Training Schedule Additions / Changes

Status Update
November 18, 2015
Combat Patrol + Class Update
November 23, 2015


For a couple of reasons, group private training bookings among them, I have made some changes to the already published class schedule (links above and below).


I have blocked out some time for the private bookings. The main classes that are affected by the changes are:

Land Navigation 19-20 March is replaced by Force on Force (FoF) Team Tactics. There is now no Land Navigation scheduled before the next Rifleman Challenge. I simply ran out of weekends available. I will tell you that during FoF Team tactics, you will be out and about on the training site and will have maps, so it will build a familiarity with the terrain that will help on the RC.

I have had to move the Combat Patrol scheduled on May 27-29 due to a group private booking. I have added it to July 15-17. I have not yet done the rest of the open enrollment schedule for July and beyond, so CP alone is sitting there in July right now. Yes, that is the first and only CP scheduled at the Velocity Training Center (VTC) for 2016 so far. More to follow.


  1. Brian from Georgia says:

    Any idea when you might schedule Team Leader and Scout classes?

    • Max Velocity says:

      Scout will be the next to come on, now that we have FOF scheduled. However, the first part of 2016 up till June has become a bit of a jam, so scout may well not be till the latter part of 2016. Team leader, not on the radar yet, but the idea of FOF, although less formal in its leadership training, is partly to provide leadership training opportunities.
      You are not signed up to FOF yet.