Texas Classes are Full

Force on Force (FoF) Team Tactics – Ultimate Training Munitions
October 27, 2015
Texas Classes: Night Firing (NODF)
October 30, 2015

The February 2016 Classes in Texas have now filled up.

For those that are booked, I know that I have not yet sent out the class information packets. We are updating what we had for last year, and will send them out prior to Christmas. In the meantime, any questions please ask me.

We are planning on having the pop-up Ivans there this year, for use on some of the training (not all). The shields are under construction that will allow me to place them out as necessary, without digging target pits. Remember, no penetrator-style ammo!

I was asked a question about UTM ammo and FoF for Texas. We shall see. It is not really in the scope of these classes. It also lacks utility beyond 50 meters, and ranges are long on most of the training area in Texas. There is potential scope during part of the patrol phase on the patrol class, but we shall see if is a go for that or not. Probably not.



  1. texasfredericbastiat says:


    Can you verify that NODF will be offered?

    • Max Velocity says:

      Its not planned for at this time. Do I have interest?

      • shooter says:

        I’ll bring two PVS-14’s, helmets, and a couple of carbines set up with lasers. Was planning to bring for the patrol class anyway. NODF sounds great to me, if enough students want to do it.

  2. AgingDrifter says:

    NODF will admittedly make CTT/CP a bit longer for us elderly, but yes it would be very much appreciated. Hell, I’ll even bring my running dog lackey ARs instead of my glorious people’s AKs.

  3. Justin says:

    I’d be interested in an opportunity to run NODF.

  4. Justin says:

    Curious about land Nav theory too. I know a course wouldn’t fit but maybe a night theory session? Possible? Interest?