Combat 2 Gun (C2G) Has Arrived!

Student Review: Small Group (2 Day) Combat Team Tactics Class: 18/19 Nov: Dave
November 21, 2014
MVT Class Certificates Available
November 24, 2014

The first Combat 2 Gun classes have been moved up to February 2015:

6-8 Feb.

27 Feb – 1 Mar.

These are 3 day classes focusing on Combat Rifle, Combat Handgun and Rifle/Handgun transitions.

Class Schedule

Cost: $600


  1. Palmetto says:

    I encourage folks to take this course if you want rifle training but have not had competent, advanced handgun training.

    There are tons of people out there with concealed carry permits who do not have the proper level of handgun training to allow them to be effective or even competent with their firearm.

    For day-to-day practicality, it is probably more important for the average Joe to learn handgun skills rather than battle rifle skills because you are much more likely to use a handgun in a self-defense situation. (Unless you carry a battle rifle with you on a daily basis).

    In my experience it breaks down like this: There are tons of places to get “handgun training” but few of those places are worth a crud, and many of those places will “teach” you stuff that will get you killed. The flip side is that there are hardly any places to get defensive/combat rifle training at all. So for Pete’s sake, if you are coming to MVT for rifle training, do yourself a huge favor and get the handgun training at the same time.

    You will be impressed with Aaron, the instructor. You can rest assured that you will receive world class training on the CORRECT skills you need to become competent, effective and proficient with your firearms.

  2. Aaron says:

    A lot of time we forget how important our handgun is. This class is more than the sum of its parts and I’m very excited to teach it!

  3. Thumper says:

    Due to some extenuating circumstances, I’ve STILL not attended one of Max’s courses. I’m hoping to do that in the next six months.

    Now, the problem I have with handgun training is simply, in most professional training, the training is not geared toward civilian CCW carry/use in the world of today’s USA. For instance, I shoot a winter league, “relaxed” IPSC shoot, twice monthly. It’s good practice to include some important socializing. However, when I shoot this bi-weekly shoot I do so with gear I would wear if the SHTF. Specifically, a battle belt with 3 pouches for doublestack mags, a dump pouch and a IFAK. My handgun is usually a XDm with 4.5″ barrel in .45ACP or 9mm Luger. Sometimes a S&W M&P9. But I don’t shoot this event with my carry pistol which in quite often a SIG 938 with a 7-round mag and no spare mags or the occasional 3″ Kimber Ultra Carry with a spare 8 round mag. These daily carry wpns are quite a different story as opposed to my combat pistol shoots at the club.

    My thought is that this current offered pistol training will be concentrating on pistol usage with large frame, combat pistols and their accompanying accoutrements. Not on the fine points of combat pistolcraft from the concealed carry aspect.

    Max continues to make available much needed professional training for firearms. But from the aspect of daily life and the concealed carry many of us do, will Max ever offer a course geared to the many varied circumtances surrounding concealed carry ? There is MUCH that could be taught in the world of concealed carry. Nevertheless, anything Max teaches on longarms and/or sidearms is of great value. A course geared toward concealed carry would be quite inviting.

    Thoughts anyone ?

    • Bearcreek says:

      Some of the things you mention might indicate a need for some reassessment of your carry decisions. Maybe you need to start carrying an extra mag for that 938, or better yet, get a good IWB holster and carry a larger, higher capacity weapon and an extra mag for it. I’m fully aware that it’s inconvenient or even impossible at times to carry a full or mid size sidearm. I have a couple pocket guns myself. You’ll find though that if you’re determined enough and make some modifications to your mindset and possibly wardrobe that you can carry a mid size handgun a majority of the time.

      The other thing to consider, (and I’m not presuming to speak for Max or Aaron on this, so tell me if I’m wrong) is that there are a lot of good schools out there that provide quality instruction on concealed handgun carry and use. MVT is helping to fill a gap in civilian training options with instruction geared toward SHTF/resistance to tyranny type of tactics. Every day, normal concealed carry isn’t really what they’re there for. That gap is already pretty well taken care of.

  4. Aaron says:


    I’ll be the one teaching this course and I can say that yes there are aspects of concealed carry that are important to understand. Most of that is easily identified. Gear selection, legality, dressing to the gun and so forth. This can be had at a local more touchy-feely kittens and rainbows shooting range etc.

    Also if you REALLY REALLY want to learn specific things you can contact MVT and we can design a class specifically for what you feel you need to learn. Not a problem, there’s and app for that!

    MVT is about combat focused, realistic, “fuck they’re coming to kill me” training. When the handgun comes out the techniques are all the same. However you carry or whatever you carry won’t matter when it’s all you have between you and room temperature. You will push that tiny Sig just as hard as you will your XD. The malfunctions, reloads etc. Will be the same. It’s your mindset that is holding you back. I’ve carried concealed in Iraq, Afghanistan and here at home. For me very little changed and the way I conducted reloads, aimed and drew my weapon were not one of them.

    C2G is designed to bridge the gap between “my rifle just shit the bed” and “I hope this knife doesn’t break.”

    I don’t know what sort of training you’ve had before but you can check out the CR reviews. C2G will include that and more. As I said before it is much more than the sum of its parts.

    Bottom line is this, come train with us. You will not be disappointed.


  5. Stinger says:

    I want to second Aaron’s last sentence: “Bottom line is this, come train with us. You will not be disappointed.”. I know life gets busy and sometimes it’s just hard to get out and train; I totally get that. But people need to train, and make it a priority. The guys who want to come to our country and kill us are, so why aren’t we?? My wife and I are signed up for C2G in March; totally looking forward to it. I’ve attended MVT’s CTT and CP with my oldest brother and a few buddies; absolutely will be back to do repeats. This is critical training if you want to survive SHTF. It’s sad to think about those that are “waiting” to get good training like Max offers. There will come a point when you’ve waited one day too long, and you are fighting for your life with zero training; you’ll probably die, let’s face it. We all might, but at least those with training will fight an extra day.

  6. Scout5412 says:

    Aaron is an awesome instructor and everything he will teach you is value-add to your skill set. Doesn’t matter what you are carrying. Like Aaron said, get yourself in the right frame of mind and everything else will follow.

  7. robroysimmons says:

    Hand guns are not my favorite firearms by a long shot, I view them more as a necessity than anything though.

    A point Mosby made recently is that the contested ground in a SHTF or spreading 4GW disorder scenario is the suburban/urban areas and that generally might mean you won’t be strapping an AR but instead a pistol.

    But that might mean if you have to use it the user might have to be in a bit of a tussle with the antagonist. So my question is will that kind of encounter be trained for in C2G?

    • Aaron says:

      Weapon retention and ECQC type skills are beyond the scope of C2G. It’s hard enough to give a solid curriculum of training on 2 weapons in 3 days. Adding another medium is possible but would require more time, money and infrastructure than is possible currently.

      Now Max seems to have something in the works and I think it’s a fantastic idea so stay tuned.

      Before someone says something crazy YES. I do believe the skills are fluid and there is of course overlap in weapons, contact weapons and empty hand skills. It’s all important and so is your context. Understand your 95% and train for it.