, it is essential that their be a PR operation to go with it, to counter the left wing propaganda that all Liberty supporters are white racists, or whatever the latest is. I have a little suggestion, that many will not like, but that I think would make a huge difference – separate the PR campaign for Liberty from any religious message. Yes, liberty includes your freedom of religion, and many are strong Christians, but I think the liberty message should not be a religious one. Take it or leave it – if you want Liberty, understand this means Rightful Liberty, and not everyone agrees with you, and the religious types do not even agree with each other. Keep the religious debates on points of biblical dogma off the comments sections! For example, much as I  like Krisanne Hall, she in my opinion needs to separate her Constitutional message from her religious one – it is a common problem.
  • If you get involved in a standoff protest, tell everyone to STFU, and control the message to the media. How about a snappily dressed professional looking female PR rep? If you insist on having camo clad stolen valor nut jobs at your site, don’t let them speak! Keep them hidden, preferably tied up behind the woodshed!
  • Auxiliary / Support Network: build it. This is where all the curmudgeonly old bastards who will not give up their M1 Garands go. They are either support personnel using the diverse skills they most likely have, and perhaps local security. Vital.
  • Tactical Teams: Training & Professionalism is vital: Whether you are training for the general collapse, or perhaps to resist the tyranny of leviathan, no one expects vast armies in the field. What is needed is local. You need to be serious about your competence, training and physical fitness. Do you have any idea how hard it is to be under enemy fire and have to conduct yourself tactically? See: ‘The Conflation of Shooting and Tactics‘ – those that don’t or won’t understand this should be, as above, in the auxiliary. Any tactical operation is not conducted from your porch in comfort.
    • Physical Training – get on it.
    • Real tactical training: get on it. You can read as many of these posts as you want, or FMs, or whatever, but that will not suffice as training.
    • If you won’t listen to this advice, then forget about it. Or be in the auxiliary. The auxiliary is vital. But if you cannot be bothered to get fit and maintain your tactical training levels then forget about operating in any sort of tactical team.
    • Seek a buddy. This is your basic building block. Then seek to make a four man team, then a squad. You HAVE to associate to get this done. You also have to spot the duds and those that will not make the effort to attain and maintain tactical competence. Learn to discern the warriors from the poseurs.
    • If you are any sort of group, you have to seek professional training in order to achieve a level of basic competence. You can seek that training from MVT, any other competent tactical trainer, or a suitable veteran. If you choose to be trained by a veteran you know, then make sure they actually have the relevant ability to train you for combat. Not always the case, probably more than you would think. There is a lot of hokey BS out there.
    • If you are running a group, you need to be absolutely serious about it. Given that you are all volunteers, then you should be motivated to make it work. I would suggest running it along the model of the Army Reserves or National Guard: have monthly training weekends, but have training for both the tactical teams and support personnel in different areas of specialization.  Be ruthless about it. Ensure that everyone goes through some professional training to join the group. Run an annual training event which could include continuation professional training. For example if you wanted to do your training with MVT, you can run Combat Team Tactics (CTT) as the ‘basic training.’ You could do the 6 day Combined CTT / Combat Patrol. Or, as part of annual training, you could come back for Combat Patrol or Force on Force Team Tactics, or Citizen Close Combat.
    • MVT does run remote private group classes at affordable rates that work for groups who want to bring MVT in to add a professional element to the group training. We can build classes of any duration and also specializing in any particular skills you want – want to do more on satellite patrolling for border interdiction operations, focusing on both mobility and dismounted / combination operations? We have the knowledge and experience to do that for you.

I made the following comments in the post ‘On Legitimacy:’


Moving on to some comments about personal and group legitimacy.

  • Constant infighting will erode any legitimacy in the Liberty movement. This seems to be beyond the ken of many, who seem to live for the feud. Witness those national level personalities who would not get behind Malheur, simply because of bruised egos over the Bundy Ranch clown show. Is it about Liberty and the Constitution, or is it about your own place and power within the ‘movement?’
  • Fear and paranoia, due to a willingness to believe anything, particularly in reference to Federal Government conspiracy and abuses, will remove all legitimacy. The black helicopter crew is a liability. As a naturalized Citizen, I notice a tendency for many in America to believe ANYTHING, with no limits to their paranoia.
  • There is no legitimacy if groups are not able to work together. To be able to work together, there needs to be trust based on competence, and a professional attitude that will allow temporary mission-subordination (operational control, if you like) to another leader when necessary. You can use the fire method of command if necessary, where the leader at the scene is in command until they get to a point where they are able to hand off to a ‘senior’ or more competent leader.
  • This trust will not work without trust in the ability of your leaders and troops. For example, if I was running a defensive operation at a key point, and you show up, will I give you a sector to defend/patrol if you appear incompetent? No. If you won’t listen to direction and with good will liaise and work with the units on your flanks? No. This is also tied in with legitimate combat veterans steering a mile clear of some of these BS militia outfits who have no legitimacy due to no training and professional competence. If you are going to form a public-faced tactical team, you have a responsibly to be trained and competent.
  • To generate this trust there needs to be some sort of training standard, which can be identified and known. If a unit has a reputation for being trained and professional, then it will create trust when members of that unit show up somewhere. This is the idea behind the ‘MVT Rifleman Challenge,‘ which is not a unit but a competition which sets standards that can be identified and known. The Challenge has been very successful, but my original vision was for these standards to spread. Unfortunately, due to that same infighting and narrow minded thinking, it has remained simply an MVT-only event. However, if someone shows up with a Rifleman or Vanguard patch, you know that they have met a training standard.


