“It’s a Trap” – or – Comment on the Malheur Protest

Patriot Rising: The Unbroken
January 4, 2016
Fox News Interview with Ammon Bundy
January 6, 2016

I have been observing events with the Hammond case and the occupation of the wildlife complex in Malheur. I wasn’t going to comment, but due to what I have seen on the internet from persons/organizations that are considered authoritative online commentators, and the general wailing and gnashing of teeth, I am drawn to comment. What I am going to say goes against the grain of what appears to the established GroupThink that has grown up as a response to this situation. I am going to make a number of points that originate from my thoughts on this matter. I don’t necessarily have a strong opinion about the events at Malheur, I don’t know any of the people there, and I have no inside knowledge. I am simply an observer.

– I see a huge amount of negative commentary from the online Patriot community, from a number of influential sources. I see a lot of armchair quarterbacking. Apparently the protesters at Malheur are not the ‘chosen ones.’

– There is a lot of negativity coming from what appear to be militia groups in the area. We have already covered a lot about these groups and their made up rank structures – why are they suddenly the authority? Some of the statements made are laughable, for example citing the need for the Governor to activate them to actually do anything. Does the Governor actually recognize these militias? What is this fantasy? What gives them the authority to say the Malheur protesters have no business protesting?

– This smug groupthink from the Patriot community seems to be led by fear of the left’s reaction. Apparently this is not the time to protest tyrannical actions by Leviathan, because the left might be upset? Really? When is the left ever not going to be upset by the actions of the forces of freedom? In fact, I would go so far as to say that the Patriot community seems to be mentally bound up in the paradigm that the left has created, and is unable to think outside of the box created for it.

– The previous point is tied in with the immediate assumption that this action is led by ‘provocateurs.’ Do you know? Could there be informants? Maybe. Do I think this is an operation by ‘The Feds’ designed as ‘a trap’ and a ‘buffalo jump’ – of course not. But I tell you what – well done to ‘The Feds’ for winning the psyop campaign, because Patriots will not even support a peaceful protest for fear that it is infiltrated. What a huge amount of self-defeating paranoia! Black helicopters anyone? Reptilians? Trump is an operative for Hillary…..I am laughing in your face, it’s so pathetic.

– Is it a well planned operation? Who knows. Is it the right time and place for the ‘Patriot Showdown’ with Leviathan? Really? What exactly do you suggest Bundy’s group does? With the Hammonds surrendering and going to jail, who else is drawing sufficient attention to the tyranny of this situation other than the Bundy group? Bundy already faced down a direct threat to his family, and was tasered in a dangerous standoff, and now he is STANDING UP against similar tyranny.

– The whole ‘militia’ thing is also a red herring. Listen to yourselves conforming to the paradigm cited by the left. I see Bundy dressed as a rancher. This is not a ‘militia’ event. This is a peaceful protest that has done no harm and continues to do no harm. You need to stop conflating the idea of ‘armed protesters’ with protesters who legally possess weapons. Isn’t that something you agree with and believe in, the legal possession and carriage of weapons? I see no brandishing or threats. Given previous events, such as the close call at the Bundy Ranch, and other cited examples such as Waco and Ruby Ridge, there is a clear fear among the protesters that ‘The Feds’ will try to wipe them out. I do not see them calling for such, or willing a firefight. I see them stating that they will defend themselves if attacked. The fact that they have put themselves in this situation where they see the possibility of such an outcome, means that they are brave men, willing to stand up for what is right. I saw an interview with Bundy, talking about his family and kids, and that he is not there to die.

– Related to the above is the ‘tactical aspect.’ It is never a good idea, if planning a tactical operation, to place yourself in an isolated position and  invite being surrounded by the opposition. That is why this is a protest, or at worst a tactically inept play. This appears to be a peaceful protest with a stated intent of self-defense if Leviathan attacks.  It’s not as if Leviathan hasn’t got a track record  of burning people out, is it? The fact that this is a protest at an isolated location, with no danger of hostages or collateral damage if attacked, makes it a no brainer for Leviathan if they want to attack these protesters.

