Oran (AKA ‘Shitbreak’) Sends: GROWTH
May 11, 2015
‘Ally’ Helmet Scrim Competition
May 11, 2015


All CTT and CP Classes June thru August are being offered with a $100 discount.

Standard course fees for a 3 day tactical live firing class are $200 per day, $600 total. With the discount, this will make the 3 day classes $500 for June, July, August only. There is currently space on classes for these 3 months.

Every year I get people worried about the heat. The great secret of the WV training site is that you train out of direct sunlight under the tree canopy. It can be baking out in the open, but in the live firing valleys and at the schoolhouse it really is not that bad at all.

Don’t forget, we also offer tailored Tactical Fitness Training Plans to get you physically up to speed for the training classes.

Combat Team Tactics (CTT)

Combat Patrol (CP)

Combined 6 Day CTT / Combat Patrol


Class Schedule


  1. TheChemist says:

    I went last year in the middle of August. Many students had to put on smocks in the morning, especially during the class portion. It was in the 40s one morning. I don’t think it got above 85 the whole time. The classroom is stocked with plenty of ice cold water, chairs, and shade. The weather was never a problem. I would have thought the summer would be the most popular.
    Sure as shit beats freezing your arse off in January!

  2. Robert says:

    Ditto what the chemist said.

    Was there last year in June and again Labor Day weekend. I was COLD in June- no kidding- and thankfully had a polypro beanie in my chest rig.

    I think the warmest it was during the Sept trip was 80’ish.

    CTT there is a considerable number of breaks, the schoolhouse is shaded. All you have to do is stay hydrated- drink water drink water drink water, pay attention and come with a learning attitude.

    Going back this June cause I’d rather sweat a little than freeze 🙂

    It’s really not that bad up there, especially if your used to southern climates.

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