Update / Clarification on Discount Policy

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July 13, 2015
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July 15, 2015

I’ve had a few payments come through that have been wrongly discounted, and also some attempts to stack multiple offered discounts so that I would in effect be training them for the price of a 6 count pack of chicken nuggets.

Here is clarification and a couple of updated offers on the discount policy:

BLUF: you are not going to get more than $100 off a 3 day class, and $50 off a 2 day class. However, I am offering new parent / child and married couple discounts, in order to  encourage ‘whole family participation.’

Link to the Class Payment & Information Page


Alumni: For repeat classes only: $100 off a 3 day tactical class (i.e. CTT / CP = $500 rather than $600). $50 off a 2 day tactical class (i.e. C3: $350 rather than $400).

Parent / Child Discount: $100 each off a 3 day tactical class (i.e. CTT / CP). $50 each off a 2 day tactical class (i.e. C3).

Married Couple Discount: $100 each off a 3 day tactical class (i.e. CTT / CP). $50 each off a 2 day tactical class (i.e. C3).

MVT will also offer other published discounts from time to time, such as “Summer’ or ‘Winter” discounts on classes.

Only 1 offered discount can be applied per class. You cannot stack discounts. Examples:

  • Alumni Discount.
  • Specific Class Discount i.e. ‘Summer Discount.’
  • Group Discount.
  • Parent & Child Discount.
  • Married Couple Discount.

Some classes are not discountable:

  • Land Navigation
  • MVT Rifleman Challenge (already discounted).

The price model for MVT Tactical Classes is  $200 per person per day.

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