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June 17, 2015
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June 22, 2015

I’m going to put some thoughts down related to the tactical training we offer at MVT. This has come about because I have begun to think that some out there are starting to get the impression that we are teaching something a little too ‘extreme’ (as in extreme sports, not extremism!) Perhaps something a little too hard, or a little too ‘military,’ or not needed for what most ‘preppers’ think will be necessary should a collapse some about.

Well, I’ll start by saying that I am very proud of where we are as a training school. We have taken combat proven tactics, gained via a wealth of training and experience among the cadre, and translated them to a civilian use. We teach a mix of ‘old school’ and current proven methods to give you what we believe you need, not what an FM-reading armchair commando thinks you need.

And this is where we need to put it all into perspective. I originally started down this training path by preparing for uncertain times myself. That led me to decide to pass on some of my own training and experience by writing the manual ‘Contact! A Tactical Manual for Post-Collapse Survival.‘ The existence of the book inevitably led to requests for training. Faced with that, I decided that I wanted to be able to bring the training the right way, how I wanted it to be delivered, at a high quality level, so I purchased 100 acres of land in West Virginia and ran the first class back in May 2013. In over 2 years the school has evolved, grown and improved, with great changes to the ranges and class offerings. At some point during this period, I decided to give up my day job and make a go of it full time, in order to make the school available to those who want to train.

Contact! A Tactical Manual for Post Collapse Survival

From the start, the mission in my mind was always along the lines of providing information and training ‘in order to keep the good folks alive.’ However, the offerings at MVT are a little different from the normal, and some who only know ‘tacticool’ training needed to get their heads around this. This is real live fire combat training tailored to the needs of a civilian audience and designed for potential uncertain times ahead.

Of course,  with what I do, MVT  was picked up by various websites and publicized, which helped get the word out, but it wasn’t necessarily what I wanted, or with the associations that I wanted. Why? Because this training is aimed at what you may need to keep yourself and your loved ones alive in future uncertain times. It is not political, or religious, or about anarchy or civil disorder. It’s not about ‘revolution’ or ‘anarchy.’ It is about ‘keeping the good folks alive.’ Yes, I am about Liberty and such, and I have posted about this. Bottom line, I believe in the Constitutional Republic. The rest is just political madness on the internet as far as I am concerned. Just politics and talk.

I believe we face uncertain times. We are vulnerable to a multitude of threats. Anything that threatens the grid threatens life as we know it. War, cyber-attack, economic collapse, encroaching tyranny,  social turmoil, in whatever order or relationship you wish to put them. Maybe soon, maybe in 5 or 10 years, who knows? You can read about that here:

Patriot Dawn: The Resistance Rises

The trouble with tactical training as offered at MVT is that many either:

1) Don’t see the need for it i.e. don’t know what they don’t know.

2) Don’t think it is the ‘right’ training because they have been sold on the necessity for only ‘tacticool’ square range training.

3) Are intimidated for a number of reasons, such as the woods, lack of fitness, fear of failure or embarrassment etc.

I mean, if we really look at this, most of this comes down to fear of an ego bruising, and the fact that our society is woefully physically unfit. Well, MVT is not there to bruise your ego, it is there to train you, and if you wish to stand a better chance of surviving a collapse, you need to be as fit as you can be.

The other side is that the ‘tacticool’ trainers have a good scam going on the American Civilian, and they don’t want that to be rumbled. It is worth too much money to them, to have you ‘driving your AR’ stood in front of targets on a square range, and occasionally doing a bit of ‘blue barrel stuff’ to make you think it is tactical training. You know, all that’pew pew’ stuff. That is mostly just weapon handling and shooting and does not progress naturally to actual tactical training. And in fact, even the weapon handling is flawed, as we see when guys get ‘out in the wild’ on the tactical ranges at MVT and it suddenly doesn’t seem so easy now, like when it was easy just stood there on the square range.

As Americans, these are not things that should turn us away from training. We need to be better than that.

This is one of the reasons that I have added the new class ‘Civilian Close Combat,’ which is a two day square range based class that covers the best practice for anyone who is concerned about having to protect their home or fight anywhere around it, such as perhaps a suburban neighborhood. It is running your rifle, fire positions, rifle to handgun transitions, cover, high threat room entry and clearance and all that good stuff. The first class is offered on July 11/12.



