***MVT Rifleman Challenge: Sponsored Prizes: JRH Enterprises & UW Gear*** UPDATED

Instructional Video: ‘Bush Walk’
March 4, 2015
New Mailing Address
March 5, 2015

Aimpoint Rifle Optic


Above: First Prize: Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic (Pro)



JRH Enterprises has kindly volunteered to sponsor the MVT Rifleman Challenge.

At the inaugural MVT Rifleman Challenge on the 27-29 March 2015, there will be a series of prizes.

First Prize: Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic (Pro)

Second Prize: Surefire Helmet light.

Third Prize: Renovo Water filter

Plus some “free shit.”

UW Gear

UW Gear has also stepped up to offer a Minuteman Mk. III chest rig in Multicam. These rigs are very nice and have a great silent magazine tuck tab pouch closure system. No noisy velcro!

We will offer this prize to the student with the fastest time on the 2-Miler

UWGEAR Minuteman

Currently the number of attendees at this class make it a standard MVT class size. There is room for more.

rifleman patch single

Remember, you can retake an event at the Challenge and you can also retake another Challenge for free if you do not make the patch standard first time around. Either way, it’s a great training weekend.


The second Challenge is scheduled for 4-6 September 2015.

Note: Prizes are not just for the 2-Miler time, but for a combination of scores on the various events, whether the event is scored or pass/fail.



  1. JohnLeePettimoreIII says:

    Three cheers for JRH!

  2. pnoldguy says:

    Awesome! I buy a lot of sh*t from Bob. Great service and good products.
    Where is the signup for the Sept Challenge?

  3. JeffSags says:

    Great to see people stepping up and supporting the challenge! When the time comes I know I will be buying my pvs 14 from JRH and I am going to go check out UW gear offerings now.

  4. AJ says:

    Picked up an Aimpoint from JRH last month. Great service, fast shipping and a pleasure to deal with. Wish I had the time to get to Va to do a little training. 3 kids puts a damper on those plans.