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March 5, 2015
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March 10, 2015

I recently posted this in response to some silliness that had been reported to me, re-posted on blogs that I no longer read:

And while I’m at it: yes you need to train, and you need to patrol, and you need to form tactical teams. If you have a defended location at the very least you need to conduct local security patrolling. Any other opinion shows a lack of ever having to live/operate in/from a defended location. You do not protect your house from your porch.

The above is in response to comments I read in an article that it is legitimate to learn to defend your home, but not legitimate to ever go on a ‘patrol.’


As I said to the Texas class, with the training resources available there is no reason why you and your civilian team cannot become an excellent light infantry force. Those who have been to MVT training get it – they realize how fast and well we progress you with live fire oriented training. Stuff that most of the military does not do, or as well,, or very often at all. Look on it like a fun hobby. It will cost you a bit of cash, but less than most adrenalin style sports/hobbies or activities. And if you do it enough and become competent, you become a trained trainer.

Didn’t go to boot camp? So what. What’s the point of most of it anyway, other than obedience conditioning? Marching up and down the square…. Training schools like MVT, and trainers like Mosby and Sierra12, are running excellent training. You don’t have to be at a disadvantage to anyone. Just look at these videos: 5 days! Most of these guys have no prior training off the square range. Look what they are doing after 5 days. Makes you wonder – WTF is the military doing? Health and safety, risk assessments, bureaucracy, and ass covering, mostly……;-)

Lately, quotes have been sent to me which are essentially criticizing the training that MVT offers simply because, it would seem, it is too good. Too ‘elitist.’

So let’s set the record straight.

Here at MV T we are a professional training organization which strives for excellence. The original purpose in my mind when I wrote ‘Contact!’, before I ever started the training school, was to pass hard won information on to “keep good folks alive.” Alumni know that all shapes and sizes have passed through the CRCD, later becoming CTT classes, and have all been trained to the best of our ability.

Many who haven’t yet got a grip of their PT have been trained. And I love them for it, because they all showed heart and determination and went up ‘Max’s Mountain’ without complaint. Where the physical may have been lacking, the heart was there. Fathers and sons, fathers and daughters, husbands and wives, have all trained to fight and survive as a family unit.

That is, at its very basis, what MVT is about. “Training good folks to survive” a collapse situation. We are about good honest folks, armed citizens, protecting their families. And yes, I know it is mostly about the guys, but I have always encouraged the girls to show up too, because they should be fighting alongside their menfolk, or at the very least capable to fight on and defend the babies if the men folks fall.

Now we have created the MVT Rifleman Challenge. More competitive events may be on the way in the future. Run and gun, maybe 2 gun competition etc. We shall see, when time permits. But now certain elements are carping that MVT is too elitist. That this is all too much, and that we should set low standards and consistently fail to reach them. Really. Sounds like weakness to me.


MVT is a professional tactical training organization and we will continually strive for excellence in training, and to make those who wish to train reach ever higher standards. We are trying to change the meme. Real, effective, tactical training. No longer do we want you to be unfit and unskilled. We offer you the ability to be all you can be tactically.

What is ‘elitist’ about surviving enemy action?

And yes, I am an elitist, always have been. I always wanted to be all I could be, and I want you to be the same. That is why we offer the training.

So we will continue to cater for all levels of PT and all levels of skill, and there is no discrimination at any of the classes. Combat Rifle. Combat 2 Gun, Combat Team Tactics will allow anyone to attend, as they always have, with a modicum of fitness and weapon handling skills. We are, and will remain, here to train you to have the best chance of survival in a collapse situation, or wherever the skills are needed.

A quote from this Student Review:

“As a lot of students before me have said, Max is an excellent instructor.  You have read about “crawl, walk, run”.  In hindsight, it’s very easy to see how he did it.  However, during the training, he managed to keep everyone, all with different skill sets, interested and engaged.  It was amazing how much we accomplished in 5 days.  From day one on running your rifle and malfunction drills to day five with the squad attack.  Was that really the same group?”

However, because we are a professional training organization, we are offering more. We are encouraging you to be all you can be. It’s purely voluntary, of course, no one is forcing you. Additional training events such as the MVT Rifleman Challenge are designed to be fun, challenging, rewarding, and to encourage you to attain a higher personal standard with both your fitness and your tactical skills.

We also offer professionally designed tactical fitness training plans:


If anyone ever tells you that you don’t need to be better, they are full of shit. Can you keep lower, move faster? You can learn the basics at a class, but who knows what the margin of survival may be when it happens for real? Fitness will always be a winner.

I also stand by what I said in the quote above about the ability to privately train, as a form of ‘survival hobby’ if you like, to be an excellent light infantry fighter. We offer the training, it is there for the taking. I will not allow false modesty to inhibit my telling you that the training that MVT offers is excellent. I am very proud of what we are bringing you, and I continue to try and improve it. I’ve got to get up to site this weekend to dig a few more target pits (they keep getting dug!) to improve the tactical ranges and thus the course of instruction on CTT. That is one of the benefits of having invested in a permanent facility, although the recent Texas class has shown that we don’t need that facility to bring the training.