  • Something that is very important here, but which I think many like myself take as second nature due to our training and background, is leadership. So it begs mention. Many ‘leaders’ have no idea how to lead. You have to be able to lead by example. You have to set the standards. The US Army talks about ‘Be, know, do.’ So let’s say:
    • Be the leader. This refers to your character and is foundational to your ability to lead.
    • Know your job professionally, have the skills and knowledge, which includes interpersonal as well as tactical skills.
    • ‘Do’ i.e. Lead: by example. Set the standard. Purpose, direction and motivation.
  • Does this mean that if you are older or injured, you cannot lead if you can’t beat the 20-something at a run? No, but you need to have the trust and background in other areas. It may also mean that you are not the tactical leader, perhaps you run operations from the TOC, because you cannot physically set the example out on mission.  It gets a little complicated in a civilian multi-generational setting such as a militia or tactical team – suffice to say people should be encouraged to do what they are good at, command in their own sphere, and make sure they set the example where possible. Put the ego aside.
  • It also bears mentioning that leadership is about self-sacrifice. It is not a tribal chief sort of affair where you get all the best stuff, first cut of the roast beast. If you think running  a militia is all about how important you are, you are wrong. It should be about what you can do for your people. They eat first – “first my men, then myself.” You sacrifice for them. You take more risk on the battlefield. In essence, it is not about you and your ego, it is about looking after your people so that ultimately you can achieve the mission. You have to set the example, set the standard, and set the tone of your group.

To conclude, the Liberty movement has all the legitimacy it needs, as codified in the US Constitution. The howls of the left and the protests of government unlawful overreach need to be ignored. Operate legally as the law of the land allows. In terms of personal and group legitimacy, there needs to be a lot more training done, and personal example set, based around a professional rational outlook that allows no conspiracy, fear or paranoia. To lead, you must look rationally and calmly at events, and make decisions based on sound judgment.

As a leader, be prepared to be led by other sound leaders when appropriate. Leader or led, don’t let your ego turn it into a cluster.


In summary, what I see of the ‘Liberty Movement’ I view as a shit show of internecine bickering. Yes, I have attacked groups in this post, but I don’t have a dog in the fight, and I do so to bring perspective to the situation. How about seeing if you can grip the following:

  • Unified Political Leadership to support Rightful Liberty, and as suggested, the USC.
  • Grip this non-tactical craziness that we see out there among many of these groups.
  • I would love to see some form of training and accession process for those who want to be militia leaders, but give that this is a local not national thing, I don’t see it. However, work on the training and legitimacy of your group in such a way that you attract qualified veterans, not drive them away with your paranoia and incompetence.

And now, for your random but vaguely appropriate movie clip:



  1. Mills says:

    Keep writing, Max. It is what has gotten me off my ass and helped me to organize a small group so far. I’m sure it will continue to energize and focus others as well.

  2. Colddeadhandsdays says:

    Max, thank you for this! This is exactly what I have been saying! There is no movement without leadership. There is no army without a command structure. We had it in Our war of Independence. When the south seceded there was a political and military leadership structure in place. It’s high time those that want to participate put their $$ where their mouths are and get together to codify a REAL leadership in this organizational phase of the war of Restoration. I’m calling on all Patriots to start the process and we need someone with outreach to do it. Maybe the leaders of the various regional PATCONs nominate delegates who then get together to create a leadership first civilian then miltary. Start there.

  3. Mike says:

    Thanks Max.

    As usual this is good stuff that people need to hear and we should all be thinking about. Modern committees of correspondence and safety, with the addition of PR or what might be a committee of information. That all makes good sense.

    On the training front I think that it is all too easy for even good and concerned people to put off training. Most of them also put off seriously preparing for bad times in general. It doesn’t bode well, but from my experience you are making a dent.

  4. MTHead says:

    I mentioned before about a west coast school. You said you would come and train groups out here. How much to get you out here, for how long? Thanks Max.

  5. Well said Max.
    Seems to me you’ve also said the same thing before-more than once.
    It’s always the same problems,even though you-and many others have repeatedly said the same things about the same lack of training,lack of personal PT,lack of qualified leaders,the same lack of cohesion or unity among the Liberty/”III%” community.
    It’s been the same problems for years-in reality,more like a few decades.

    It’s been this…
    “a shit show of internecine bickering”
    For about as long as the intardnet has existed. Despite all of us knowing that the above description is accurate.
    There need to be goals,and the goals need to be attainable.
    The left got to where they are a little at a time-by attaining goals one at a time-for decades.
    The government got to the point we’re at today the same way-a little at a time.
    That’s the only way anything even remotely resembling Liberty will be reached-by setting goals one at a time-then attaining those goals.

