Viking Movie Trailer

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January 20, 2016
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January 27, 2016

Russian Movie, coming later this year.



  1. Mark Falkey says:

    I liked you top ten Viking movies. I own 4 of them. My maternal grandmother is a Norwegian Saami and I’m all Norwegian on my mother’s side. I wear Mjolnir identify with things Viking. A movie that you should consider is The Viking Saga directed by Michael Chapman in 1996. Staring Ralph Moeller and shot entirely in Iceland. I loaned it a woman naval officer who had been stationed in Iceland. I wanted her to see the Icelandic scenery but I warned her that there was some nudity in the movie. When she brought it back she said that the nudity wasn’t so bad but I really should have warned her about a man nailing his guts to a pole and walking around it until he dies. Who knew? Look it up on Amazon. I originally had it on VHS but now have a DVD.

  2. BBQ'd says:

    “To crush your enemies….see them driven before you…..and hear the lamentations of the womwn.”