Video Review: MVT CUTT Chest Rig + Live Fire Scenario

*NEW MVT Gear: MVT LiteLitter*
April 7, 2015
Some questions answered (1): Ammo & Rates of Fire
April 8, 2015

Rig 3


  1. Daniel says:

    The gang’s wearing yarmulkes?! I guess nothing’s sacred after order breaks down.

    Seriously though, good vid. Nice to see the new stuff held up and on you.

    • Max Velocity says:

      What’s a yarmaluke? They are wearing British issue NBC suits, new sealed in the packet straight off Remember: cross the braces….

      • Bearcreek says:

        I think he’s talking about the smooth bald patches on the back of the target dummies heads. They look kind of like the little skull caps worn by Orthodox Jewish men.

        • Max Velocity says:

          Oh my word, don’t start a conspiracy theory about bad guy jooooooos….

          I thought he meant the hooded smocks…..

  2. Larry says:

    Hello Max. Great vid, been reading you’re Blog for a few weeks now and I’m impressed and glad to have you as a fellow Patriot.Welcome aboard.

    This new rig looks nice , hope they go ahead and add it to their line.

  3. Diz says:

    This is what I like to see. Someone showing kit in action, in our likely scenario.

  4. Mike H says:

    Max is getting this video thing down nicely….independent film maker down the road?

    Looking forward to production run for the rig.

  5. shooter says:

    They’re not Jewish – they’re monks! Max is a Viking.

    Seriously, I love this video!

    • Max Velocity says:

      You may not be wrong. Have you seen this guy? He is NOT me. This was sent to me today. Brother by another mother….apparently we have Norse on the family from the Lofoten islands in north Norway….

      • Daniel says:

        Yep – that’s an odd pic to look at.

        My first post was indeed pointing out the apparent skull caps worn by the baddies. I specifically avoided mentioning any particular group since many religi-types wore/wear them. What better way to get a homestead’s guard down than by appearing to be peaceful god folk passing by? Harder to explain the NBC suits but I’m reaching anyway.

        Thanks again, Max.

        • Max Velocity says:

          Rabbit hole alert: they are just target dummies dressed in NBC suits for clothing like I use on some of my ranges.
          Topic at hand anyone?

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