    The black helicopter,everything is one big .gov conspiracy people need to be excised from the Liberty/Patriot movement,as do the 3,872 “III%” groups that are on Farcebook,as do the “let’s overthrow the government” types,and other assorted whackos.
    The rest of us need to start working together-and that includes training with other like minded groups in your AO.
    The “trust no one” crap has to stop.
    Not every new guy is a .gov spy.
    This garbage about the “feds” using everyone that has ever been charged with a crime as “informants” also has to stop. Sure,the local narcotics cops,and the DEA use informants all the time,however-unless your group is doing shit to attract the interest of the feds,like major fed felony type shit-the chances of them sending “agent provocateurs” or “informants” to infiltrate your group are near zero.
    Get to know the people in your community-you may be surprised by how many hold similar views as you.
    The whole Malheur “standoff” clusterfuck would have turned out much differently had Ammon Bundy and co. had the support of the community.
    That’s the point of getting to know people in your community-you may need their support some day,and they are much more likely to give their support if they know you,and know you aren’t one of the black helicopter crowd.
    The rest of it Max already said.

  6. Tater says:

    As always, great stuff Max.

    Have you checked to make sure that you are not somehow related to either Jefferson Davis or Robert E. Lee? 🙂

  7. Tater says:

    Almost forgot, “American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God” 🙂

  8. Comrade X says:


    And now my, for your random but vaguely appropriate movie clip:

  9. Dear Sir,

    After reading my first book of yours I became a huge fan.
    Thank you for your words, information and all that you do. This article makes the most sense that I’ve heard and read in a long time. All those around me have known for years that America and the world are on a downward spiral. Especially in America but the question was and is how do you fix it?
    What I have read here seems like the foundation of the solution. Sir, this is pricless. I’m in!!
    We are in Portland Oregon, where do my students and I get started?

    With Warmest Regards

    Berdugo Martial Arts Center

  10. RobRoySimmons says:

    Well said, better actually than killing more chickens, people can pay for that.

    This will seem counter intuitive but I think we over think this a bit. In 4th generation conflict the grand strategy is to erode the legitimacy of your enemies build up your own legitimacy. So I don’t think we need to organize at this time the Second Continental Army scale wise. Continue team building, legitimacy building and let the enemy flail it’s own legitimacy

  11. Tater says:

    Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you.

  12. Sourdough says:

    “There is a Storm Coming”
    “There is a Storm Coming”
    “There is a Storm coming”

  13. […] Max Velocity: The Death of Liberty: Problems and Solutions for the Liberty Movement […]

    • Old Soldier says:

      Not enough blood yet Max – Only one dead guy, whom most of the sheep are clueless about, is not even close to enough violent oppression to generate sufficient outrage. Especially when the MSM has the demonization factor in hand. That point will come, but it’s earlier than week think.

      Amen Sourdough

      Excellent piece as usual.

  14. robroysimmons says:

    Politics aside for a second, maybe you should look at Motorhead’s “Deaf Forever” in your musical interlude selection. The version I googled up had the lyrics so you can read them, and the song is better than it sounds.

  15. Palmetto says:

    Credible, recognizable, leadership under which to coalesce on a national scale is what has been the critical, missing piece of the puzzle for decades.

    The Internet and social media can now provide an affective platform for the message but the right man/men have not yet stepped up to the plate to lead. This is why there has been a lot of noise about and a big push for censorship and regulation of speech on the Internet – to shut down the platform before the right people emerge.

    In my mind, we need to see a group of men come out of the political arena and from the retired top-brass military to form a unified message under which to create networks of people who are committed to working together to take coordinated actions toward a unified goal.

    A unified voice, hammering a consistent message, for a single goal.

    But instead, what we have now, is splintered, polarized groups, chasing rabbit trails, who bitch at each other, hobby-horse pet theories, and buy lots and lots of “gear.”

    Maybe it’s already too late and past time to worry about “saving the country” and time to just focus on surviving the coming crap storm the best we can? And hopefully, maybe, the right leadership might emerge when we least expect it.

  16. mtnforge-Doug says:

    You all owe it to yourselves to read the spot on superlative essay on the marxists of the BLM and what we all must understand if we are to know the enemy and win:

    Marxism and the Bureau of Land Management
    Posted on February 5, 2016
    by Al Benson Jr.

    “…you need to begin to look at the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) as an instrument of the Marxist state that has as its agenda the appropriation of any and all land. You may even have a deed “proving” ownership which, to them, is irrelevant. Your deed is really worthless because they have the power to move you off of your land and in a Marxist state such as we now exist in, any and all means to do that are open to them–anything from constant harassment to extermination. After all, if you are in the way you have to go–and the end always justifies the means…”

    Our arms, are our property too. Get it?

  17. mtnforge-Doug says:

    I keep thinking about LaVoy Finnicum, what he did, how brave this man is. Leaving him to die lonely in the snow, without his loved ones to tend to him. God that is some fucking shitty deal. Those fucking badged murders, I hope they rot in hell forever for what they did to LaVoy.
    How I don’t want another person dying for my Liberty, in fact I’ll be damned if I let somebody else die for it. If dying for my liberty is required, I want to be the one that does the dying so nobody else has to.
    I’m not afraid of the bastards, in truth I’m fucking furious the fuckers killed LaVoy, I’m really pissed I got to look over my shoulder all the time, that is really fucked up and totally unacceptable, and it makes me even more pissed off fighting mad. I just am at a loss for what to do that is worthy of doing. Not that I think it is futile, nothing of the sort. I want to do everything, in my power for freedom. I know what it all means, to be free, liberty, yet I know too, going it alone is not the best use of the limited resources I have unless I abandon everything else to the cause. Going lone wolf is not going to cut it. And solidarity with others in freedom is a force multiplier par excellence. If I’m going to risk everything I want to make it count for everything, and to make it count the only way that happens is together with you all out there.
    So how can this be made possible?

