Class Added: Civilian Close Combat (C3)

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June 12, 2015
*NEW CLASS*: Civilian Close Combat: CQB Fundamentals
June 15, 2015

This is a two day class designed for the beginning and intermediate level shooter, but appropriate for all levels. The goal of Civilian Close Combat (C3) is to  give you the essential skills for defense of yourself and your loved ones in varied tactical environments. It will give you an excellent grounding in the skill sets required for a varied home defense environment. It is a primer for more advanced classes such as Combat Team Tactics

This is the course for those who want to better be able to defend themselves and their loves ones from potential threats in an uncertain environment. It is conducted on the square range and is not overly strenuous. It is an ideal class for those who are concerned about potential home defense situations in and around the home environment,  It is encouraged that you attend the class with whoever you feel may be your most likely fellow shooter in a home defense environment, such as your spouse, children, neighbors or other relatives.

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Day 1:
  • Safety and muzzle awareness
  • Combat mindset and stress effects
  • Check zero
  • Malfunction clearance / combat reload / tactical reload
  • Firing positions
  • Use of cover & concealment: theory and practice: urban/ rural /mixed environments.
  • Reaction to contact RTR Drills

Day 2:

  • Urban shooting positions
  • Support side shooting
  • Rifle to handgun transitions
  • Pairs fire & movement
  • Intro to High Threat CQB: room entry and clearance.




  • Functioning, modern, magazine fed, center-fire rifle (ex. AR15 family of weapons, AK47 etc.)
  • Quality rifle sling (adjustable 2 point recommended)
  • Five (6) standard capacity magazines
  • Load / magazine carrying equipment i.e  battle belt, magazine pouches, chest rig, etc.
  • Modern, semiauto, service size handgun from a reputable manufacturer (Glock, SIG, Springfield, Smith & Wesson, etc.)
  • Quality hip or thigh holster (works with you load carrying equipment)
  • Three (3) standard capacity magazines (more if you bring a single stack handgun)
  • Ability to carry at least two reloads on your person (battle/duty belt, magazine pouch, etc.)
  • Ear protection (electronic is preferred)
  • Eye protection
  • Notebook
  • Water source
  • Seasonally appropriate clothing
  • Positive attitude and an open mind




Approximately 100 Rounds for the Pistol.

Approximately 800 Rounds for the Rifle.

COST: $400






  1. G.W.N.S. says:

    Great name! 🙂

  2. K says:


  3. BBQ'd says:

    I know there are those out there that still have safety concerns with this type of training. Having taken the ol’ CRCD course I can add to those who compliment Max and his team on the focus on safety they bring to these courses. If my and many others affirmations of the safety factor are not convincing a quick run of some numbers will tell you that well over ONE MILLION ROUNDS have been fired down range since Max started this training without a single injury from gun fire.

    That my fellow patriots is a testament in and of itself.


  4. Pineslayer says:

    A much needed course and great introduction to your school.

    You sir are a true American.