Let’s go!



  1. Easy says:

    Keep it up Max…

    you should be proud of what you offer.

    Most of the shit about not patrolling, and probably any criticism of the training you offer stems from those who have the “lone wolf” sniper hide mentality, erroneously imagining themselves sitting in the window of their upper floor picking off the bad guys from afar.

    It’s a combination of stupidity influenced by watching too many movies, and laziness because they can’t drag their fat asses off the couch to get out and train.

    Keep doing what you do, and fuck them if they can’t see their own shortsightedness, and certain death that their mentality will earn them in the event they should ever have to fight.

    • StarvinLarry says:

      Some of the comments about not needing to take patrolling classes/learn SUT, etc. were actually made by other “trainers”.
      I’ve seen quite a few of them,not going say who it was because I was taught not to badmouth anyone who’s unless they’re there to defend themselves.
      Anyhow-I don’t understand how any trainer can claim that people do not need to learn how to patrol,do not need to know small unit tactics,combat rifle,etc. makes me wonder just what they’re teaching.
      How can you teach a group of friends,a family,a few guys who want to protect their neighborhood, or anyone else how to defend their homes and their neighborhoods without teaching patrol classes?
      How can you teach people how to defend their neighborhoods and not teach patrolling and other SUT?

      • StarvinLarry says:

        “badmouth anyone who’s unless they’re there to defend themselves.”

        Should be…
        badmouth anyone unless they’re there to defend themselves.

  2. RobRoySimmons says:

    Any doubts about Max’s professionalism and courtesy then read a student review from a little less than a year ago. If memory serves me right this student was not quite weapons proficient enough to be able to make full use of the CTT class. The student was nothing less than complimentary on how Max handled moving him to Aaron’s class

  3. shooter says:

    “Too elitist”? WTF?

    I was mostly convinced prior to the Texas class, but now I’m 100% convinced that you really ARE doing this stuff out of love for your fellow Americans. There’s no bullshit about you being “all about training good folks to survive”. My perception is that that’s why your standards are realistic, rather than simply being canned/packaged to generate students/customers on the firing line and money in the bank.

    Keep doing what you’re doing. There are more and more people who “get it”, and every person you train will go out and explain it to a dozen more. Most of that will probably fall on the deaf ears of people who are willfully ignorant, or too lazy to bother, but not all of it… not all of it.

  4. Stinger says:

    Great post, Max.

  5. Nonconformist says:

    I have a reputation in my family of having high standards. When told this,my response was “So?”. For the low information folks whose world revolves around football, I’ve explained it all as winning vs losing. The bottom line is winners, whether in football, business, warfighting, work their ass off. In this increasingly dumbed down FUSA, lets don’t apologize for striving for excellence.

    Keep doing what you’re doing Max. I’ve read the books, read the blog religiously and hope to attend VTC soon.

    Some of the best advice I ever got was from an old farmer,”Pay no attention to the crows on the fence son, just keep plowing”.

  6. Owl21 says:

    First – If you don’t patrol it, you don’t own it.

    Second – If you do not want to go to such training as MVT provides (because you’re paranoid, it seems too expensive, or you think you are too old, slow, or fat), then everyone from your survivalist group should pitch in money and elect the best person in your group to go to the training, so that they can return and train everyone in your group at whatever speed works for them.

    The training is that good. I learned more in one CTT & MCO class than in half a dozen other (less than tactical) classes over the past couple of years.

    Third – it is difficult to learn the proper skills with range Nazis. There is no other training that can compare to actual live fire “shoot, move, communicate” type training.

    You cannot do this on a square range or with range Nazis:

  7. D Dub says:

    My goal is to be 80% of what I can be. To achieve most of what I can achieve. To work nearly as much as I can to give myself a pretty good shot at survival. And most of all, I want to fight the fight at my home… with my wife and little girls behind me. Because patrolling is unnecessary and I’ll always settle for “good enough.”

  8. Quantrill says:

    Was thinking that MVT could get to the level of ExtremeSEALexperience someday if given enough time….but with the pace of tyranny these days, time will probably run out. These young men train for a taste of working for .gov:

    • Max Velocity says:

      SEALs? WTF? This is sarcasm right?
      Here at MVT we are real soldiers…..;-)

      • Quantrill says: “level of” it is not the training meant but the amount of business pulled in. When you see 70 young men from 17 to 35 years old showing up all ready for you to train them, you will know shtt is getting real serious in the former U.S. Eight 45-60 year olds is a good start though.

    • Owl21 says:

      The SEAL EXPERIENCE is little more than getting your ass run of (PT), and at a high cost (both monetarily and physically), then some marginal CQB training.

      Max will give you some useable skills, and you can PT the crap out of yourself for free.

    • RobRoySimmons says:

      “Seals experience”. Cheese an freaking rice spare me the effing fanboi air soft crap. I’d rather blowtorch my softies than be associated with that.

