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September 23, 2015
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September 24, 2015

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There is an article posted over at WRSA today: ‘Militia AAR.‘ Good stuff, I am more than happy to see folks training, and also coordinating training. Up front; I see the use of the Helo, although cool, as a bit of a stunt, a distraction, but oh my wouldn’t I like to get my hands on a group so I could train them in air mobility operations…..if they had the asset available on a permanent basis.

There is some sensitivity in the post itself due to recent attacks on the ‘militia’ – mainly in articles on WRSA itself, I may add. There are also some comments in the comments section that I would like to address. OutlawPatriot says:

Reality check. Trainers have to disavow militia in any shape, matter or form. They will come up with novel names, NPT’s CUTT’s, whatever, but at the end of the day, they’re training f*cking militiamen. What they’re trying to do is cover their ass by calling us something else in order to have plausible deniability.

A bit disingenuous I think, but I understand. They’re just looking for cover because it’s gonna be their asses that’s gonna get jumped on first. Frankly, I’m surprised it hasn’t happened already.

So call me whatever the f*ck you want. But I am an American Militiaman. My history is long and proud. If you don’t want my money because of that, I could(‘nt) care less.

OutlawPatriot trained at MVT back in what are now the dinosaur days of the two-day CRCD class, before the current three-day Combat Team Tactics (CTT) class and all the improvements to the ranges, weapons manipulation training, square ranges etc. OP: when are you coming back, for CTT and Combat Patrol? Bring a team up from Florida?

Given the use by OP of the term CUTT (Citizen Unconventional Tactical Team), which is an MVT term, I guess I am included in that statement? But I don’t disavow the term militia for any reason to do with worries about plausible deniability. Yes, I do have issues with some groups calling themselves ‘Militia’ who have terrible training and fitness standards (or lack of) but I would rather they did something about it, by getting fit and trained.

No, at the end of the day, I am a professional trainer, and I respond to standards, or the effort made to achieve them.

There is no plausible deniability over militia-named groups. It is simply that the mission of MVT is to keep good folks alive in the coming uncertain times. I am not an exclusive militia-group trainer. Most of the students through my classes do not claim to be part of a militia, although some do. That is fine. Those calling themselves militia are merely a sub-set. I am concerned with the tactical training of all motivated and prepared armed citizens.

This is why I use the term CUTT: because it describes what we are about. The CUTT is a specifically organized form of tactical team that is designed to conduct security and patrolling operations. See the Operations Tab (<<<<<LEFT) for more information on this.

So, call yourself what you want. I provide tactical training for survival in uncertain times, and will train you as a CUTT, not as a ‘militia.’

Now, concerning mobility training, I will be in Texas in February 2016 and I still have spaces on the 5 day Combat Team Tactics / Mobility Class.

I am more than happy to train groups, for private group training, in mobility and air-mobility skills. The way I work it is that before I do anything more advanced live-fire, I put you through the 3 day Combat Team Tactics Class. That is the baseline basic training class. I do that to get everyone up to a safe level. Anything else without CTT preceding it would be simply consultancy / blank fire training and would not provide the benefit of building on the CTT baseline. Because sadly, I see far too much “You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know” out there, even if you do have some vets among the group. Training standards are simply low, and it is my aim to raise them. Your mileage, and high-speedness, may vary!

If you want standards, you can train for the MVT Rifleman Challenge:


  1. Bergmann says:

    I think there is too much preoccupation with labels. Just call it what it is or it can simply be used again you later. IMO its no different then some political parties inventing softer titles to fool those who can be fooled. You’re just going to have to defend two titles later in the propaganda war. You can call an apple an orange all day long and its still going to be an apple and people will know.

    I think about these folks in Mexico when they stood up to the tyranny of the Cartels. I doubt for one second they stood around worrying about what they would be called by the media or their neighbors.

    Some of the kit these folks used was fukn WWI in nature and worse. Some modern but they used what they could get. These are MILITIA. Take notes. Nothing tacticool about them. Its obvious they had citizenry support.

    Aside from the Mexican militia groups, one of the first rules of a successful guerrilla campaign is to counter enemy propaganda to garnish support of the citizenry. Don’t lie, it will come back to you. If you want to be a militia, say you’re a militia. As to counter propaganda, I have never seen much of this done by any “militia”. (other then some picking up trash and adopting highways.) Generally they are more worried about dressing up in the latest and great to show their shit off..

    IMO the money spent flying around in a chopper for awesome pictures would have been better spent on public relations that later would have maybe gotten financial donations and/or material support later when real support is needed. It was a missed opportunity. Shooting and direct actions are the last step. They’ve gone backwards while their perceived enemy has taken it all the way to the cusp of the last step. I think the deck has been stacked against progression and attracted attention unnecessarily..


    (Disclaimer this is not aimed at MVT. He does his own thing and rightfully so for the right reasons.)

  2. ChocolateMilk says:

    We struggled for some time to create a realistic standard. Some suggestions made things far too easy, and the lack of including physicalfitness as part of that standard raised flags. Enter the MVT Rifleman Challenge. It has provided a baseline of all things that encompass soldiering. I, for one, can care less about the name we go by. I know who I am and what I stand for, and why I do the things I do. Look forward to seeing you next year.