Invite: Speed March Training, Manassas Battlefield w/ Max

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December 8, 2014
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December 10, 2014


Another TAB: Posted on the MVT FORUM.

Coming soon: Monday 15th December: MVT Physical Training Plans. Detail to follow.


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  1. Boone says:

    Speed March on 12/5/14 at Manassas Battlefield was excellent! ..a cold, semi-blustery day at the park. The trails are well-marked and the terrain is mostly wooded, with some rolling fields and hills..very challenging. This would be either some really good ruck PT for fit folks or a wake up call for those that think they can go stomping around with a 30-40 lb ruck with no problems.

    Max set a very honest 11.5 mph pace. He was set up with a 40 lb ruck, so he didn’t cut any corners. I had a 30+ lb myself and it was a challenge to hold his stride. Max uses classic rucking style, long, forceful striding technique that i’ve seen us army rangers use well and he can move. Other dudes were out there too putting in an honest effort. Max gave a nice brief to the movement prior to the march and also a nice AAR.. always the tactical professional! Thanks Max. Hopefully, see ya at the next one.