Firefight in YOUR Neighborhood: Break Contact!

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November 17, 2014
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November 20, 2014


Need for accurate suppressive fire.

Need for training and teamwork.

Need for PT.

These guys are making an effort.

How would you match up?


  1. Ian says:

    I’d add that they need some type of binos as well. The TL could have used those to walk in the PKM fire, assuming the gunner is able to use his sights.

    I have to admit, there were quite a few times when they were in open space that had me cringing, waiting for one of them to get hit.

  2. Chris says:

    That PKM gunner was sucking! Belt fed guy always has a bad day. Im guessing fatigue had something to do with his inability to run it very well

  3. Kevin says:

    Never having been anywhere near a firefight…Is it typical to fire off so many rounds with no intended targets?

  4. Palmetto says:

    It’s very unclear what their objective is. There doesn’t seem to be much cohesion to their movements. They don’t seem to be covering each other with fire so much as just taking turns firing in random directions. Very little concern for use of cover. They certainly are not taking effective fire. Heck, it doesn’t seem like they are taking fire at all.

    And I don’t get the part where they run from garage to garage. They run into a garage then set up in the middle of the doorway and fire straight ahead.

    Is it just me, and my untrained eye, or does this all seem like guys filming themselves from a relatively safe distance from the real action?

    • John Lee Pettimore III says:

      As someone who’s familiarity with combat is almost exclusively in heavily urbanized terrain, it doesn’t seem like they are very far from the “action” at all. Even in the burbs gunfire sounds very muffled and gets redirected in funny ways. It’s hard to tell from the sound, but it seems they are about a block or two from the other small arms reports…

  5. jafo says:

    I have to agree with Palmetto. it doesn’t appear that there is a high threat level. they appear to be lax in movement between positions. I thought that they might be on a patrol of their AO but are randomly firing into the abiss giving away their positions.

    I had no sound on my video, so I can’t tell if there was other gunfire in the area or being directed at them…

  6. D Close says:

    Break contact without sufficient suppressive fire. If they were not taking effective fire and it did not appear they were, they could have set a hasty ambush or bugged out cleanly using bounding overwatch. The PKM would have come in handy in a hasty ambush. If I was facing these guys with some MVT grads, I would keep a fire team on them, suppressing, and send my other team to the flank and roll them up to get that PKM.

  7. manifold says:

    Any firefights are extremely difficult because most of the time you don’t really see your enemy. Which is why we listen for crack, boom. whiz and zings are bad news. In urban areas it’s even worse as the sound reverberates along the buildings and houses

    That PKM is very heavy and I am not surprised he’s sucking air like he did running around with it. Also, shooting on the hip with a PKM should be a “No No” but it seems to be the trend in the middle east and eastern Europe


  8. Shocktroop0351 says:

    Just a few notes. It appears to me that they are retrograding through a town, away from a fire fight. More than likely from the looks of the buildings this is an area that changes hands regularly. Nobody probably has the manpower to make a solid defense, so they abandon it. It may also be an area of no strategic importance. A few of the things these guys could improve on are their security is pretty lacking. As soon as they get to cover they drop their loads and catch their breath. They also shouldn’t be moving without their mg up. Fixing the gun on the move will do you no good if you get caught in a danger area. They also shouldn’t have their mg on point or running out into the street to take pot shots. Which brings me to my next point, they don’t seem to have a technique for crossing linear danger areas like roads and fences. Also, their communication doesn’t seem very fluid, but I may be missing some hand and arm signals.

  9. Shocktroop0351 says:

    As I watch this again, a few more improvements for these guys: they need an sop for entering those court yards. I’m not saying stack up and clear it cqb style, but they kind of just roll in individually. Personally, if I was breaking contact like they appear to be doing, I would treat those court yard openings like a side street and cross them like a linear danger area. I wouldn’t bother entering them if I didn’t need to. And any time I had to leave the street I would leave security covering it.

  10. Shocktroop0351 says:

    Another note for consideration: they are moving in what seems to be a very predictable direction and manner. If their enemy had mortars they are making them selves an easy target to get bracketed. I would think busting through some fences and yards would be preferable to going into a courtyard, resting, and then going back into the street through the same gate they entered. No sense making it easy for some wannabe sniper.