– The situation with the Hammonds is one of clear tyranny. I would put it like this: the story of the West is not the same story as the Eastern original colonies, with all the quaint forgotten stuff about the Founders and the Boston Tea Party and the Constitution. It has never been about that. It is bad big guy against good little guy. It is every western movie you ever watched. It is the BLM (insert: railroad, rich bad guy rancher etc) against the little guy, pushing them off the land. It is ‘3:10 to Yuma.’ It is clear unlawful tyranny and bullying, riding roughshod over the law and the rights of the little guy. It does not get plainer than the action of the BLM in the west. The BLM is, in fact, the front line of tyranny in the United States right now. The BLM is taking the Hammond’s land, pure and simple.

– The Hammonds went back to jail  and apparently did not want any help. Sure, they have been threatened by Leviathan. Does this remove legitimacy from the protesters? What a silly notion. But who, other than the Malheur protesters, is doing anything about the BLM? No one. Sure, you”ll get pissed on Facebook for five minutes, and then you will move on, while the Hammonds are doing five years in jail, and their land will eventually be taken. What use are you to anyone? Are you ever going to actually stand up to anything at any time? Or is it just never the right place or time, or the perfect patriot martyrs that are doing it, so you can’t support it? What if the Malheur protesters do actually get wiped out. What then? They were just assholes, extremists, terrorists, right? Well done for doing the left’s job for them.

– One of the big things I see out there across the internetz is the argument about the law. Apparently the protesters, by occupying a vacant visitor center, while being armed, are acting against the law and are in fact terrorists. Really? Shut the hell up. It’s not about the law. It is about truth and justice (do you like that: truth, justice and the American way….?). The law is an ass. We already know we have too much administrative law that is unconstitutional, and is being used to promote tyranny by leviathan. This is why we have a problem now that we no longer have ‘peace officers’ but we have ‘law enforcement.’ Law enforcement is exactly what it says it is; it isn’t about looking after you or doing the right thing; it’s about enforcing every statist socialist law that can be cooked up to take away your freedom. Like going to jail for collecting rainwater on your property. But we live in a free country, right? The so called ‘law and order conservative’ is a creature that really saddens me; nothing but enablers and cheerleaders for increasing tyranny. But remember, you have to obey that ‘lawful order’ whatever the situation, right? Because we live in a  free country, a Constitutional Republic, to which ‘law enforcement’ swear an oath, and which is based on the principle of rightful liberty, individual freedom, and equality in the eyes of the law. Right? But apparently, I don’t understand ‘our values.’

Thomas Jefferson: “Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’ because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.”

Stop being good little Germans, good little comrades, and use your moral compass to understand what is right, what is true, and what is just. If we all lived our lives on those principles and stood up, without fear of the left, there would be no problem. To the left, to the moonbats, you are always a right wing extremist, and terrorist. Nothing you do in defense of liberty will be right. You will never be anything else.

– The lack of any kind of support for the Malheur protest sends one particular message: they are not good enough for our support, and thus neither will any of us be, when our time comes. Bundy may have consciously chosen to be there at this time, for good or bad, but the rest of us are simply waiting our turn for Leviathan to come to us. None of us want this. We all want to live in peace in the former United States, without the threat of violence and tyranny. As freedom diminishes, as Leviathan rises, it will be our turn at some point. Malheur is a peaceful protest, so far, unless they are attacked. What if you are forced to use arms to defend yourself against tyranny? Can you see the online patriots running for the hills, reinforcing the rhetoric of the left as you are painted as a nut-job with ‘an arsenal.’

– We seem to have a problem with ‘controlled opposition’ and successful leviathan psyops. It seems the psyop has worked very well, because whenever anyone does anything, it is attributed to be provocateurs and/or ‘The Feds.’ I saw some more lunacy this morning. Following hot on the heels of a piece on WRSA about “When is your Patriot Group a Cult,” which talked about ‘special knowledge,’ I see that Oathkeepers has put out ‘special knowledge’ that some sort of super-secret-special-operations-unit has been mobilized to go to Malheur. Is this credible ‘special information’ such as the Bundy Ranch being about to be hellfired from a  drone? Wow. Talk about panic mongering and controlled opposition. If there is any truth to this, no doubt it is some innocuous unit, perhaps even a psyops or negotiation unit, being put on standby. Or whatever. Maybe they can mobilize that unit of 50,000 Spetznaz that are hidden in a salt mine in Utah?

