Sensible Commentary on ‘American Sniper’ – The Havok Hournal

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January 24, 2015
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January 26, 2015

I found an article over at The Havok Journal, sitting in my FaceBook feed this morning.

An American (Sniper) Hero Must be a Reluctant One – The Havok Journal

It’s the first sensible commentary I have seen.

Between the liberal nutjobs and the right wing flag wavers it has been hard to see any sensible commentary.

I haven’t yet seen the movie, but I have read the book. By all accounts the movie is very good. It’s on my list.

Just remember, it’s a movie. Hell, as the film’s distributor puts it: ‘This is the first ‘real’ superhero movie.'”

Whatever happened to the ‘Quiet Professional?’



  1. B-Dog says:

    Remember, people still need their hero’s, and Chris Kyle just happens to have been a real one (of many), in which Americans can embrace in an era of government corruption, banker manipulation, and jackbooted thuggery.

    It just so happens that I went to see the movie last night. I was shocked to see that at least half of the viewership were young (early to mid-twenties) females in groups of three or more, and the vast majority of those standing in the long lines were under 40. Based on the overheard conversations while waiting to get in, the girls were not there to see Bradley Cooper undressed, but were interested in the story.

    To me, a long-toothed veteran, it was heartwarming to see such interest in true reality instead of what most young people are normally interested in doing/watching with their time.

    I truly believe people are attracted to hero’s and are waiting for more, because most people are followers, and they are looking for something real to follow.

  2. Hello Kitty says:

    First I would like to say, as a civilian and not being on ANY tier, all Tier One mil are badasses to me. Hell any mils are. IMO most Tier One operators are quiet. You never see ex Delta on TV. But you do see Seals. Nothing against Seals but I beleive that the Navy puts the Seals out there for PR purposes. I beleive the Navy’s motive is funding and securing their slice of the pie of Spec Opertaions.

  3. dredd says:

    The depictions of most spec ops individuals and units by hollyweird types is usually so bad it makes us crawl even further into anonymity for fear of being embarrassed in front of friends and family. It’s gotten a little better if you compare the latest fare to SF heroes like Chuck Norris and the guys on the A-Team…but reality…yeah right.

    Alpha Mike Foxtrot
    Gulf War I…21SOS…somewhere in the Magic Kingdom