    Ain’t you all pissed off? Blood spitting because FUCKYOU THATS WHY mad!?

    • Suspect1 says:

      Sir, I am right there with you, stomach in knots with fury, and a heart heavy with tears. My wife and I discussed this and she pointed out that I am mourning LaVoy. I don’t know him or his family and have only recently become familiar with the details of his life and struggle with the BLM. One of the main things twisting me up was that I was putting myself in his head and trying to digest the fear I would have. My wife gut checked me, said that was a man, standing righteously at the front of a line for others to follow, he knew what he was doing and why, and now it’s my responsibility to make sure that I do all I can to carry that message. In that, I will do my part and if there is a time when I am alone at the front of the line with life or death in the balance I will try to conduct myself in a way that honor’s those who have sacrificed before me.

      • mtnforge-Doug says:

        I think you are right there. I can see what your saying. We are all LaVoy Finnicum is what it is. Never forget it, not for one second. LaVoy’s family is our family. What happened to LaVoy happens to us all. When you stand for liberty you stand for everyone, when your killed for standing for liberty, you die for everyones liberty. When we have solidarity in our freedom, we multiply that freedom and multiply the motive power of liberty by orders of magnitude.
        I think that is what Lavoy was about, what he was doing, why they assassinated LaVoy. He became a force multiplier of liberty. They are going to have to kill me next, kill all of us who bind together and are bound, manifest in our liberty. An impossible task to kill all who unite and are steadfast in common cause. I think LaVoy would be honored so.

  18. Sanders says:

    Hell, we’d have ’em licked if we could just agree on what “Rightful Liberty” means.

    As it is, most folks want their freedom, but Liberty scares the crap out of them.

    Too many are willing to follow anyone who says they are a leader.

    Too many want to be the chief, when they have no business leading anyone.

    Too many just shake their heads in disgust and avoid the first two, altogether.

    Do I have solutions? I’ll let you know when I do.

  19. Quietus says:

    James Coburn and Maximillian Schnell. Movie was done by Sam Peckinpaugh, if that’s a reference to the greatness of it. The book is even better. Movie took much dialog out of the book.

    Dirt and body oils make a person waterproof, so said CPL Schnurrbart.

  20. Curtis says:

    This isn’t going to be for everyone, but I think it deserves a listen. You do not, in my opinion, and the speaker will verify this in the video if you listen, have to be a Christian. There is a lot of historical reasons why we all can’t just be a “bunch of little paratroopers” to pull off a restoration of liberty. It is 3 hours long:

    And yes, non-Christians also have a “conscience”. And yes, he admits that Jefferson and Franklin were probably not Christian… BUT… that is beside the point.

  21. stormfriend says:

    Thank you Max. Nothing more needs to be said. All of it is a perfect “take away”. The only question is, who listens and who learns.

  22. william anderson says:

    Max,great work you’re doing…That aside-it’s funny that we need a Brit to wake us up with the truth.Thank you for your clear,concise thoughts on the so called “Liberty movement”,I am a member of no organization,just a broken up old guy,trying to network in my own small corner of FUSA.Amazing what I learn when talking in person to internet commando types.Luckily I live in a small Deep South community that has been “prepping” for a 100yrs or more-just a normal way of living for most here-farmers.Lot of ex-mil types that lived to “buy the farm”.Our informal structure is-we actually listen to others that have more real world experience…and learn.Once again Max,thank you for speaking the truth and teaching those that want to gain from your BTDT knowledge.

  23. Papagrande310 says:

    Well heck Max, you just laid the groundwork… If I may be so bold as to cut and paste from your post.

    1) “An agreed objective, that has a chance of gaining popular support. I would suggest the USC…because it already has legitimacy as the law of the land, and is at least known by the population at large.” CHECK


    2) A political wing. There are a lot of thinkers and bloggers out there. How about the formation of a Liberty Party? And I don’t mean to actually run for office, but as a pressure / interest group. CHECK

    [SO BE IT. I’M IN. Let’s start spreading the word, getting people on board with the simple focused plan. “The Liberty Party seeks a return to the following of the Constitution as the law of the land and opposes anything that goes against it.” I was just an enlisted man so someone smarter than me can work on that.]

    3) “Along with the Liberty Party, it is essential that there be a PR operation to go with it… – separate the PR campaign for Liberty from any religious message…” CHECK


    4) “How about a snappily dressed professional looking female PR rep?” CHECK


    5) “Auxiliary / Support Network: build it. This is where all the curmudgeonly old bastards who will not give up their M1 Garands go. They are either support personnel using the diverse skills they most likely have, and perhaps local security. Vital.” CHECK

    [ANOTHER GROUP THAT WILL TAKE SOME TIME. Are you willing to keep a list on your site somehow? A private “members only” page?]

