Photos: Combat Patrol Phase, Combined Class 6-11 Nov

Student Review: Combat Rifle 25/26 Oct: Greg
November 12, 2014
VIDEO: Ivan (Cross of Iron)
November 14, 2014

Below: Veterans Day, morning after the patrol base:
6 day 1


Below: Clearance Patrols go out:

6 day 3

Below: Stand to:

6 day 4

Below: Herringbone, short halt:

6 day 5


Below: Class prior to the tactical phase, Chris on the left:

6 day 6

Below: Class prior to the tactical phase, Max on the left:

6 day 7

Below: Rally! Squad break contact drills:

6 day 10


  1. John Lee Pettimore III says:

    Looking good gentlemen. Nice to see that standardization of arms seems to be happening on its own in the community.

    Frankly I think George Washington is a bit relieved…

  2. Jeramie says:

    I learned alot during my time with Max. These classes were very informetive, easy to learn, and constructed in a very safe manner. I was impresed with the safty aspect of the coures. Before taking the class the safty was my biggest concern. Concern quickly turned into confidence upon seeing how the class was run. The information given in the class was taught in a way that it was not overwhelming and easy to absorb. The simple K.I.S.S ” keep it stupid simple” methodology behind the tactics learned made it easily adaptable to all tactics. I learned a basic knowledge of military tactics, and felt that i was able to take away with me all that I had learned. Max makes the classes real as they can be in real as can be field enviroment. Battle inoculation is as real as it can get without live combat. I absolutely loved this class and hope to return to keep up on my skills. There is definatly a wealth of knowledge to be learned from all the instructers. For anybody on the fence about taking this class. Do it! You wont regret it! Very worth it. Thanks Max and all the other instructors.