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November 26, 2014
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December 1, 2014


I was going to wait until this was a little more developed, but a comment on the operating environment of the Combat 2 Gun (C2G) class prompted me to post about this. C2G is going to be an excellent three day class focusing on rifle, handgun and transition skills.

I have noticed a few comments asking about hand 2 hand (H2H) combat training. That is something that is outside the normal remit of MVT and requires separate insurance etc. (beware of unqualified trainers teaching hand 2 hand combat, and also medical skills)  It has prompted me to get back in touch with a good friend of mine who runs the Rebellion Academy in San Diego, Jeff Baldwin. Jeff is former 75th Ranger Regiment and an excellent martial arts instructor. He is also a shooter. I trained at his school when I lived in San Diego.

I am talking to Jeff about having him come out to MVT and run a 2 or 3 day training weekend. We are in the initial stages of him working out a curriculum for the class.

Initial thoughts are along these lines:

-active shooter scenarios
-getting caught in between transitions or when proximity is too close to realistically transition
-weapons retention
-being unarmed and getting to your weapon
-extreme close range when your weapon malfunctions or runs dry
-self defense scenarios
-CCW scenarios
-multi attacker scenarios
-knife specific work
So in essence it would be a blend of current day self-defense and CCW/close combat work, along with some more ‘combat’ related stuff applicable to the normal MVT training, where your rifle may stop at close range to the enemy. Room entry scenarios come to mind.

We would likely build an open air wood chip ring under the trees at MVT. Perhaps bring in airsoft handguns, maybe use the square range. It is all in development.

I’m interested in comments concerning interest in this class, which we would schedule sometime in 2015.






  1. Aaron says:

    ……I want to do that class.

  2. Jim says:

    If I can make dates work – you can count me in.

  3. Bearcreek says:

    I’d be up for that for sure.

  4. JeffSags says:

    I think this is a fantastic idea and as long as scheduling and funding permit, I am there!

  5. Stinger says:

    DEFINITELY interested. Would attend in 2015 for sure.

  6. Tater says:

    Excellent idea. As always, MVT is leading the way for all others to follow.

    Having taken Sam K.’s 1-day “Fight to your weapon” class (twice), as well as several months of Krav Maga classes (at an actual accredited studio), I feel that I am at least slightly qualified to comment on this matter. My personal experience has been that while “civilian” Krav Maga instruction does a great job teaching self-defense for the average everyday person, it primarily addresses situations/scenarios where someone is not carrying a firearm, much less situations/scenarios where a person is already engaged in a fight for his life and is placed in a situation where, for whatever reason (malfunction, running out of ammunition, etc.), he must defend himself and/or others using only the weapons God gave him. Frankly, I have learned more about true self-defense from Sam K.’s two 1-day classes than I have from several months of “civilian” Krav Maga instruction.

    Although only a student, I am extremely proud to be associated with what I know to be the best, most professionally organized and run civilian firearms & tactics organization anywhere in the United States, period!!!

    Thank you Max for all that you do.

  7. Tater says:

    Almost forgot to mention the incredible MVT cadre (both permanent and guest): Aaron, Chris and JC. I have had the pleasure of meeting and/or receiving instruction from each of you, and Max could not have chosen better associates than you. You guys rock as well!