    7) “Physical Training – get on it.” CHECK

    [Continue to offer resources like that trainer you recommended or other links to WOD/cross fit type sites]

    8) “Seek a buddy. This is your basic building block. Then seek to make a four man team, then a squad…” “Tactical Teams: Training & Professionalism is vital:… What is needed is local…” “Real tactical training: get on it.” CHECK

    [We all start with small, VETTED, local groups that we can trust and share same philosophy/vision stated above]

    9) “If you are any sort of group, you have to seek professional training in order to achieve a level of basic competence. You can seek that training from MVT, any other competent tactical trainer, or a suitable veteran…” CHECK

    [Take training with above mentioned TEAM. With MVT or Mosby or whoever offers decent training in your location. They are not hard to find]

    10) “To generate this trust there needs to be some sort of training standard, which can be identified and known…” “This is the idea behind the ‘MVT Rifleman Challenge,‘ which is not a unit but a competition which sets standards that can be identified and known. The Challenge has been very successful, but my original vision was for these standards to spread.” “…if someone shows up with a Rifleman or Vanguard patch, you know that they have met a training standard.” CHECK

    [I like your plan! Would you be willing to put together a package for purchase that would allow groups that can’t make it back east to at least train for it with dry fire or air soft until a time that they can get to an official Rifleman Challenge event? Would you be willing to “Certify” someone you trusted to take that Challenge to other locations so it could truly become standard that spreads like you said?]

    Well, I may be over simplifying this, but why the hell not? Me and my “team” are on board up here in North Puget Sound Washington state. You know the saying, “you can’t steer a ship that is standing still”, well let’s just put it in gear a see where it takes us! Why not?!?


  24. Arkindole says:

    There are a lot of good points in this essay. I would only add one thing that no one discusses much–a “legal” division. Their primary weapon against liberty is the law, or at least their interpretation of it. Let’s not forget a couple of things: 1) This latest clusterphuck resulted from an “under representation” of the Hammonds in the legal battle space–no one apparently called Saul, and 2) that L part of SPLC is there for a reason. Where is our branch of the ACLU? I’m no fan of litigation in the courts, however, “they” have used the law against “us” for a long long time–way too long in my opinion. This goes all the way down to issues in municipal code enforcement. It’s always, and I repeat always, the case that we are undermatched by legal representation from the statists and the left (but I repeat myself). We could use some nasty attack dogs in that arena if anything is to move to our side of the equation.

    • Ed says:

      Yep on the legal issue. I submit that the first priority on the legal front is to get knowledge of proper jury nullification up to critical mass in the public’s awareness. By proper, I mean voting “not guilty” when either there is no human victim, or the “law” contradicts our Constitution, and is therefor void at inception and “creates no duty to obey” per SCOTUS’ Marbury decision. This approach is direct, cheap or free, irrefutable and available to every member of any jury. Low hanging fruit, as it were…

  25. Smitty says:

    The only thing left out is fund raising. Without funding you are dead in the water. You need a well trusted organization to handle the funds. The feds will aggressively use trolls to sow mistrust by claiming misuse of funds. The organization that handle the funds must be transparent and above reproach. Without funding nothing can be accomplished. The current situation where organizations try to raise money on single actions is not successful. A central funding source can support multiple projects including education which is one of the most important arrows in the quiver. Always be aware of psyops attempting to destroy the organization. The left has deep pockets and will be viscous when challenged.

  26. ApoloDoc says:

    One again I thank you for your clearly stated points. As I have repeatedly told you, you are a TEACHER which is a gift. Use it wisely!

    Amazon finally delivered Patriot Rising but realized I ought to go back and re-read Patriot Dawn. The MAJOR is well represented in various forms throughout the ‘Patriot’ community today.

    The central theme here is understood by the “every child gets a trophy” mentality. This was already a problem 20 yrs ago. I had a director in a hospital chew me out as I didn’t think that a high school educated ‘tech’ (with NO true technical training)was entitled to as much respect or authority that I had as a Medical Doctor! The young man’s feelings were hurt! This erodes respect for leadership as well as development of true leadership itself. The political process that has undermined the character of this nation now brings us into an era with this electronic medium where ANYBODY can set up a webpage and claim ANYTHING he wishes!

    Self-discipline? Why you be hatin’ and judgin’ people named Hugh Jass?

    Honestly I see little hope at large, but there will be pockets of liberty emerging from the ashes when the economy totally craters. Those of us who workout, prepare, train, and stick together will be the starting point.

    I will pick a nit with you over the point about how religion fits in. Our founders CLEARLY stated that this form of government was formed by and for a religious (and that meant Christian) people. Once again I will bang the drum stating objective morality requires an external reference, a standard. To claim an objective moral good one cannot just arbitrarily “choose” principles. We don’t claim any objective morality about which side of the road we drive on, this is a matter of convention, differing in your home country to your adopted country. True morality requires more. The statists make their claims from their own relativistic viewpoint. We must do better than that.

    • Max says:

      Doc: you made this same point about moral relativity at class. I understand your point. However, I do not wish to derail a discussion on Liberty and how to proceed with a religious debate. I stated that in the post.

      • ApoloDoc says:

        Understood, and I appreciate you allowing my paragraph in about this issue. How we establish our “rules of engagement” or approach to the problem (which has to begin with a clear definition of the problem) is crucial.