Civilian Close Combat can be taken by anyone who is not fully confident of going straight onto Combat Team Tactics, or who wants to bring other less confident members of their team. It is in itself a great skill builder and I recommend it for anyone seeking to remain current, even if you have already taken Combat Team Tactics.  I see the close combat class as a confidence/skill builder and feeder to the more demanding classes that take place out in the woods on the tactical ranges.

At MVT we always strive for excellence in our offerings and instruction. This has led us to offer classes such as the MVT Rifleman Challenge. This is to offer those who strive for improvement and excellence a goal to work towards, both in their tactical skills and physical fitness. A challenge and a motivator. It is not to push people away with elitism, or tell anyone that they are not good enough. At MVT we strive to encourage students to improve both their tactical skills, and their physical fitness, and we allow for that and compensate for it in order to help people reach those goals. We are not creating an elite resistance force in the woods! We are offering carefully thought out training aimed at a number of skill and fitness levels in order to “keep the good folks alive.’ What I encourage is the forming of teams and communities and the ability to provide mutual support in times of crisis.

‘Into the Woods’ – a post on the utility of tactical training outside of ‘the woods’ where it takes place.

Whether or not you choose to take advantage of this training, get out of your comfort zone, and make improvements, is up to you. We can provide the water, but we can’t lead the horse to it, or make it drink! We cannot provide the fighting spirit or intestinal fortitude, we can only provide an environment suited to its growth, and encourage you towards it.

What I want you the reader, the potential student, to understand, is that coming to MVT is not to enter a maelstrom of elitism and extreme tactical/physical undertakings. We offer courses at all levels and physical ability, and only hope that once you see the need for more fitness, you pursue that course and come back for more.

A read of the student reviews will help you to understand this.

We also offer tailored tactical fitness training plans:


A little more on the ‘politics’ that we see out there on numerous Patriot/Prepper/Survivalist websites: As far as anarchy and Constitution hating goes, one thing is certain, and that is that if we do have a collapse, we will be unwittingly thrown into anarchy and chaos. Not because it is what we want, but because it will result. In that event, it will be upon us to rebuild, to build sustainable communities and attempt to return to civil society and common law.

Now, it is true that the country is in a very bad state in terms of encroaching tyranny, general craziness, and messed up ‘liberal’ thinking. The sad thing is that it is as a result to this that we may end up in a collapse. We are, after all, broke. But, keep your politics out of it. I’m not a Democrat, or a Republican, or a ‘law and order’ conservative (the enablers of tyranny), or a theocrat, or an anarchist. The sad fact is that the only way out of the current situation may be for it to collapse. It appears many on the left want it to collapse, in order to bring in their vision of communism etc. ‘Law and order’ conservatives will stand by as the left brings in more tyranny, for ‘safety.’ Many ‘prepper’ types also want it to collapse, in order to have a reset. It seems to be the only way to purge society of the loony left. After all, none of them are armed or prepped in any way, which is sort of amusing and justice all at the same time.

However, whichever side of this equation wants collapse, it is easy to plan to ride the tiger, but not so easy to actually do so. Unless you are trained and prepared, have team, have organization, have community, then who is to say you will survive? Who is to say any sort of ordered society will result? What about foreign powers watching us eat ourselves alive and then stepping into the vacuum? What about organized collective bad guys going around killing off the good guys? The anarchists among us will never organize as they wail that “you are not the boss of me”, so they will either die off or survive just because they were overlooked in the woods, but they will never help anyone rebuild. Because they are all about themselves, and extreme individualism, not about any sort of civil society.

So, just be careful about this collapse thing. It may be that a reset is the only way out of this mess, because the politicians will not fix it themselves. But if it is, in whatever form the collapse takes, and whatever form the tides of war take, what is to say that any of us will survive it?




  1. Bergmann says:

    I dont think ppl have any delusion or misconceptions about the training you offer. IMO its pretty strait forward. In fact I think its just the opposite. However with that being said, I think you have delved into a pool that’s very shallow in terms of who is serious and who is not. 90% simply are not. Fb posturing and talking shit is much easier. I think what you’re seeing and feeling is a clearer view and understanding of the survival community as a whole. To most folks survival, tactics, and preparation is a hobby and just a good idea to be discussed around a case of beer or an excuse to spend money on the weekend buying useless shit to stack in their gear spot for feel good reasons…Its just how it is. …..

