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February 4, 2015
Updates / Finesse to the MVT Rifleman Challenge: 2-Miler & Shooting
February 8, 2015

On June 5-7 we have a Combat Team Tactics (CTT) Class (Friday to Sunday). We have a Combat Rifle (CR) Class also running the same weekend, June 6-7 (Saturday/Sunday). We are getting close enough that bookings are starting to come  in for that weekend.

I have a student booked onto the CTT class that weekend who is going to be in the area until Wednesday the 1oth. He has requested some training for Monday-Wednesday after the CTT class. It occurred to me that it would not only be cheaper for him if we put on an open enrollment class, but also might be an opportunity to run some useful training.

Ideas for the Monday to Wednesday:

  • Land Navigation
  • Combat Lifesaver
  • Additional Shooting – perhaps elements of Combat Rifle/Handgun for those that were on the CTT class.
  • Tactical Fitness (optional) – including running the 2-Miler at site that is part of the MVT Rifleman Challenge.
  • Suggestions?

I realize that this is not ideal timing during the week. This training could follow on after the CTT/CR class that weekend if you are attending, or simply be standalone training.

Please comment via email or in comments – clearly there are going to be many ideas on this but I want to get an idea of interest and what training people would find most useful. It is possible that, with enough students, we could run a couple of options, with Aaron running something and myself running another – but that depends if people have the time to show up on a Monday!

A reminder that we also have the Hand 2 Hand Combat (H2H) weekend on June 19-21.

The first MVT Rifleman Challenge is running  March 27-29

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  1. Nathan tanner says:

    Some things I think that would be interesting to add would be some wilderness survival techniques prolonged environmental protection the art of camouflage some simple foraging basic ropes work
    I would also most definitely think that nighttime navigation would be a big part of your night optical device firing program
    I truly would welcome your thoughts as I have been trying to find some tactical training in Northern Virginia area it would like to set up a time where I could possibly talk to you guys as to what I would like to be able to get accomplished PS the NRA headquarters range los some of its designated instructors.(tka llc) so I’ve been looking for someone to take over a lot of the NRA stuff including tactical training

    • Max Velocity says:

      NODF does not include navigation. It is a night shooting class. The combat patrol class involves night navigation, with or without NODs depending if you have them or not.
      If I’m going to lay on open enrollment training for those days it has to be something generic that most can participate in.

  2. Palmetto says:

    Since Combat Lifesaver is currently nowhere on the schedule, it would be good to give consideration to offering it at that time.

    • Max Velocity says:

      Yes, it’s not on the schedule because it wasn’t working as I had it on the Thursday before classes, as an option. Only a minority wanted it. However, I am working on something better, so depending on timelines, I may or may not include it during that 3 day package.

  3. BravoJuliet says:

    How about adding a Combat Patrol class?

    • Max Velocity says:

      Darn it, now you want to make it a 6 day combined …..that’s not actually a bad idea. Any takers? I do have another 6 day on the 26th June already…..

  4. BravoJuliet says:

    My recommendation is totally selfish. I know about the 26th session, but a niece scheduled a wedding that weekend and I have been informed by my logistics and supply officer that if I don’t make the wedding my supply chain is in grave jeoprady.

  5. Weber says:

    Not directly related to this but I wish you were able to offer more courses (CTT) during the Monday through Friday period of the week.

    • Max Velocity says:

      That’s always possible. I would prefer it because I get my weekends. However, I have seen no demand for it.
      You can always approach me with a group and have me put on a private class.

      • Weber says:

        I would really like to do a mid-week CTT because my weekends are usually so busy. I don’t have enough people for a private group but if anyone is interested in a mid-week CTT class you can contact me on the forum under the handle of Scout5412.

  6. pnoldguy says:

    I’m up for doing something on the June 8-10 time frame. Whatever your student wants to do during those days is fine with me if he/you need someone else.
    Let me know!