        Face it, Max. You are going to be dragged into leadership whether you like it or not 😉 Hope to see you next month. My young friend who attended the first class with me hopes to make it as well. Follow up shortly!

    • Easy says:


      I tend to fall on the same side as you, and while I will regard Max’s wishes that this not turn into a religious debate, I would point out that the phrase: “we hold these truths to be self evident” applies here. What I mean is that if there is an almighty God who created us, then the desire for liberty, for freedom, was placed in us by that God. Just because we don’t agree on the terminology, does not mean we aren’t on the same side, and take our inspiration from the same divine source, whether we acknowledge it or not. I guess what I am saying is, don’t let that be a sticking point, or a pessimistic nail on which to hang your hat.

    • XNA says:

      The founders are dead dude. Whatever “they” “meant” is now subjective. For sure every founder was not adamant who USC was “meant” for in particular, or it would’ve been codified. It’s almost like the the USC was based on logic, minimal reason / belief, a framework of the time providing checks and balances between the participants of government, that is responsible citizens and the elected reps. Society of today is the result. Time to move on? Move forward?

      By all means, do not neglect history and lessons learned, but by all means move forward, extend knowledge and sustain your AO. There is too much quality knowledge, information, and personal experience that is too accessible these days not to move forward and move on.

  27. Tater says:

    Just finished reading the Kindle version of Finicum’s book “Only by Blood and Suffering”. It gives one a much deeper understanding of the man. He was a true Patriot, absolutely no doubt about it, period, end of story.

    Yes, many may discount the book saying that it is “cheesy” or “corny”, and one can definitely argue many of the “tactical” situations presented in the book. However, after having read the book, there is no doubt that Finicum was a “man’s man” (he deeply loved God, his family and his country), and he is a person that I now greatly respect.

  28. mtnforge-Doug says:

    It is our own hearts and minds we have to win in the sphere of freedom, only then can we win.

  29. TomS says:

    Your description/analysis of the “Liberty/Patriot movement is right on.

    Finding a buddy/group is problematical. Physical Training is the qualifier, with the right mindset which you have outlined.

    The Finicum outcome was preventable the “protest” should have ended earlier.

    More of a problem is the government takedown.

    Unmarked black vans? Many rural areas have volunteers medics, police,search and rescue with various lights to respond to a scene. If unmarked vans pull up behind you and several came figures exit with long guns…..

    Finicum exited the vehicle with hands up he also reached into his jacket but came out empty handed. I don’t believe that is reason to employ deadly force.

    Seems to me that a Chicago police officer is charged with murder for something roughly similar.. Confronting a man with a weapon/knife

    Who watches the watchers???

  30. Diz says:

    Once again Max nails it. Why is it, that the statists, collectivists, of all stripes, can come together and fight a common enemy (us), but we, as defenders of freedom and democracy cannot? This is a key question.

    I lock back to the crucial times of the late 60’s and early 70’s, when the counter-culture crowd was just making major inroads into mainstream society. You the anti-war movement, the civil rights movement, the gay rights movement, the greens, ect. An eclectic mix if their ever was one. Each one pushed in their lane to tear down western culture. Now many of these are in government, academia, and the media and in charge. So why cannot we become the counter-culture?

    To me, that is the question. We need to start looking at the leftist template from decades past. Where are the activists, like Jerry Reubens and Ton Haydens of this generation? Why aren’t the kids screaming their tits off at all this bullshit? Where’s the C,S,N,&Y’s, et al, singing their anti-government anthems? Where is the righteous outrage against THE MAN? Why is it the artists and all their ilk are always socialists/collectivists? Doesn’t it just seem the deck is stacked against us?

    Be that as it may, there’s one thing I know I can do. Just got back from the range this morning. Position, sight alignment, breathing, trigger control. Get you some of that.

  31. david laverty says:

    you continue to hit the nail on the head,a lot of people just do not get it,we must train and organize

