Generations of War in the New Century

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March 3, 2015
Student Review: Texas Combat Team Tactics / Mobility Feb 2015: Mark
March 4, 2015

Well, I wouldn’t normally be expected to link to an anarchist site (zerogov) but I was sent the link to this article with the quote:

“Thought you would enjoy this.  Perfect validation of the MVT philosophy” – on tactics, not anarchy of course.

Generations of War in the New Century by Bill Buppert

This stood out for me:

“I was raised on the FM 7-8 Infantry Squad and Platoon, which was replaced by an even bigger manual in the 21st century. A casual observer of the fight in the Middle East in this century by American arms would suggest that the printing presses should stop publishing such nonsense and simply issue a laminated 3×5 card to every infantryman that reads simply “Call for Fire.”

Meanwhile, back in the Constitutional Republic, here are some small unit tactics:

And while I’m at it: yes you need to train, and you need to patrol, and you need to form tactical teams. If you have a defended location at the very least you need to conduct local security patrolling. Any other opinion shows a lack of ever having to live/operate in/from a defended location. You do not protect your house from your porch.

As I said to the Texas class, with the training resources available there is no reason why you and your civilian team cannot become an excellent light infantry force. Those who have been to MVT training get it – they realize how fast and well we progress you with live fire oriented training. Stuff that most of the military does not do, or as well,, or very often at all. Look on it like a fun hobby. It will cost you a bit of cash, but less than most adrenalin style sports/hobbies or activities. And if you do it enough and become competent, you become a trained trainer.

Didn’t go to boot camp? So what. What’s the point of most of it anyway, other than obedience conditioning? Marching up and down the square…. Training schools like MVT, and trainers like Mosby and Sierra12, are running excellent training. You don’t have to be at a disadvantage to anyone. Just look at these videos: 5 days! Most of these guys have no prior training off the square range. Look what they are doing after 5 days. Makes you wonder – WTF is the military doing? Health and safety, risk assessments, bureaucracy, and ass covering, mostly……;-)

Quick Reaction Force:

Meanwhile, in the military:




  1. MtTopPatriot says:

    Max you made a sublime statement in class, “Small Unit Infantry Tactics are the basis of all combat”. Which I personally considered transformative, if for no other reason than it defined the paramount reason for training to learn the function of small unit infantry. You also stated that it is foundation upon which all larger forms of infantry tactics build upon, as if it works for two man fire team it works with a battalion. And it does not matter what kind of generational warfare is fought, maintain these basics and you fight well. Whether it is leaderless resistance or 1stGW?
    But what I have been pondering, is how does the command structure effectively fit into this ideal of combat, ideally how should it be composed so as to become a holistic entity?

  2. robroysimmons says:

    I put the hobby aspect of it together with wanting to escape the mire of American Proledom of being a corn fed couch potato.

  3. Bill Buppert says:


    Thanks for the kind inclusion and if you are doing better than the Infantry School at Benning, you don’t have to try very hard. Elegant and well-rehearsed SUT in the coming Endarkenment is going to come as a rude surprise to SLAVFOR and I am happy you offer the superlative services you do.

    BTW, 7-8 is splendid for your readership but Battle Drill 6a is to be avoided and other venues and most likely your offerings improve greatly on a flawed entry procedure. FM 3-21.8 is not much better but great for lesson plans.

    The Ranger Handbook is also helpful and Max, if you need a hard-copy of the 2011 RHB, drop me a line.

    From an abolitionist to a Constitutionalist, thanks for everything you do in the training world.


    Bill Buppert

    • Max Velocity says:

      Leatherneck did a big post on the forum, which I copied over to this blog, about use of the ICS system.