Texas 2016 Update: CTT/Patrol Full

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June 1, 2015
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June 1, 2015

Quick Update:

The upcoming Feb 2016 6 Day CTT/Combat Patrol class in Texas is looking like it is full, pending actual receipt of all deposits I have been told are in the mail. So please email me before putting a check in the mail, to check current availability. So at most we will have one or two spots left.

The Feb 2016 5 Day CTT / Mobility class running the week before is still wide open. This is the same class that I ran last February.

So: why is the 6 Day Patrol version so popular this time? Were people not so enthused about the mobility aspect last time, but just wanted the opportunity to train in SUT (and got a lot of additional training on top of CTT both with vehicles and on foot during the mobility 2 days)?

Do I have to convert to CTT / Mobility version and run two CTT / Patrol classes due to demand?

We do still have 8 months!


Here is the video from last years CTT / Mobility class:




  1. texasfredericbastiat says:

    The CTT/Mobility class was great, I learned a bunch. Combat Patrol class seems to be the next step, and a good option to take. I’m trying to get scheduling lined out and will then re-check with you and put the deposit in the mail. If it fills up before then I’d definitely be interested in converting the first class into a second combat patrol

  2. The Fish says:


    Just saw the bulletin about the CTT/combat patrol filling up. I’m hoping my name is on the tentative roster (per our email exchange and pending good funds), and will have a check headed your way shortly.

    FWIW, I am interested in both combat patrol and mobility. Seems to me, with admittedly very limited personal experience, that both approaches have great value.

    That is to say, I think mounted/vehicle situations are likely considering most of our circumstances. I live near Austin, sadly for now, but even the good folks in rural Brady depend on their trucks for daily life. I would not expect that to change immediately, despite whatever difficulties are headed our way.

    Anyway, very interested in both and looking forward to it.

  3. Owl21 says:

    Mobility is a great class. Honestly, it is a primer and several more days could easily be spent just on some of the theory of mobile defense. We only touched the surface. What do you do in sudden traffic? Compact city streets? Rolling overwatch? Bounding vehicles? Appropriate spacing for various situations? Vehicle alignments for various situations, number and type of vehicles, and persons? If being chased by other vehicles? Trapped sections of a convoy? And on and on.

    Having taken the mobility class, I would prefer to take the Patrol Class to broaden my training. But I will take either one that is available once I get my schedule cleared up.

  4. voortrekker says:

    Dang it! I would have never believed the CTT/Patrol course would have filled so quickly. I was at the CTT/Mobility course last Feb in Brady. It was a great experience. My vote is in for 2 CTT/Patrol courses next Feb in Brady, in this case.