In the meantime, I am grateful to Bundy and his group standing up and drawing attention to the actions of the tyrannous BLM. I hope no harm comes to them, and they are able to return peacefully to their families.




    • SWIFT says:

      Finally, a voice of reason, in the puzzle, wrapped in an enigma, that is called the patriot movement. Thank you, thank you, for the fine post, Max. We need 10,000 more just like you, a man of honor. Damn well done!

    • William B Stoecker says:

      The truth…at last. This is the most intelligent piece anyone has yet written about the protest. If not Malheur, where? If not now, when?

    • Ken Campbell says:

      Kudo’s My Man , you laid down like it should have been done in the first place ! And Kudo’s to The Hammonds , Brave Patriots All !!
      Now it should begin , People hopefully wake up too the fact that the Hammonds got screwed over by the Leviathan and those Brave Men Holding their ground against said Levithan need our support and help !I only wish it were closer , it is infuriating that I cannot directly help these men !! KC from Ky.

    • Jack Cusick says:

      Great piece. The Gov’t has broken the bounds of the Constitution. Therefore they are illegitimate as are all their so called regulations and laws. Hats off to the Bundys for making a stand peacefully. The ball is in your court globalists.

      If we don’t hang together we most assuredly shall hang separately.

    • Hans says:

      Spot on.

  1. C20 fan says:

    Well said.

  2. HABCAN says:

    Thank You, Max!! From FAR on the outside, looking in, that’s the most sensible comment on this debacle I’ve read.

  3. ron says:

    I’ve never written to the comment section of any website. Max, my respect for you just tripled.

  4. Sharpy says:

    The wolf is at the door. The people arguing about what clothes to wear when confronting the wolf are the real fools. Max is 100% correct with his comments.

  5. Rougaroo says:

    The most eloquent and organized explanation I have seen.

    How do we get this out to the media? I have forwarded to my brother in law who works as a news director at a station in the Southeast. Is there a way to do a more effective communications campaign?

  6. Tucci78 says:

    “The so called ‘law and order conservative’” in this #OccupyMalheur business is a genuinely patriotic American to precisely the same extent Vidkun Quisling had been a genuinely patriotic Norwegian.

  7. Phenias option says:

    Max is spot on, BLM is the vanguard of federal tyranny
    here in the west. With the agenda 21 U.N program ramping up everyone that does not live in town will be
    rounded up relocated, reeducated in the not to distant
    future. The Feds,a corporation have already seized vast
    amounts of land in the west and through groups such as the nature conservancy a Rockafeller front group will continue to gobble up more. Bundy is fed up, when will we be fed up? How much more of this shit sandwich will we eat? If we do not act soon their will be no 2 nd amendment left due to executive orders. Keep your powder dry!

  8. Phoenix says:

    As usual you nailed it and in detail. This all sums it up nicely. Especially the last paragraph, sarcasm and all.

  9. Shocktroop0351 says:

    Good job Max on not jumping on the band wagon, although I’m pretty sure you’ve been kicked off of it a few times anyways. I love all the lip service that is given to “mission type” orders or “Auftragstaktik” these days, but yet if somebody does something without the express approval of everyone in the liberty movement, it’s “wrong”. It seems that a lot of people think there is some sort of liberty central command that is suddenly going to activate and start issuing orders to patriots on when and where to act. Maybe they thought the fusion centers were there to help them? Or, probably more closer to the truth, there are a lot of people who like to think of themselves as some sort of patriot, but when it might come time to put their money where there mouth is, it’s too uncomfortable. To be honest, if peaceful protest is too uncomfortable for you, sell your rifle and your gear at a discount price to someone else, because there is no way in hell you will be able to handle the discomfort of a combat environment. There should be 10 more of these peaceful protests going on all the time, but yet everyone wants to play soldier instead. So I guess if Bundy and his guys just started acting like Dorner or McVeigh, that would be OK? No? So if peaceful protest is too hasty, and violent protest is too violent, what exactly are we supposed to do? Vote with our feet? Isn’t that what the Hammonds’ are being forced to do, give up their land? Sounds like team Liberty needs to take a good long look at itself and pull its head out of its ass, on an individual basis.

