Class Discounts: Keep an eye out!!!

The Fear of Training Failure / The MVT Training Progression
September 11, 2015
September 14, 2015

I’m going to get all commercial on you with a couple of ongoing new polices / deals:

Alumni Classes: When I have last minute places on Alumni classes (Combat Patrol and Citizen Close Combat at this time), I’m going to put up a notice in the alumni forum (only in the alumni forum, for these alumni only classes). It’ll be for a certain number of slots, discounted, to fill remaining  spaces. First come first serve emails in my inbox gets it (followed by immediate online payment to confirm after I get back to you and let you know you got the slot). Keep an eye on the alumni forum for this and other offers!

Early Bird Discounts:

  • Combat Team Tactics & Combat Patrol in the last two months of the year (November & December 2015) I am offering a $100 discount to bring these 3 day $600 classes down to $500, but only if paid in full by the 30th September 2015. Email me in advance to check space available.
  • Citizen Close Combat: This 2 day class @ $400 will be discounted to $300 for November / December 2015, but only if paid in full by 30th September 2015.

Good news?



  1. Robert says:

    Good news?

    Hell to the yeah!!!!

    Awesome deal. Considering the fact that in 8 classes I’ve been to up there EVERY ONE of them has been full, I’d say people need to get booking quick!!!

  2. StarvinLarry says:

    Real good news.

    Do you know when you will be offering a land nav course again?

    That’s one I want/need to take next time it’s offered-among several others.
    My map and compass skills were learned for hunting purposes,finding my way back to camp,finding my way to a certain area the next drainage over from camp,etc.
    We used to get topo maps from the U.S.forest service via snail mail,can’t recall at the moment if the were USGS maps,likely were,but there were no grid squares on them.
    Never learned the military grid system of navigation. I can find my way to and from a location marked on a map,just don’t know how to use the grid system.
    I’ve read about it,get the purpose,get the concept-but reading about it,and going out in the field and doing it are two very different things.