*NEW MVT Gear: MVT LiteLitter*

*NEW MVT Gear Page*
April 7, 2015
Video Review: MVT CUTT Chest Rig + Live Fire Scenario
April 7, 2015


A new addition to the gear offered by MVT: The MVT LiteLitter.

Please go check out the new gear page supported by AMHTactical, who are the manufacturers. This is hand made quality gear, made right in here in Ohio.

The MVT LiteLitter is designed to be a lightweight yet practical litter that will fold up small. Please go check out the link for more details.

The MVT Shield is also available at the new page.

Purchasing is also far easier on the new page, because credit cards are accepted.




  1. G.W.N.S. says:

    These are good options.

    The MVT LiteLitter is offered in two options:

    Option 1: MVT LiteLitter w/ Flexible PVC handles for comfort

    Option 2: MVT LiteLitter w/o Flexible PVC handles (more compact)

    I like the priorities in products, first the MVT SHIELD then the MVT LiteLitter.

    Just now getting into some Battle Rattle with the MVT CUTT Chest Rig.

    Demonstrates a far more realistic set of priorities than is typically shown.

    Well done!

  2. Submariner says:

    This looks more user friendly than the one we were considering after last summer’s class.

    How do you carry it? I see no way to attach it to battle belt. In a side pocket of the ruck?

  3. Stinger says:

    The stuff sack is just what it comes with. You could stuff it in an IFAK pouch or similar. With no PVC handles it may even fit in an M4 mag pouch; haven’t tested that.

  4. shooter says:

    I’m not a medic, but I sure like the looks of this thing! Not as solid/sturdy as some options I’ve seen, BUT I will actually stick one of these in my ruck, whereas the others are too bulky, too heavy, or both.

    Handles sturdy enough to run a pole through, so you could have 2 carriers per side, or rig a travois?

    • Stinger says:

      Absolutely; that was part of the intent.

      Super lightweight and mobile, but with poles could quickly become a more sturdy / long distance litter if needed.

      • Dennis W says:

        I’m not sure how it would be done, but what about combining the litter and hammock into one unit. Say the length of the hammock with the extra webbing under and handles along the sides of the hammock. The extra material could just be folded over the top when used as a litter.

        • Stinger says:

          Good suggestion. If the interest is there we could certainly do something like that. The advantage of JUST the litter is it will be lighter and more compact than the Hammock (but only slightly). The other challenge is the hammock is bunched at each end and may make it difficult to use as a litter. Interesting thought though….

          • Max Velocity says:

            BritMil duel purposed hammocks as litters. I even had a video of that casevac in Helmand. One if the issues was hammock straps hanging down, not secured, and tripping the litter bearers. These were not the bunch-stye hammock. It may be easier to offer a litter as a pole-type hammock rather than vice versa.