Weekend Training Photos: Combat Rifle & Combat Patrol

Student Review: Combat Team Tactics 17-19 Oct: Tom
October 28, 2014
Student Review: Combat Patrol 24 – 26 Oct: Stinger
October 28, 2014

Below: Combat Rifle Class:

CR Oct 14 1

Below: Combat Patrol Class:

CP Oct 14 6

Below: Hasty Ambush on the way to occupy the Patrol Base:

CP Oct 14 8

Below: Rucking to the Patrol Base:

CP Oct 14 7

Below: Rally after a squad break contact drill:

CP Oct 14 1

Below: Patrol Base being set up:

CP Oct 14 3

Below: Putting up an MVT SHIELD:

CP Oct 14 5

Below: 3 x MVT SHIELDs in the Patrol Base. 2 unpainted, 1 painted:

Patrol Base Overview

Below: putting up an MVT SHIELD in the Patrol Base:

Pagtrol Base narrow view



  1. RobRoySimmons says:


  2. Tater says:

    Cool!! Looks like we have a couple more “gun chicks” on our team!

  3. Antony says:

    Those ladies are the ones who hand build the MVT shield!

  4. Jay says:

    Valkyrie! They look ready for the fight… I would stand at their side for freedom and honor. Nice to see all participate.

  5. What is this?
    Guns, gear AND a painted rifle?
    Marry me! LoL

  6. Aaron says:

    First they wanted shade, then something to sit on, then water. Now the students want a dating service. So demanding.

  7. Stinger says:

    http://www.matchvelocitytactical.com: “A Rationalist Dating Service for the Tactically Minded”…this definitely needs to materialize

    • You win the internet.
      Instead of personality questions there will be sections to list what training classes you have attended, as well as your favorite calibers. 😀

      On a side note, the hills on the range are a little to aggressively angled. I feel like this is intimidating for some of the students and should be looked into, so it can be fair for everyone.

  8. Palmetto says:

    I didn’t fully appreciate the pictures of the patrol camp with the tarps and MVT shields until after I saw the camp set-up fiasco in that “Watchmen” video you posted.

    People often don’t appreciate professionalism until they compare it to bad amateurism. It always looks easy when you watch the pros.

    Again, just another testimony to the high quality that is reported about MVT and that I am expecting to experience for myself there soon.