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April 27, 2015
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April 30, 2015


A lot of the recent shitstorm on the forum was caused by the tongue in cheek use of the word ‘asshole’ in describing yours truly as part of a review of the April 6 Day Class by ‘Diomedes.’

This was seized upon by a small element of internet forum snipers in order to criticize the training that MVT offers. There is an example of this, and some great comments, in this thread on the forum. Seriously, go read through the comments. It’s not pretty, but it’s educational.

At time of posting, the final comment is by ‘Palmetto,’ here:

I’m going to throw my hat into the ring here because I believe I have some relevant info on this “Max is an a-hole” issue.

First, I was in the Combat Rifle class back in November which Gladius was moved to from CTT. I invite everyone to go back and read my AAR that I wrote on that class (Nov 2014). In that AAR I made it a point to write a paragraph just about how impressed I was with how Max and MVT went the extra mile to work with Gladius and do right by him. It impressed me to see the effort Max and MVT made in that situation. It was clear to me at that time that Max genuinely cared about the individuals who come to his training.

Secondly, I just finished spending the last three days training with Max taking the CTT course. When you spend three days of intensive training with Max it becomes quite clear that he is very far from being an a-hole.

But here’s the thing – when you come to MVT you are not paying Max to be your buddy or your pal; you are paying him to teach you how to survive combat. Let that sink in for a moment. COMBAT – that means life and death with people actively seeking to destroy you.

MVT is not a prepper fantasy camp; it’s a serious business teaching serious skills in a dynamic, live-fire environment. It takes tough men to have first acquired the skills in order to teach them and it takes tough men to maintain order, discipline and safety in an environment to teach those skills.

CTT is a physically demanding course. It’s tough. My lungs and thigh muscles were a poor match for the hilly terrain of WV and I slowed down quickly. Did Max berate me like an a-hole because my PT wasn’t up to snuff? No! But he didn’t coddle me either. Like a professional who knows his business and cares about his trainees, he knows how to gauge the capabilities and limits of his students and push them up to those limits but not beyond.

The bottom line? Max isn’t Martha Stewart but he isn’t Simon Cowell either. Max is exactly who you want to take training from for combat SUT tailored for civilian students. I’ll be posting a full AAR on my CTT experience soon.

So here’s the thing: some people seized upon the comment by ‘Diomedes,’ who is a cardiologist and far too clever for anyone else’s good, and tried to make it all about ME. It isn’t about ME. What is happening in these cases is (cue amateur psychology) is that some people are trying to make it about me as an excuse to not face the need for this training, and their potential, easily remedied, obstacles to taking it. Mainly lack of PT and intestinal fortitude. So it’s actually about THEM, and their perceived or actual failings. Mostly, just laziness and lack of commitment to training. Denial and normalcy bias.

I have to add that it worries me with all this talk about PT. I don’t want people, to get the impression that you need to be a PT stud to attend a class. Clearly, for your overall survival chances, being a PT stud is a good thing. However, I have had numerous unfit/overweight/ injured or whatever students through the classes. It is not so much about PT, although you will perform better the fitter you are, it is about HEART. and that is what all those less-than-fit students have shown, and they have benefited greatly from the training. They also find out that they need to do more PT!

At the April 6 Day class, ‘Diomedes’ discovered that I have never read Starship Troopers. So he sent me a copy in the mail, which I am currently reading. ‘On the bounce’ 😉

As a former paratrooper I feel I have a little affinity with the Mobile Infantry ‘boots’ in the book. In the paperback copy I have, pages 113-114 there is a letter from his former teacher, Mr. Dubois. I quote:

“So perhaps you will permit an older comrade to lend you the words, since it often helps to have discrete words. Simply this: The noblest fate that a man can endure is to place his own mortal body between his loved home and the war’s desolation.”

I believe this absolutely. Say what you will about ‘the tragedy’ of war – there is no greater purpose, no greater glory, for a man than to defend his home, his kith and kin, even if it results in his death. Particularly so. Motivate yourself to great deeds in defense of your beloved ones, and songs of your sacrifice will be sung down the generations. Or not: the most you can hope for is to be remembered by those you sacrificed for. Because it isn’t about you: it is about saving them.