  32. NavyJack says:

    Max, I cannot help but morn the fact that the individuals on both sides of the progressive/patriot divide fail to realize just how expansive the divide has become. For those on the progressive side the march towards totalitarianism began with the defeat of Al Gore to GW Bush in the 2000 election. This is the event that polarized the militant progressives. Following this loss, an attitude of “the ends justify the means” become the mantra for doing whatever was needed to move the country in their direction, legal or illegal. The liberty movement awoke from a long period of sleep following the 2008 election and the seemingly endless persecution of liberty minded individuals that followed. The point I am trying to make is that the progressives had a solid 8 year head start and their morals do not prevent them from using whatever tactics are needed to succeed. The patriot movement is bound by honor, a belief in God by the vast majority of the members and a series of lines that honest people just won’t cross. Now I know that a lot of patriots feel that they are outnumbered by the progressives, but I assure you this is not the case. The progressives are absolutely scared to death by our numbers. Whether you like Donald Trump or not, his candidacy and the issues of liberty and sovereignty so prevalent in his campaign, have the progressives and the one-world Government Republicans working as one to plot his demise.
    I know many in the patriot movement feel that the Leviathan of government is just too large to oppose. Again, I am sure that if/when the liberty games commence patriots will find that FedGov is a paper tiger. At least 50% of our military and law enforcement personnel are just as fed up with FedGov as any Constitution carrying patriot. Less than 10% (unfortunately the 10% in charge) are committed progressives. I know this is true based on where I live, where I have worked and the time I have spent with FedGov agency personnel. Patriots have nothing to fear except fear itself. Now I am not suggesting that things will not get sporty should the patriot movement draw a line in the sand and muster to hold it. The initial response from FedGov will be ruthless. The key is that it will be based on the cooperation of a very limited number of assets that will actually follow orders to engage US citizens. Once this group of resources is exhausted, the true nature of the FedGov paper tiger will become apparent. The key to minimizing the number of patriot casualties will be the cause and the ability of the patriot movement organizations to spread FedGov resources geographically. Train and build your team locally. Enlist the support of local law enforcement, the State National Guard and the County Sheriffs. Prepare your tribe and community to exist (food, water, medical care) without the need to beg FedGov for relief. This has been the message of Stewart Rhodes, Founder of Oath Keepers. I agree with him.
    Now, about that line in the sand; the excesses of the BLM are well documented; however their impact is rural, localized and extremely difficult to communicate to even the most ardent patriots East of the Mississippi. It is a righteous cause; however it will be difficult to leverage this as a line in the sand message. The 2nd Amendment is the clearest line and the easiest to communicate. The issue here is that the progressives are smart enough to know this front is dangerous to them. They will move at turtle speed, as they inch towards confiscation.
    I suggest an alternative approach; find their line in the sand instead of waiting for them to find ours. The progressives are absolutely frantic about keeping Trump and Cruz out of the White House. Shouldn’t we be protesting at every Hillary (Benghazi) Clinton and Bernie (Sandinista) Sanders campaign stop? This is what keeps the progressives up at night. Now I am not suggesting who you should vote for, but if the progressives fear that they are about to be pushed from power, they will take action. Those actions will expose their ruthlessness and would easily garner support for the liberty movement. It would be much better for the progressives to take action leading to a domestic emergency (read, Martial Law) than for the patriots to be the ones provoking a fight. Remember, this is what occurred at Lexington & Concord. The British were the aggressors. They, not the minutemen, took the step into revolution. Were the British baited into taking that step, probably; but it did not matter to the public.
    There are a myriad of other progressive causes that could easily be leveraged to bait the hook; Global Warming and the elimination of coal as an energy source, abortion rights, open borders, etc. Protesting any/all of the above will cause the progressives to react. I believe that the fear of losing the White House is the cause that will provoke a Lexington Green moment, but whatever the reason it must be the progressives that take the offensive action to guarantee our success in the patriot games to follow.

  33. XNA says:

    Is liberty movement is better off being localized “movements”, but also alliances of others? Living ‘secessions’ of bullshit laws that are based on peoples’ reason and beliefs. People in the western usa feel and think very different than people in the eastern usa. More or less, have different values (e.g. Land).

    • XNA says:

      How does one start a localized movement and obtain a threshold of relevance today? Very tough, but required.

      We are living in a reason / belief based society where the majority of the population cannot distinguish logic from reason.

      We are living in a society of belief / reason based baby boomers who raised a bunch more kids just like them, who now also have bunch more kids, millennials. The curriculum in public schools has not changed much in 20-30 years, let alone 50. Kids today should be exposed to computer programming very early, they are not… Among other things.

    • XNA says:

      The majority of the population considers themselves ‘responsible citizens’, that is they work, pay taxes, raise kids, and have enough money to buy shit that makes them happy. That is the gist. As long as they know enough to do that, they are “good”. They have zero will or initiative to do more, less it can get them more money or status or other. Their ‘security and freedom’ or livelihood is ‘secure’, and have ‘along as it doesn’t bother me’ attitudes. This while decay accelerates.

      What should one consider a “responsible citizen”? Hopefully a lot more than the aforementioned. Why? Because more is required.

      Fact, one can obtain a college type education without college these days. One can effectively learn another language these days online for free. One can learn to program computers for free. One can learn ham radio. One can learn SUT. Living healthy is figured out. One can learn to hunt and fish. Be medically competent. Information is at the finger tip. Personal experience is accessible and available. Wtf? One can learn anything! One can be informed.

      So what’s the hold up? Where’s the will responsible citizens?

      Perhaps there are just not that many, or not enough? Or are just not that knowledgable… Yet? Misdirected? Or not capable??? Or not willing? Too busy?

      Perhaps one needs to define what is a “responsible citizen” in the USA. Challenge some people to become more than just a catalogued citizen? Work in progress…

    • Max says:

      I critiqued his take on Malheur on the blog recently. I used to find him useful, but no longer. He also attempts to move to far into ‘the tactical’ based on, I can only presume, the reading of manuals.
      IMO, too deeply compromised by association with OK National.

