React to Contact: Solid Drills to Keep You Alive

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October 19, 2015
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October 22, 2015

I wrote a post back in May on ‘Combat Rifle – Solid Basics to Keep You Alive’ and it would be worthwhile you reading that post in conjunction with this one. The purpose of this post is to really drill down on the procedures for your initial reaction to enemy contact.
Reaction to enemy fire is what I first concentrate on on my Combat Team Tactics weekend classes. I work on this at an individual level and then combine into buddy pairs and then four man teams for both offensive and break contact battle drills. However, at every level the reaction to contact is still a very individual drill, which you conduct whether on your own or surrounded by a team. It forms that initial reaction and the building block from which the rest of your individual and team drills will flow.
I teach the RTR drill. The purpose of this post is to focus down on that drill and also present you with a flow chart of sorts for how things may pan out.
R – Return Fire
T – Take Cover
R – Return Appropriate Fire
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  1. WTL says:

    In a situation where contact is put upon you (as a 2 or 4 man team), what is the likelihood that on or more may be hit? Theoretically, if from short to medium distance seems high? Would the CTT class benefit from drills that involved such a situation? I can see the blue screen now 😉

  2. Brae Jager says:

    This is a really excellent post. I often have to explain this to guys who get confused over whether to take cover or return fire first. The answer? Same thing that keeps Hillary Clinton inside her pantsuit: Depends.

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