  10. Antony says:

    Very well stated… I had to invest some time to learn the back story to understand why they have taken this stand. if not them who?

    I highly recommend watching Oregon’s 2nd district Rep speech on the matter.


    • Ed says:

      The left will tell you to vote for something better and the right will tell you to pray for a god to fix it. Why? Because they don’t really give a shit.
      When the day comes when every “government” agent has his/her name and address posted all over the internet, you will know that enough people have decided that moral principles are more than good sounding.

  11. Cat Velocity says:

    Well said Max..and about time someone goes against the tide. I am tired of reading about what Ammon Bundy is doing wrong. At least he is doing something!

    …I too am simply an observer…but cannot agree more with “This is not an armed protest……. this is a protest with legally armed citizens who will defend themselves if attacked” (by those same law enforcement many of you claim to overstep authority and use excessive force). They are not brandishing weapons, or even interfering with commerce nor endangering other innocent civilians ( i.e. a mall or other highly civilian occupied area). They are not even impacting your daily commute by shutting down roads and highways (like Black Lives Matter). They are in a remote vacant visitor center in the middle of no-where.
    The protestors (who all happen to be legally armed) occupied a vacant building in order to bring light to the atrocities taking place by the BLM…which unfortunately is not even an an isolated BLM action. But they are provocateurs?? If you have been following any of the events with the Ranchers vs. BLM then you might have a clue to the injustices that have taken place. The Hammonds were not “Arsons” and it is absolutely asinine that they have been labeled as such and charged with these crimes. We are wasting our tax money (hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions) in order to imprison them for this B.S. crime? Where is Bernie? Imprison them so that the BLM can then just take their land while they can do nothing, or possibly label them as “terrorist” so that they can then just take their land with no compensation whatsoever?
    Everyone wants to criticize and attack these guys but how else would you have even heard about what was going on to the Hammonds?

    I am tired of injustices and no-action taken except for our 5 min flash of anger when we find out on facebook some outrageous atrocity then go back to our silly kitten videos or our “pew pew” videos and then go get our cheeseburger and carry on as usual.

  12. Tod says:

    Very well said, spot on.

  13. TPTB have done a good job of dividing any opposition that may arise. You have hit the nail on the head. Many are sitting around waiting for the perfect time that may never come.

  14. chas says:

    Excellent. I’ve been saying the same thing.

  15. Jay Smple says:

    It is a very telling moment in our Liberty movement, when Max V, from another country, can clearly see what those of us born and bred here in the U.S.A. cannot. Could it be that he has not yet begun to take all the blessings that we enjoy here in America for granted, like so damn many of us “Patriots” obviously have??? As a descendant of Oliver Wolcott, signer of the DOI, I can tell you that being an American Patriot is about one’s just actions, not wearing cammo
    clothing, collecting lots of guns we are afraid to employ, not being “Keyboard Commmandos”. If we are unwilling to stand with those few “Patriots”, like Mr. Bundy and the Lady constitutional scholars who have the courage and integrity to speak the truth to power… we are weaklings. The only thing that has stopped government bureaucracy gone berserk in over 200 years of our countrys history is enough Angry and determined Americans… taking a stand.
    Very Well Done Max Alexander (aka Velocity)

  16. Could not be said better. Thanks.

    My comment yesterday: “After listening to their press conference, I have much respect for the protesters as they are articulate and have obviously given much thought to their actions. The people on our side who are slandering/libeling them are doing a great disservice.”

    • mtnforge-Doug says:

      You always have great points Brock. Thanks for saying that, like Max your words are well respected.
      I with you, I am greatly impressed with Ammond and what he and his brethren are doing.
      It bears no resemblance to all the negativity and sour grapes, and the the blood dancing going on.
      All it takes is to listen to with your ears and not your mouth and the truth is plain as day these guys are onto something really great and worthy.