    As I like to say “if training is no guarantee of survival or success, imagine what inaction will bring you”… Fuk em..


    (BTW my site and videos are off line because photobucket sucks)

  2. RobRoySimmons says:

    I’ve followed your efforts since your old website, and I don’t think for a second you have lead people on with that elite snake eater shit. Closest thing to fantasy you wrote was static line jumping onto the Mall in DC. OK sure.

    Just curious, would you let CCC participants watch a little bit of CTT?

    • Max Velocity says:

      C3 will not have much time to fart about, with that is being taught, but if they were complete on Sunday afternoon they could watch the squad attack. Hearing it form over the hill is just about good enough though!

  3. Anne says:

    We’ve got most of our 80 house neighborhood on board, we have a CP and a backup CP, an SOI, patrol routes, RPs, a neighborhood PT program and a neighborhood monthly range and tactics trip.

    And I’m an anarchist and on the leadership committee, and our neighborhood command was a sergeant major in the Army. I have no problem following him as he’s got more experience leading men than I. I believe in rightful liberty and won’t force my vision of it on anyone or try to tax them, and our leadership team shares that vision.

    People that won’t or can’t follow others voluntarily aren’t anarchists, they’re just assholes who won’t last two weeks.

    • Max Velocity says:

      Sounds impressive. When are you sending your core tactical group for training at MVT? And don’t say you already have it squared away with that monthly range trip – ‘cos I’ll just tell you ‘you don’t know what you don’t know.’

      • Anne says:

        Can’t wait to come to your classes, Max. :). You’re right of course, you don’t know what you don’t know.

        Do all 40 some houses out of 80 know all the details of the full plan? No, but we bring them in gradually per their level of interest and commitment. 40 some houses is the number of houses that we have connected to the leadership, that we have skills lists of, and that have expressed their commitment to help and protect the neighborhood in an event.

        Are we some elite be all end all survival group? Of course not. But we’re doing the best we can and trying to get better.

    • Bergmann says:

      You’re an “Anarchist” on a leadership counsel..? Is that the same as a Communist for individual liberty or The Brady Foundation for Gun Rights??

      As was stated earlier.. Some ppl dont even know they dont know..

      This might help..


      • Anne says:

        Sigh. *Again*, anarchists have no problems leading or following, as long as the relationship is voluntary.

        If you want, you can call us “voluntarists”.

        • Max Velocity says:

          Or perhaps what you really mean is Free Americans living under Rightful Liberty?

          • Anne says:

            I have no problem with that.

            To refine what I said, “Anarchists/voluntarists that won’t work with others because they believe even voluntary hierarchies are evil aren’t anarchists, they’re just idiots and assholes and will get themselves killed.”

            Community and working together voluntarily under a shared vision is extremely important, and I’m OK with Rightful Liberty as a shared vision.

            However, many who put themselves under the banner of “Rightful Liberty” are really quite obsessed with collecting taxes, being the local warlord, eliminating gays, and extirpating teh Joooos, and as soon as they get a plurality of force, they will do so.

            If I can’t take my land and secede to either a neighboring group or become my own ala the Irish tuaths, that’s not Rightful Liberty, that’s still just slavery with a pretty name.

          • Max Velocity says:

            I’m sorry, but eliminating anyone, or war lording over anyone, is not the exercise of rightful Liberty. Such also with theocrats.

            However, the reality is that to have a ‘country’ you need limited government, and you need some taxes. That is what the founders intended. Anything else is pure fantasy. You need to be able to enforce common law to allow rightful Liberty to work, otherwise simply the strongest rule.

            Much of this anarchy/voluntarism simply loses sight of any worldly realities.

            Otherwise, is what you really mean pure communism? Which of course never works either.

        • Bergmann says:

          You’re confused and talking in circles. I smell intrusive hideous foulness of a Liberal troll looking to pek a fight, or just a really confused individual who’s clueless to the point of oblivion. Or perhaps you’re someone who’s been convinced by a mega-ego bullshit artist that you’re part of some master elite survival community. Beware of the morbidly demented and nefarious personalities who conspire to obtain greatness on the backs of the uninformed and naive..

          Fist-I call BS on this 80 house neighborhood Battle Broom brigade. Its just doesn’t exist. Well, It can happen when they ride into battle on Unicorns fueled by Unobtainium crystals, but that’s it..