      • NavyJack says:

        Max, I respect your experience. Your distain for OK leadership is apparent and IMO unwarranted. For the record, OK went to OR with the PPN to prevent a Waco style assault on the refuge occupation. To date, that has not occured. OK was not aware in advance and did not take part in the initial occupation. OK was not asked and never promised to provide a mobile security detail for Ammon or the others at the refuge. OK would have certainly recommened against the frequent, unguarded excursions. OK worked very hard to keep lines of communication open between Ammon and the FBI, and also worked hard to get the women and children off of the wildlife preserve. OK members are still in OR monitoring the situation. The bottom line is that Ammon would not listen to alternative ideas. An OK member even offered to pay the initial month fee associated with use the Harney County Fairgrounds if Ammon would move his protest to that location to continue his education outreach and generate support for his cause. Ammon was not interested and the County refused the offer. Believe what you want, but OK in conjuction with the PPN did more that most and certainly more than they were asked to do. LaVoy was a friend to many OKs. He will be missed greatly. Enough said.

  34. XNA says:

    Point of question… Do all these people (LEO and military) who swore an oath to protect the constitution, really know it? Have they all read it? Do they understand it? How are we where we are at? What has been going on the last 70 years to get to this society? People who take this oath, do they have to read it and pass a class? Or just have to take the oath? Blindly or other? What is the process of the oath? Does a 18 year old high school kid going into military have the background and understand the context to make an oath? Or are they just doing it by default?

  35. NavyJack says:

    Max, since everyone likes to make parallels to historical events, how about we compare our current situation to the Dutch resistance during the Nazi occupation of WWII? There were a sizable number of Dutch “patriots” working to derail Nazi propaganda and war efforts. There are some who credit the term “sabotage” with the practice of Dutch prisoners using their “Sabots” (wooden clogs) to gum up the machines the Nazi overlords were having them operate to produce weapons, provide utilities and communications. I think the first “rule of engagement” for our patriots needs to provide direction to emulate that resistance.
    Areas where our patriots could resist the march towards totalitarianism include:
    Disrupt the propaganda machine of the enemy. The enemies of liberty must control the Main Stream News (and currently do). Patriots should attend any state/local legislative hearing to dispel propaganda on any issue important to the patriot movement (gun control, land rights, open borders, etc.). Patriots should only use social media to educate others outside the movement and dispel false narratives. Today, patriots are using social media to provide the enemy with valuable intel. Quite frankly, I think every patriot should cancel their Facebook and Twitter accounts and then only use discussion blogs provided with news articles provide counter-arguments and to educate others.
    Resist any and all gun control initiatives. Protest the politicians that support this tyranny aggressively. Our enemy intends to slow-walk us into disarmament. Every time we give and inch, our enemy is plotting the next inch. We have to stop all compromise on this issue.
    Our enemy needs more land with minerals and energy resources to pay its’ bills and satisfy foreign interests. Again, this is a slow-walk process and we must stop all compromise on this issue. Protest, educate and if required, stand with the affected ranchers, miners and farmers with both our bodies and financial resources.
    Our enemy will use food as a weapon when the time to consolidate their power comes. We must be self-sufficient and have enough stored food, water and medical supplies to withstand this attack.
    Our enemy is in our schools. They are using our primary and higher education systems as re-education camps. This has to be resisted or we will find the next generation unwilling to continue the fight.
    Our enemy wants our money in their banks and certainly not in the form of gold or silver that could be bartered. We should all be creating barter stores with our savings. This could be anything other than cash and certainly nothing in their banks.
    We are fooling ourselves if we think that our enemy will not maintain control of the White House. They are too close to their consolidation point to allow anything to derail them. I am not even sure that any of the remaining candidates are not already bought and paid for. Regardless, if you think that Ted Cruz or Donald Trump is going to ride in to rescue us from tyranny, you are mistaken. This is why I encourage all patriots to enlist the support of local law enforcement, local politicians, the State National Guard leadership and your County Sheriff.
    I also feel we must take the step to move away from any “patriots” that will not agree that the restoration of the Founder’s Constitution is the goal, no more, no less. No more arguments.
    One last item, the vast majority of our nation’s military and law enforcement personnel do not want to kill patriots and live under tyranny. Most of them secretly hope for a return to the Constitution. Most of these folks are just as patriotic as you and me. They are stuck in a system that is forcing them to do things they believe are wrong. They do not want to leave the borders wide open. They do not want to let Islamic terrorist run wild. The do not want to use our armed forces to fight illegal wars. They are patriots and they will act like patriots when the time comes. Their politically appointed leadership is another issue altogether. We need to accept this and if the time comes where we need to protect these folks from leadership retaliation, we need to have a place and a plan to do so. The alternative is that they will be coerced into supporting the enemy by threats against their families, starvation, exposure to the elements (cold weather) and withholding of medical care. They will come to us for help. We need to be prepared to deal with this issue before they are forced to make the choice our enemies will present to them. We need these folks on our side.

  36. mtnforge-Doug says:

    This isn’t good if true. Looks like the FBI doctored the LeVoy Finnicum execution video to look like something suspiciously misleading from what really happened. Things like LeVoy never once reached for something at his waist. That and a number of things where painted in or removed by very sophisticated digital editing equipment. Something the FBI possesses. It took some really sick minds and diabolically evil intent to fabricate a misleading Finnicum snuff film if this is the truth. Not all is what it appears to be. Funny that.
    NC Renegade posted a link:

    Here are the links to 8 investigative pieces on the evidence of the methods used and speculative reasons why such editing took place based on professional knowledge of how editing like this is performed. Be warned it will make you sick in the heart watching what really happens when the false editing is removed. It was cold blooded execution of LeVoy.