  17. StarvinLarry says:

    Well said Max,best description of the events taking place in Oregon.
    People need to read up on exactly what the Hammonds did,and on the prosecutor who has stalked them in support of the enviro-whackos and BLM who want to take their land.
    The BLM has done a whole lot of things wrong in trying to fore the Hammonds off of their land.
    The BS about setting a fire to cover a poaching operation is made up by the prosecution-it’s fantasy,fiction stuff that sounds like it could be true to a jury.
    What about the BLM blocking the Hammonds access to water for their cattle? What about the BLM blocking the Hammonds access by road to their cattle?
    The BLM has been pulling this shit for decades in the west.
    Why is it that most independent cattle ranchers are gone in the west? Because the BLM working with the enviro-whackos/enviro-nazis is taking their land.
    Since when does a small group of enviro-whackos dictate what others do?
    It’s been going on for decades,and it’s gotten worse since this admin has filled every top level job at BLM,EPA,USFS,USFWS with enviro-whackos.
    The enviro-nazis sue the BLM,the USFS,the USFWS,and state fish and game agencies.
    Then people lose access to PUBLIC lands,ranchers and farmers have their land taken because the land is declared a “protected habitat” for some snail,3″ fish,lizard,toad,frog,tortoise,mouse,rat or snake,and/or they are forced to sell.
    This shit has to stop.
    Every time the BLM,USFS,USFWS,etc tries to force people to sell,or blocks them from using their own land-at least 1,000 people need to show up and stand with the landowners.
    The media hasn’t said a damn thing about the background of the whole Hammond ranch situation,or the BLM’s illegal and unconstitutional efforts to force the Hammonds to sell.
    It’s the media pushing the armed militia took over a building bullshit.
    The media isn’t telling the whole story-they are pushing the left’s narrative,not seeking the truth.

  18. Smitty says:

    You are correct. They are not the chosen.
    A very sad state of affairs for the liberty movement. We are seeing the hurt feelings from the Bundy Ranch episode play out in full Technicolor.

  19. Trailman says:

    Some of your comments resonate with this I read the other week. Especially when trying to sort out all flack and messaging going on.


  20. Doug says:

    Thank you for sticking up for these great American’s Max. Your voice counts for a great deal.
    We should give Ammon Bundy and his brave fellows all the support and solidarity possible.
    They are us and we are them.
    They have every right to their Liberty as all of us, and to be respected and honored and emulated for risking so much.
    Thank you thank you thank you!

  21. Joe says:

    Thank you Max.

  22. John says:

    110% correct, Max.

    As an aside, most of these “militia” types are city/suburban/gentleman farmer people who do not make their living ranching, farming, logging, mining, or anything else to do with the use of natural resources and/or the extraction thereof. They do not live “out here” and as such are wholly unfamiliar with the varied level of “force” used by the Alphabet Souper Agencies supposedly charged with “resource management.”

    In reality, what we have in the interior west is forced genuflection to D.C.-based tyrants and their locally based gendarmes. If you do not bend the knee and bow the head, the hammer comes down.

    I’ve live in the Rockies my entire life and for the last 21 years not just inside a National Forest, but surrounded on all four sides by government dirt. To put it mildly, they are not exactly what one would call “good neighbors”, and what I have seen them do to others, particularly those in the ranching community borders on disbelief. “America”, my ass. You want to see where totalitarianism is exercised by D.C., it is out here, not in the cities and burbs’. Those have been quasi-socialist from their inception so there is no effort to resist there because the “State” is also the city. In truth, there is little complaint from the so-called “patriots” who live there because they are already subconsciously accepting of socialism. If the mini-states that ran those places ceased to exist, the trash would be hip deep in a week, the gas, water and power would be gone as quick, thus the big, tough-talking “militia” dudes from in and around those locales have already ceded their “independence” to the local PTB and the monopolies granted to “private business” that provides said services. “Aluminum in this can, paper in that one, and all the other trash in this one.”

    Yeah. “Freedom!” They’re all nothing but a bunch of Lee Greenwood’s, fingers buried in belly buttons while the real action is happening around them every single day on a thousand small battlefields and they just don’t want to look.

    Talks cheap.

