New: Training Calendar

TEAM: The Class Syndrome
May 29, 2015
PT: 12 Weeks to the Rifleman Challenge: Starts June 15!
June 1, 2015

New: Training Calendar – on the left menu, replacing the old handwritten one. HERE.

Let me know if it works / is an improvement.

Also, I get questions – particularly about my mailing address and how to pay for classes etc. If you have a moment please look over the class descriptions and the website and let me know which parts are / are not user friendly.

i.e. can you figure it out?

I know I don’t take credit cards, but I stopped that after my experience with PayPal. I may look into another option, so regrettably it is snail mail for now.





  1. jane says:

    What happened to the November patrol class? G & I were going to sign up for that one.

    Actually, I like the old calendar better — I could see the entire schedule at a glance. Now we have to wade through pages and pages – too many mouse clicks.

    What the old page needed was 2 things:

    — How do I sign up for a class, and
    — How do I pay?

    Those 2 things should have been prominent on the original page with the schedule. Some automation would be great, but as long as people don’t have to search for those 2 things, it is sufficient, IMO.

    • Max Velocity says:

      There shouldn’t be a missing class -I will check.

      There is a month calendar view option too right – did you see that? I can set that as the default page?

  2. jane says:

    Yes, I saw that. But I still have to page through all those months and look through all the calendar dates. I would like a simple list that I can glance at (and also cut and paste into an email to send to friends).

    • Max Velocity says:

      Ok, I put the original schedule back up where it was, for you old school types. There is a prominent link there to the new calendar, for those types, which I have also set as default to month view. I also added prominent link to the payment instructions, whcih will remain an option even if I do move to a credit card option as we move forward.

      Also put the November patrol back up!

  3. Josh says:

    I and some training buddies are looking at August or November for CTT.

    I think not taking credit cards online with the option for online signup is probably hurting business. I’m 30 and people my age and younger expect the option.

    It won’t stop me from training with you, but it may stop others.

    I run a small training company in Ohio, my site runs Stripe for credit cards and I am pleased with their service. Very easy to integrate to the site. Fees are low.

  4. jane says:

    Thanks…. it’s all about mouse clicks my friend…. I wonder how many people will want to wade through pages and of calendars, even it if is a cool plugin. Would be interesting to see the metrics of how many use the old format vs the new over time.

  5. Thomas says:

    I like the calendar. It helps me to understand where the classes during the week and over the month.

    You contact information and payment are clear.

  6. Weber says:

    I like the old school and new school versions. The old school version is nice for a quick overview of the class schedule but I also like the calendar view. I agree with Josh about the credit cards but I know taking credit cards is an added cost on your end. So while I prefer to pay with credit I can just as easily write a check and mail it in. I dislike paying a fee for credit card use but adding a nominal fee for those paying by credit could be an option.

  7. texasfredericbastiat says:

    Good calendar.