Ammo Restrictions for Training

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September 24, 2015
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September 25, 2015

I have just updated the Class Information packet to restrict ammunition for classes to FMJ only.

So no: Penetrator, steel core, armor piercing, M855, tracer or similar.

Such ammo will cause damage to the ranges and electronic target systems. We have sustained some damage to the targets in the past due to rounds striking the target arm / hit sensor as the lip of the target pit has been shot away/through. Fixing target pits is a constant activity.

Also, in planning the upcoming Texas classes in February, and to provide a better mobile solution to MVT training, I am looking at solutions to utilize the electronic pop-up targets, without having the time to dig  multiple target pits at site. Solutions may involve some form of combination steel/sandbag shield, and penetrator style ammunition will be restricted due to the serious risk of damage to the target if the shield is penetrated.





  1. W says:

    Just bought 3000 rds. last month; 62 gr PMC for the Texas class. Oh well.
    What’s now required 55gr?

    • Max Velocity says:

      If it’s penetrator M855 green tip then you can’t use it. If it’s 62 gr FMJ you can. You should be using cheaper 55 gr anyway as training ammo, and saving M855 for game day.
      I’m not sure I understand the question?

      • Max Velocity says:

        If it’s green tip M855 why would you buy it to use in a class?

        • W says:

          It was PMC xtac; I think it is penetrator. and was the only round my BCM would shoot worth a darn of the dozen or so I’ve tried. I got it on sale for just a little more than the 55gr.
          I’ll make sure I’ve no penetrator for the class. Thanks. And thanks for the “free chicken” all this while.

  2. Diomedies says:

    I’m surprised you did not ban steel case……

    • Stinger says:

      I think you are missing the point…The point is to avoid damaging Max’s targets by using penetrating rounds (M855, etc). I don’t think Max gives a shit about the quality of ammo you use (maybe i’m wrong). I sure hope steel case isn’t banned because its WAY more affordable than shooting brass and my rifle handles it just fine with little to no issues with stoppages. I hit steel plate at 650 yards with it.

      • Diomedies says:

        No I understand the point. Ask max his opinion on steel cased rounds….

        • Stinger says:

          Yea i’ve heard it :). I understand the reasoning behind choosing not to use steel case. For me it comes down to this: steel case performs very well in my rifle, so i’ll continue to use it since it saves a ton of money and brass ammo that I can save as reserve. If your rifle doesn’t run it well, then don’t use it. Simple.

  3. Palmetto says:

    What about 7.62/.308? Sounds like you may be moving toward a total ban on that. Doesn’t standard .308 FMJ surpass the penetration of M855?

    • Max Velocity says:

      No and no.

      Let’s not overcomplicate this.

      No penetrator ammo in any caliber. Standard FMJ, whatever grain, is OK in any caliber. Not .50!

  4. Mike Q says:

    Oh Man! I wanted to carry my Barrett .50 for CTT! 🙂

    I can do it! The rifle plus maybe 20 rounds ammo. I don’t need to carry nothing else… 🙂

  5. Fabio says:

    Regarding the Mobility Class, how about using carefully stacked logs as cover? Or maybe a local student has access to discarded railroad ties.

  6. Michael jordan says:

    To protect target bases I have a couple of methods. I use a angled forward piece of steel with chunk of log in front of it, to catch spall. Also a tire filled with dirt or gravel works pretty good. i hope this helps.

  7. Yes, most places with AR-500 targets, and electronic “spring back” tend to prohibit M855. It wears out the target system. try Freedom munitions 55 grain fmj. High quality American mfg. Save the M855 for the real deal.