Student Review: Combat Team Tactics August: ElProf
October 22, 2015
Student Review: 6 Day combined CTT / CP: Rhino11
October 26, 2015


Let’s establish the ground rules or basic assumptions for this post:
1) You are a Liberty minded supporter of Freedom. You will never bend the knee to Tyranny. You would rather live free and die hard than EVER submit. They can hurt you, capture you, and kill you but they can never bend you to their will.
2) You have trained to fight, you have learned tactical light infantry skills, in order to be able to effectively operate as a member of a team. You are part of a tactical team in an SHTF or Resistance environment.
3) You have worked hard on your physical fitness. There is no excuse, bar injury or illness. If you are obese and unfit, it is a symptom of weakness in your mind.
“Pain is the feeling of weakness leaving the body.'”
“Sympathy is found, in the dictionary, somewhere between shit and syphilis .”
“The effective range of an excuse is zero meters.”
Having established that, lets get down to business:
If you have read any of my writings, or attended my training, you will know that the point of the tactics I teach is to win, and survive. I will never advocate throwing your life away with stupid tactics or pointless heroics. That is why I teach break contact drills, and in the assault I favor use of the flank with effective support by fire, as examples.
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  1. Doug says:

    It can never be said enough Max. Just what I always needed to hear.