  23. Pericles says:

    That was most excellent. In fact, I’d lake to copy it so as to save myself the some time taken to write that.

  24. Doug says:

    How many times have we seen the classic western movies that have this same exact story line?? Bad guys move in a steal or murder for property and water rights. John Wayne or Jimmy Steward ride in and get entangled in the situation and in the end the property and the water rights are returned to the rightful owners. All things become right again because someone with a spine took a stand. Central to the theme is the fact that force is never brought to bear until the bad guys start slinging lead. Then all bets are off!!
    I see same exact scenario in play here. These brave people are taking a stand because they understand the bigger picture. Their message is simple. Their message is that all of the bullshit is going to stop and stop right now!! No let’s vote them out or call your senator baloney. These folks are the watchman on the walls that have stepped down from those walls. There is a clear and present danger. These Patriots are the answer to that danger!!

    Great article and many great comments. Thank you.

  25. Doug says:

    FYI you guys, I went on Amazon and put together a care package of items I think those guys could use in the conditions they are operating in and possible longevity of being holed up. I used the Google map address to ship it UPS. I don’t have much financial resources, but I hope at least sending them a small care package shows they aren’t alone and others support and care about them and what they are doing.

    • No UPS will be allowed in, however, there are relief columns on the way – bear in mind they are ranchers- very versed in long lonely winters with no resupply- what they can use is our continued support and a few solid long range people on the outside if the feds make a move…

      • mtnforge-Doug says:

        Last I heard from two separate on site sources since this mourning no one was being prohibited from accessing the refuge. Has that changed today?

  26. Mike H says:

    Well said Max….I wish those patriots the best.

  27. ToneDeaf says:

    Fuckin’ brilliant Max!
    This will certainly get certain Patriot panties in a bunch.

  28. ensitue says:

    Something that must be kept in mind is that early reportage was dominated by the Left, much info was incorrect, even the location was in doubt, and I say that as a former resident of Harney Co.
    Now that the .Guv lies have been exposed, the arrests and persecution revealed as another land grab a great many PPl have reexamined their positions.

  29. […] to my last post ‘“It’s a Trap” – or – Comment on the Malheur Protest” I’m going to post this […]

  30. […] to my last post ‘“It’s a Trap” – or – Comment on the Malheur Protest” I’m going to post this […]

  31. Steady Steve says:

    No more free Waco’s. Gathering intel and picking targets in my AO just in case .gov does something stupid. The men at Lexington didn’t choose to be first, they just drew the short straw.

  32. Rommel says:

    Thanks Max, a well written article on your view concerning the Malheur Protest. Your frustration with the lack of commitment from what is considered the Patriot community is well understood. We do have to come together and come together firmly. However I disagree with your assessment. These guys have gotten themselves into a pickle. Yes, they are correct in showing complete opposition to an out of control government and yes, I do commend them for standing in defiance of a overbearing dictatorial government. Unfortunately, they lost the high ground when they presented themselves as armed and dangerous. Most people are not yet awake. And thanks to the MSM, when they look at this event, they see a rag tag element of would be marauders willing to martyr themselves when standing against the government on an issue that most are unaware of nor are they concerned with. We’re lucky if most even know what the acronym BLM stands for. In my view, it is too early in the game. We don’t need to die just yet. That time is coming. But we haven’t developed the human terrain. To make people aware of an oppressive government though a perceived peaceful non violent means would have been at this time, in my view, a better alternative. It comes down to perspective. Though the other 97 % of our population is now teetering on the fence, they are not yet in our camp.

  33. Wylie Mike says:

    Well said Max!

  34. Ragnarok says:

    Max, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!
    I knew there was a reason I was drawn to Max and MVT!
    I too was stunned by the apathy and fear of the “patriot” movement’s response to the Mahleur situation. It seems some of us only want to occasionally play cowboys and indians in the woods on weekends to justify all those fancy stickers we have on our trucks. If anything, the Hammond/Bundy protest will separate the wheat from the chaff within the patriot movement.
    Time to man up and woman up.
    Incidentally, mahleur is a french word meaning tragedy and misfortune….