      • Max Velocity says:

        This is partly why we are doing the MVT Rifleman Challenge: because it’s real and meaningful and not some fanboi crap like SEALs or GoRuck etc….

  9. Bill Gardner says:

    Max’s class was the best thing ive ever done training wise, I went from all the gear and no idea, to being confident in what I was doing with a battle rifle. Cant even express how much you will lear and how your confidence will sky rocket with his classes. Being physically fit is paramount, and he motivates you to get there. Do his fitness program, it is awesome! I am in my 5 week and starting to feel great at 42 years old. I love the program because i can do it from home with no gym and its structured so i have a plan every day. Get off the couch and get moving! Anyways, got to go… have a 6mile tab this morning!

  10. Mike H says:

    I know that Max’s place isn’t an Elitist camp..he made me get rid of the colorful scarf upon arrival.

    Seriously, if you want realistic, body taxing training which always has safety on the front burner…then MVT is the place to go. Max will work with what you brought and give you what you need to bring home to better yourself.

  11. TheChemist says:

    You know what they say – you encounter the most flack when you’re right above the target. Sounds to me like you’re making these other trainers nervous about lost market share. Anyone saying that your training is too elitist is simply scared that they themselves are not as prepared and knowledgeable as they should be. Isn’t providing these training opportunities the OPPOSITE of elitism? I’m just a schmuck who makes plastic; without folks like you out there offering this stuff to us, we would have no choices in training outside of the Square Range Fanboy Club.

    • StarvinLarry says:

      “Sounds to me like you’re making these other trainers nervous about lost market share.”

      As long as the product you are putting out on the market is a top notch product-then you don’t have to worry about market share.
      There’s more guys seeking training than there are trainers-at least as far as training outside of a classroom and what can be done at a public range.
      Those who have a good product will continue to have no issues involving market share-those who have a sub-standard product will lose market share.
      Word of mouth is the best advertising that there is,people who feel that you have the better product will recommend your product to friends and family.
      I haven’t heard anyone complain about any of Max’s classes,I’ve heard nothing but good things. Based on that,and reading the AAR’s of the classes,and watching the recent videos-Max is where I’ll go to spend my hard earned $$$ on training.

      • Max Velocity says:

        I’m uncomfortable with any discussion of ‘market share’ because it has never been a factor under consideration with the MVT operation. In fact, if that was driving things we wouldn’t be doing what we are doing.
        It also came out in the wash that the reasons certain elements (insignificant) had tried to shut down the MVT Rifleman Challenge was due to concerns about their own ‘market share.’

        • StarvinLarry says:

          Could be the certain elements realized they had an inferior product,and would lose “market share”.
          I think the MVT Rifleman Challenge is a hell of a good idea,and we need the standards-not everyone can be everything-some guys just aren’t going to be able to make Rifleman due to age,old injuries,too far out of shape,etc.
          It gives everyone a goal to reach for.
          It establishes a standard level of training,and anyone who sees another guy with the MVT Rifleman patch will know that the other guy with the patch is not just a keyboard commando.
          Just keep doing what you’re doing-you’re doing things right.
          Most of the guys I’ve run across in the building trades who were worried about market share were the guys who were clueless about the work being done-they just hired others to do the work-then complained about things not getting done fast enough because they had no clue what it takes to build a home,or remodel an old building into condos or apartments.
          No pride in the work,no understanding of what craftsmanship is,no comprehension of the trades-just worried about the $$$ and slapping the stuff together as fast as possible-don’t worry about quality of the work.
          Those were the guys who had the slick brochures,ads on the tee-vee and radio,full page newspaper ads-then when they got the jobs-they couldn’t get the work done-because they were too busy worried about how much $$$ they were going to make from each project-not how many skilled guys it takes to get the work done,what materials were needed,and how long it takes to do the work.
          Could usually pick up all their equipment for pennies on the dollar at the bankruptcy auction.
          Those of us who believe in doing things right- not worried about market share and counting $$$ are the ones who are still around after the others are long gone.

          Now,if we could just get discussion going every day on the subject of restoring rightful liberty-we would all be doing our part.

    • Owl21 says:

      I think the negative comments revolve around fear of the unknown. People tend to base their thoughts and decisions on their preconceived ideas, which are usually faulty. The normalcy bias, even among knowledgeable people can be strong and difficult to overcome.

      All we can do it to keep chipping away, and hope that one day they will “get it.”

  12. TacticalM4 says:

    That has to be about the biggest crock of crap I have heard to date, for someone to come up with as an excuse not to train or PT, etc. Keep up the good work Max!!

    Volunteers Lead the Way

  13. Just keep up the good work Max! Keyboardism is way to easy for the lazy or otherwise “uninvested” to nit pick and pot stir. Also with a lot of strong personalities in the liberty and or preparedness communities, there are a lot of types that insist that theirs is “the only right way”. I like your way a lot, keep at it.