          Second-if you’re indicative of the command cadre this guy has mustered, you’re well and truly in a bad way. His judgment needs measuring for accuracy and function. Reading your post here I wouldn’t follow you to the Pepto isle at the drug store after eating from a Tijuana roadside burrito stand.

          Third- being a Soldiers/military does not automatically qualify anyone to run untrained and acclimated civilians-nor does it qualify anyone to be a survival group leader. Its like Saying a Judge can run a SWAT team because he’s in the legal field…

          Fourth- When you’re in an opening visible leader ship role you dont go around calling people “assholes”..

          You’re a liberal and you dont even know it. Or a Communist and too cowardly to admit it here….. “freedom for all and Ill make sure it’s so”.. Hows that? By sneaky tyranny? By the gun? Social Justice? Beat down brigades?

          The point of real freedom is to first free your mind so the rest makes sense.

          Go away..


          • Max Velocity says:

            Bergmann: delivering salvoes from the Alaskan wilderness…

            I’m still waiting for an answer on when they are sending their tactical leadership to MVT for training.

            Or perhaps they already have that handled?

          • Bergmann says:

            We both know how this story starts and finishes.

            Besides that it costs a lot to feed, fuel and maintain Unobtainium powered Unicorns..


  4. Anne says:

    Should have said “those that won’t work with others voluntarily aren’t anarchists, they’re just assholes.”

  5. Easy says:

    Maybe I am a pessimist, but, based on what is happening all round us, I don’t know why you don’t have a waiting list a mile long hoping for a cancellation so they can get in and train. The time is short.

    The snowball/train wreck headed down the slippery slope that is the world today has picked up speed so rapidly that I don’t believe it can be stopped. The wheels are coming off.

    Get ready.

  6. WTL says:

    As usual Bergmann nailed it. Though 90% may be generous. Only 22% of Americans own a firearm. Of those, about 50% are democrat/independents. I’d cancel them out. (yeah, reality) That leaves about 34M Americans aged 21+ who are not democrat or independent who own firearms. When you cull the fudds, basement dwellers and non-economic contributors what are you left with – say 3% (and that’s being generous)? Thats about 1M people spread across this great land. And yet, about a dozen people train per Max’s class (not counting repeats).

    This is a marketing problem. The potential client base is plenty big enough. But if you added up all the people getting tactical training of one flavor or another in a year I’ll bet it would be a few thousand people. Yet the left has perfected the marketing of their “I got mine” society – millions buy into that.

    I don’t know what the answer is – but it’s not the availability of quality training that’s for sure.

    The onus can’t be on Max or his peers – they are relatively few and with limited means of communication. It’s on us, the civilians, to recruit like-minded people to take this stuff seriously. To walk the walk. As patriots the responsibility for filling the ranks must be ours.

    If we fail at this all our individual training will be for naught.

  7. ApoloDoc says:

    Max, although your post is right on the money, it saddens me that it even had to be written. It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to see where things are headed. Prepping is “in” for an increasingly large segment of the population. Plenty of folks getting armed. The problem is that they are concerned about being attacked by pieces of paper/cardboard 25 yds away. That MUST be the reason they spend lots of money firing thousands of rounds at those really awesome highspeed tacticool schools 😉

    When I first came across your blog I immediately grasped your concerns and proposed solutions. I came to play in the snow and had so much fun I returned to freeze my tail off a month later. Its been a year and a half ago, now. Time moves quickly…

    I have talked to a number of people who were very interested in what you are teaching, and yet they don’t follow up. No action. Sit and wait. That seems to be the national past time at this point.

    Hopefully within a few months I will bring a group of 4 of us to come train. Although that sounds positive, it is actually pretty pitiful when you get right down to it! I am not getting any younger, but will still wear out some of the young people!

    As far as the ‘anarchist/volunteerist’ approach: that can work for a handful of people. Anything larger is not stable in the long-term due to human nature. Too many selfish people and some rules are necessary. I don’t like rules…but they are necessary for us to function in medium to large sized groups.

  8. Diz says:

    Well, after coming out and actually training with you, I feel qualified to comment on this shit. There is no doubt in my mind you have the best program out there right now. This is no bullshit; just a fact. I’m not even going to go into what all these other dudes are doing.

    That being said, as others have alluded to, I think that the majority of folks are gonna have to get this shit, OJT, after the balloon goes up. Probably not the best way to do it, but, for a variety of reasons, that’s what’s gonna happen.