  35. Roc Rat says:

    First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

  36. Bill Nye says:

    Che and Bob seem to have a differing opinion…..so do many that also commented over at Che’s place.

  37. Bruce A Wineman says:

    I have not read all the comments but all of your points. I agree. I see every confrontation serving as a tipping point. At this time the situation seems to be one of waiting for the first one to blink. If there is NO blink then the focus of the Protesting group may be a positive. There is NO guarantee when one is dealing with a Propaganda system that has been having a lot of practice. The careful consideration of the Protestors needs to be encouraged. I am sure that when those folks in Boston threw all that tea into the harbor there were a lot of “Monday Morning Quarterbacks” (the game didn’t exist at the time) that were thinking in the negative. However, I see this as the way people enter cold water to swim. Some take it slow others just jump in. Is there the ideal way? I think not. If the Gov’t alphabet soup people remain non-aggressive it can turn out to the advantage of the Hammonds. If not, all bets are off and circumstances will dictate what tomorrow will bring. This is a time of uncertainty. I believe what Brigget Gabriel has said, however, about the “silent majority” (in Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia) here in our United States. Since they say NOTHING they become irrelevant. I will not know how brave I am until the time comes when that is tested. I hope for a plan and the right time.

  38. Rommel says:

    Hello Bruce,
    Your comments are welcomed. However, I do contest your claim ‘the game didn’t exist at that time’.
    Life has always been a game and you play that game to win. You need as many elements on your side as you can acquire prior to battle. No matter how right Bundy and his group are, without a meaningful majority of the populace on their side they will lose. Main Stream media is a big player in this episode. In order to lessen their effect we need the perception of Justice on our side. Though lawful, going in with guns, I think was a bad idea. Again, perception. How this turns out is yet to be discovered.

  39. Jim says:

    Would you mind providing that google address and any recommendations for things that I might purchase and send to Bundy and the rest of those folks?

    • I would also like to assist – email away and thanks! (or simply respond here 🙂

    • mtnforge-Doug says:

      This is supposed to be verified contact info for sending assistance to the boys in Burns. They have people who are making runs between town and the refuge:

      -We have had many people ask where they can donate and/or send food and supplies for the Patriots in Oregon.

      *We are not asking for donations we are just giving the info to those of you that have been asking.

      Food and supplies can be sent to:

      36391 Sodhouse Lane
      Princeton, Ore 97721
      C/o shawna Cox


      Financial donations can be sent to:
      Lisa Bundy
      P.O. Box 1072
      Emmett, ID 83617

  40. […] still reserve my thoughts on this situation to myself for now, I highly recommend everyone read Max Velocity’s assessment. I also recommend that sentient people think long and hard about what they will do in the future […]

  41. My only addition to this article would be to say a simple statement, as long as what they do is in defense alone I will support them, I believe strongly that the feds have overstepped their boundaries so many times as to be absolutely unworthy of any THINKING individuals allegiance.

  42. BBQ'd says:

    Hear! Hear!

    While not spelled out in so many words by Max, why is it so many claiming to be in favor of the Constitution, and dare I say the SECOND AMENDMENT,are so upset by these brave and committed soles for exercising those very rights? If we have become so obedient as to only exercise our rights to speech, bearing arms, etc. etc. after government gives it permission then we have already lost.

    My prayer is that we come to recognize and accept that liberty is like a muscle, unless your exercise it frequently it will whither and die. Hats off to all the brave people who are finally taking a stand and are willing to carry the means to defend themselves while dong so. Without those means should we expect government to honor their place and respect our rights? Has history not proven time and again government is not made up of angles? Did I miss the story about the government officials in that county laying down their arms? If not then why should citizens be expected to lay down theirs?

    Citizens DEMAND their rights while subjects beg for them. The choice is yours.


  43. Tapp says:

    Loo up Amanda Marshall….

  44. JH says:

    I agree with some of the above. “Well said”.
    On the down side, a protest that takes over federal buildings will involve police action at a minimum. If the western folks would protest outside the city federal buildings, write, call, and email their representatives.
    Maybe the stealing of land by BLM would be stopped.

  45. Gannojo says:


    This is a nice bit of education.