Now, there is a continuum here, that will depend on your particular political beliefs/indoctrination or however you term it. Whether or not you believe in signing up for a national military and going abroad to fight enemies of the civilian government’s choosing, or whether you don’t, the bottom line is that this all stems from the same calling, and the very basis of this is the defense of your hall and family.

As a man (or woman) it is absolutely imperative that you have the tools, training and skills to defend your people. It has absolutely nothing to do with a formalized military, even though you may go there for training. It is a basic function of self defense and your job as an adult member of your family/ community. It is not a responsibility to be handed off the the police, or the State. When you do, it is all too easy to take that responsibility and capability away from you entirely, by disarming you and making you incapable of self defense. Whether by physically disarming you, or brainwashing your mind, you are gelded.


The MVT business model is not the norm. Don’t offer me business advice, because I am not listening.  You are not ‘customers,’ you are students. You will be put under stress at the appropriate times when undergoing tactical training. You will receive battle inoculation. The only ‘customer service’ that I am concerned about is that you are best prepared to do your job in defending your family: that I give you the best training that I can. I will not water it down for your fucking sensibilities, born of a modern corporate pussified culture.

You can train with me, you can train elsewhere, pick your poison. But you need to get a grip of yourself, throw off the mental chains and weakness of modern society, grasp your balls (women also)  and nut up for some training. Every single one of you needs to be as fit as you can be, as trained and prepared as you can be. There are no excuses and certainly no second chances. When it happens, it happens, and you can only look around you with your last breaths at whatever death the enemy has dealt out, as your vision fades to black.




  1. Diz says:

    Epic post!

    That’s probably the best summation of all this stuff you’re going to find.

    Either it makes sense and you plan and train accordingly, or not.

  2. Wes says:

    Ha! Ha! Funny!!!

    Sensitive people get on my nerves.

    “…born of a modern corporate pussified culture.” Therein lies the problem. Very well stated, Max.

    I once worked for a large chemical corporation and the first bit of training I was required to attend was “sensitivity training”.

    Max, maybe you should offer some de-sensitivity training?

    • Max Velocity says:

      We could sit around a campfire yelling at each other, calling each other names, drinking beer and eating rare steak.
      But that’s just normal, right?

  3. Palmetto says:

    Perfection. If people don’t understand after reading that then there’s probably nothing left to help them.

  4. Tom says:

    I, too, was in this past weekend’s CTT class. This was my 2nd time doing CTT, working up to be able to do the CP class later this year.

    +1000 to what Palmetto wrote. The training offered by MVT in my opinion fills a crucial void in the training available to those who would wish to be more prepared for whatever uncertainties life has in store for us. It’s not just the skills to do particular things, it’s the stress inoculation that you need. Anyone who’s ever had the classic nightmare about oversleeping for your high school chemistry final, running into the school and not being able to get your locker open because of shaking fingers, and generally spazzing (sp?) out, has already experienced what not being able to handle stress is – that’s why it’s literally a nightmare. Train hard, work on your ability to do physical things requiring thinking, dexterity, and movement under stress, and you’ll be much better able to do it if or when the time comes.

    That’s what MVT is about, in my opinion, tactical skills and being stress-innoculated enough to have a decent chance of being able to perform these skills under severe stress and pressure. If that’s important to you, you should consider training at MVT, and you should expect to leave your ego outside when you’re receiving this training. After experiencing Max’s training style on different occasions, I agree with Palmetto that any yelling Max might do is simply to help you get what you need to get out of the training.

    • CouchsurferAaron says:

      Very well said Tom. I’ll be sending you those pictures tonight from class as well.

  5. Hobbit says:

    Great blog post as usual Max. This to me at least sums up the reasons I am interested in attending your training. Just dont have the funds currently, should change with graduation occurring shortly though.

    I do have to wonder how some of those complaining about your methods would handle Mosby though. While I never got the impression that he is any worse then you are, he does seem to be a more in your face personality.