    I have read many threads on this stuff. All sorts of reasons why guys and gals can’t get out here and train. Some valid, most bullshit.

    And, I have read all sorts of political crap to justify people’s stand on things.

    You know, what it comes down to is real simple. In these uncertain times, you may need to defend yourself, or your loved ones.

    One of the best moves you can make right now is to get out to MVT and train. Period. End of story.

  9. Machine Gun Ken says:

    I’m with Diz, and Max.

    Just finished my first CTT about a month ago. My first “professional” firearm training of any type although I’ve been shooting for years.

    It was a real reality check!!! Not that I thought it would be easy, but just wow. As Max said, you don’t know what you don’t know, which is why I went. I did know that I “had” to go. Too much on the line to make any excuses at all. And when someone like Max, with his experience and expertise makes available to train you, you just do it.

    I’d been keeping my eyes out for a good year or two trying to find this type of training and had no luck. I found all the tacticool range type training, and even saw them at my local range but knew that wasn’t what I was looking for. After reading “Contact”, and finding out MVT existed, I think I dropped the book right then and went straight to the site to inquire about classes.

    I knew it was going to be unfamailuar. Uncomfortable. Out of my comfort zone. Exhausting. But you suck it the F up and be a man. If I can’t deal with 3 days during times of peace, how am I going to during times of unrest when people are shooting, kicking in doors, whatever it winds up being? I knew that I had to get this kind of training and MVT is if not the only, one of only maybe a couple that offer the “real” shit, and in my opinion the only training that is “really” worthwhile for an “oh shit, this is it” situation.

    It was perfect. Stressful. Satisfying. Intense. Educational, and every other kind of thing all rolled into one. There were times I wanted to quit. Times I was thinking what did I get myself into, evidently I’m an idiot. But you press on and press through and “get it”. Like Max said, this ain’t no tactical Disney land. Lol.

    I appreciate that they give a crap enough to pour their hearts and experience into training everyday normal civilians! So many training centers I found would only offer training to LE and ex Mil.

    In the hand to hand combat training I do, they work stress into the training, and whether on purpose or not at MVT, they do too. It is very important because “everything” changes when you introduce stress, pressure, etc. Fine motor skills diminish. You get tunnel vision (which could be deadly for bystanders or team mates), auditory exclusion, all kinds of things. It’s super important to train under these circumstances and get used to them because when someone is shooting back, your buddies/groups lives depends on you.

    We’re all bad asses in our own minds and have a tendency to have delusions that because we read this or watched this video 12 times on team movements, formations, peels, whatever, that when it comes go time we will just magically performs. It’ll be stellar… Not. I think the vast majority of MVT alumni can confirm. It’s only when you put your boots to moving and actually do it that it starts to actually take hold and become a part of you. And add live fire, real breathing human beings all around you that depend on you, shouted instructions in the midst of all of the controlled chaos, and your in for some real “in the shit” training.

    I am thankful that MVT is there. I am thankful that Max and his team believe in this country and the principles of liberty, and have went full time to bring their expertise to the good people of this country. To me it is discouraging that more people don’t value liberty enough to get off their asses, drop the excuses, and deal with the looming threats the way they should be dealt with… With training. It’s a little preposterous to me that so many threats can by laying clearly in plain view and people aren’t motivated enough to bother to drop the remote and do something about it when their very lives, the lives of others, and liberty are at stake. But, hopefully in their time, and before it’s too late. I guess we all wake up at our own time in some regards. I’m talking about those who have already woken up and still choose to not take action.

    I will be back, and probably get yelled and screamed at, make mistakes, but more importantly gain more skill and proficiency.

    I have two so far that are planning on returning with me in the fall hopefully. MVT is a must. Period. End of story. Don’t question it. Drop every excuse. So what your old (I’m 50, at least one in the class if not two were 60+), young, fat, skinny, poor (but have 39 rifles… Sell 33 of them), live too far (I’m from Florida, and one guy drove from Montana!). Just do it!

  10. Diz says:

    MGKen: I have to commend you for hanging in there and pushing through the training. You have an excellent martial arts background but as you found out, sometimes that doesn’t have dick to do with it. It took a lot of sack, and a lot of heart to drive on through difficult training. I admired your attitude, in that you didn’t take it personally, but strove to learn by your mistakes, rather than getting all butt-hurt about it.

    Good on ya. Look forward to seeing you there again.

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