  46. TomS says:

    The real issue for 100 years Congress has been giving away it’s authority under the Constitution. Yet in the West and elsewhere citizens keep re-electing the same bunch. Authority was ceded to the Executive and to administrative bureaucrats.

    Why because if the elected one took a stand, took time to do his or her job, it might threaten his re-election.

    We have allowed the creation of a mega government run by and for the politicians and bureaucrats who are empowered to advance their own welfare and increase their own power without fear of real change/impeachment/or any accountability.

    Protests are useful the left uses them to advantage and created a new category:community organizer who enriches themselves while brokering an arrangement,then claiming to have settled the disagreement that they had nothing to do with.

    Until we elect legislators and demand accountability it won’t change.

  47. Easy says:


    This guy claims that there are three people right in the middle of this who were at the Bundy ranch, and proven to be frauds. Judge for yourselves.

  48. […] Excellent piece excerpted from Max Velocity tactical. It goes almost exactly along my line of thinking and the whole piece can be found here:  http://www.maxvelocitytactical.com/2016/01/its-a-trap-or-comment-on-the-malheur-protest/ […]

  49. […] I posted ‘“It’s a Trap” – or – Comment on the Malheur Protest.‘ This was linked over at WRSA. I was pleased to see that the reason in my post appeared to be […]

  50. […] I posted ‘“It’s a Trap” – or – Comment on the Malheur Protest.‘ This was linked over at WRSA. I was pleased to see that the reason in my post appeared to be […]

  51. Stonewall says:

    The response to the events in Oregon reveals the character of much of the militia movement.

  52. Stephen Miller says:

    While I may or may not agree with the protesters moving into the buildings, I appreciate this article

  53. SAnn says:

    Great article! Thank you! The BLM has consumed enough of the lands in the West and it must stop and be returned to the ranchers and what belongs to the states.

  54. drm says:

    Max; your talent for writing is cemented in the same category as Arthur Conan Doyle .
    As a Non-American , I have been following the situation on the ranchers for some time now and even as a non-American , I wish to God the men /women /families of ranchers a safe ending .Ending is NOT the right word because I do not see this ending , rather a “turning Point ” in what is to come …I truly believe this is the stepping stone to something a whole lot bigger ALL people need to come to grips on

  55. Gram of our future Gens says:

    You have said what I have believed for several days.I have been looking for all the updates today, after watching the Pete Santilli live feed last night from the Community of Safety meeting in Burns, OR. to the end, which was, btw, set up at least in part by Ammon Bundy, the Community of Safety that is. It was heartening to see so many citizens turn out to take charge of their own fate.

    In case it wasn’t clear from some reports,it appears the citizens did create a letter to Ammon, requesting he and he others leave the refuge,but, 3 of 6 were not ready to give it to Ammon. In fact one gentleman stated he was concerned that if Ammon, his brother and the others did leave, that the committee would lose it’s momentum before the next meeting in 2 weeks. I thought that was a good point. At the same time, 2 weeks is awhile off.

    Government overreach, a term thrown around like so much milk toast, is really tyranny.
    I can’t list all the atrocities committed out there (all over the US for that matter), but there are many links to be found in comments re this situation at the Oathkeepers site. Some may shock you (or maybe not).
    I congratulate Ammon, because, as he stated, and I’m probably paraphrasing, it isn’t about the Hammonds directly, but the circumstances that got them where they are. It is affecting all ranchers, miners, and loggers out there, but all of us as well.

    I just hope the strong, determined, intelligent men and women with resolve, dedication to liberty, and leadership ability have enough time to turn this around.There is so much going on.

    This quote can also be found at Oath Keepers-
    “Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.” – Thomas Paine

    May Ammon and the others be safe.

  56. […] are many strands to my comments today. The background to this is a post I wrote last week ‘“It’s a Trap” – or – Comment on the Malheur Protest.‘ The post itself is self-explanatory, so you should probably read it if you haven’t […]

  57. […] are many strands to my comments today. The background to this is a post I wrote last week ‘“It’s a Trap” – or – Comment on the Malheur Protest.‘ The post itself is self-explanatory, so you should probably read it if you haven’t […]