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Combined Force on Force / Alumni Weekend March 19/20
January 18, 2016
Class Discount: March Combat Team Tactics & Rifle Skills
January 20, 2016

In response to a comment that my posts (referring to ‘On Legitimacy‘) need a  share button, I have now made it so. If you feel so inclined to share any of my posts, please do so.

Here are some recent posts, the ‘share’ buttons are at the bottom of each post:

“It’s a Trap” – or – Comment on the Malheur Protest.

The Fear and the Paranoia.

Patriot Rising: The Unbroken.

Unity of Effort, Infighting, and Black Helicopters.

Space Available: CTT/MOB Class Texas 17-21 February 2016.

Class Highlight: Citizen Close Combat.’

Class Highlight: Combat Team Tactics.

Class Highlight: Active Shooter CCW.

Class Highlight: Force on Force Team Tactics.

On Legitimacy.

Combined Force on Force / Alumni Weekend March 19/20.




  1. Palmetto says:

    Nice addition to an already outstanding website. You (or whoever designs your site) know what you’re are doing.

  2. […] Max installs a “share” button on his posts, with some suggestions for sharing. […]

  3. mtnforge-Doug says:

    Hearts and Minds Max!
    God bless you.