    Either way I do look forward to making to WV to train and learn what I dont know and better myself. Even if I do get yelled at in the process.

  6. shooter says:

    Max, I thank you for eloquently articulating something I have felt my whole life and not really been able to express. It answers the question I have been asked at least a thousand times: “Why aren’t you a soldier, Marine, or cop?”

    “there is no greater purpose, no greater glory, for a man than to defend his home, his kith and kin… It is a basic function of self defense and your job as an adult member of your family/community. It is not a responsibility to be handed off to the police, or the State.”

    Solid frickin gold.

  7. Diomedes says:

    People need to learn to read .
    My review was positive.
    Asshole in this context was not negative.
    Once again read the f€£king review.
    I will train with max again, if he will have me.
    As for pt, I say in the review max works with you, but your not in as good as shape as you think.
    I was never pushed past my limits…just in the zip code of them.
    Bottom line, mvt was a good place to train. Stop being lazy and do it,

  8. CouchsurferAaron says:

    Very fucking well written.

    I’m 22 years old. Just attended CTT last weekend, and couldn’t beleive how much I learned in 3 days. Before I came to the class, I thought I was up to par or close to par in my skills with my weapon. Fuck no. To be honest I sucked. After the 3 day CTT class I feel confident in my skills to protect my family and friends in a time of need.

    Did Max completely degrade me during my training for sucking? No. But it wasn’t all candyland either. He got on my ass when I was fucking up because he saw errors and knew I could do better. (Kind of like a couple of years ago when I wouldn’t do my math homework and my dad would go off on me)

    Kind of what I’m going to write in my review I write tonight, just thought it had relevance being posted here as well.

    Cheers everyone.

    CouchsurferAaron out

  9. TomS says:

    Well said, let a–hole comments roll off your back. Don’t forget the government practices divide and conquer. Agents don’t show up they use someone else to foment dissent.

    RE: Starship Troopers the book was excellent the movie was hollywood and sucked.

    You are performing a needed service and are respected!

  10. booger says:

    Woah you are like the Gabe Suarez of West Virginia!

    Let the fanboy worship begin

  11. ApoloDoc says:

    Yep, Max is an asshole.

    I am too. Often in my life I have had to tell people things that they did NOT want to hear. During my training in WV Max told me some things I didn’t want to hear…but think about this:

    Ask yourself WHY it is that we don’t want to hear something (which may lead to us viewing the speaker as an asshole). I contend that the reason is we do not want to hear a negative statement or correction WHEN WE KNOW IT IS TRUE! If you tell me something that I know is patently false, it has little emotional impact on me. It is when we know that there is truth being told, truth we do not wish to acknowledge, that we get angry and argumentative.

    Max is a true teacher. To serve that calling requires a man to be straightforward and honest. DIRECT. Sometimes IN YOUR FACE. He must value TRUTH more than the adulation of others. Respect grows from this, but in our culture where “every child gets a trophy” it can be a tough road for many to walk.

    Keep at it, Max. Hope to get back to WV before too long. Still want to check out the nicely dug in snuggly sleeping places 😉 Hell, I can even get my Patrol pack load out in a manageable size now (including my MVT thermal poncho!).

  12. Thumper says:


    As I don’t frequent this site often, I missed the “asshole” excitement.

    My thoughts on using the word “asshole”:

    Using the word “asshole” is akin to the context in which it is expressed. To get an idea of how the word “asshole” means different things to different folks, take a listen to George Carlin’s masterful description of the usage of the word “fuck”. I believe it may be part of his monologue “7 Dirty Words”. In fact, now that I think about it, Carlin may even have “asshole” as one of his “dirty” words.

    Anyhow….I call numerous folks “asshole”. When they object to being called such I simply respond “It’s a term of endearment” !

    So, being recognized as an asshole is a GOOD thing. One should wear it as a badge of honor. As by the looks of Max’ poster above he has done just that.

    Now being called “a FLAMING asshole”, those are fighting words.

    Being known as an “asshole” is, in my opinion, a title of nobility. Rather than being announced as “Sir Max”, the new title would be “Asshole Max” !

    Great poster !