*NEW: Alumni Training Discounts*

Student Review: Combat Rifle 25/26 Oct: Mike
October 31, 2014
*NEW* Alumni Section on the MVT Forum
November 1, 2014

I am offering 15% discounts on all training classes to members of the III% Society for America. I am also going to offer 15% discounts for MVT Alumni for repeat classes.

The price model for MVT Classes is  $200 per person per day. The 15% discount makes that $170 per person per day.


Alumni Discount Policy:

The Alumni discount will be available for any repeated class.

The Alumni discount will be available for first attendance on Combat Rifle and Combat 2 Gun if you have attended other classes.


Note: You can only apply ONE discount. Yes,I know you were thinking it….



  1. Antony says:


  2. Dadvocate says:

    I attended an early CRCD 2 day class. Does this discount apply to the new 3 day class?