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October 28, 2014
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October 28, 2014

There is much talk about PT. I know that I have not yet given you any actual specifics on PT and how to train. I am working on that.

In the meantime, if you are looking for inspiration, standards and motivation, I found this site for you on FaceBook:


The video below is a sampler of ‘P Company.’ Pegasus Company is the British Airborne Forces selection course. The Pegasus Company training company exists alongside the Parachute Regiment recruit training company at ITC Catterick. Parachute Regiment recruits do P Company as part of their basic training. Anyone else who wants to serve with Airborne Forces and progress to parachute training (jump school) must attend a standalone course, known as ‘All Arms P Company.’

So far, no female has been successful at passing P Company, although it was opened up to females and some have tried.

There is a final ‘test week’ as part of P Company following the ‘beat up.’ There are a number of events. From memory it includes:

– 10 Miler (‘tab’ or ruck)
– 2 miler (ruck)
– Assault course/steeplechase
– Milling: 1 minute of straight punching an opponent in each others heads. It is designed to see who will stand up to a firefight, give and take punishment.
– Log Race: 8 guys holding into a telegraph pole for about 2 miles all out effort. Hardest event.
– Stretcher run: 200lb stretcher, running in a team over about 7 miles. Held on the shoulder.
– 12 & 6 miler (ruck). One slow. One fast.
– 18 miler (ruck). This was over larger hills as an endurance event.
– Trainasium: this is the confidence course designed to test your ability to comply with orders while experiencing fear. Parachuting and battle.

(‘TAB’ originally stands for ‘tactical advance to battle’ – it has evolved into a term for both ruck marching and tactical movement).

Everything on P Company is ‘110% effort’ – if you are not dying when you cross the line, then you will be marked down for it. Part of the scoring is time based, part of it based on assessment of effort.

Each of the test events was desigend with some purpose in mind:

– 10 miler: the original march from the drop zone to Arnhem bridge as part of Operation Market Garden was 10 miles.
– 2 miler: Rapid Advance to relieve troops in contact.
– Assault course/steeplechase: rapid movement over obstacles, rural and urban environments.
– Milling: Designed to see who will stand up to a firefight, give and take punishment. Keep your head up and face the enemy. Controlled aggression.
– Log Race: Ammunition resupply forwards.
– Stretcher run: Casualty moving off the battlefield.
– 12 & 6 miler / 18 miler (ruck). One slow. One fast. These events, although modified over the years, were put in Airborne forces selection after the experience doing long endurance tabs in the Falklands War.
– Trainasium: designed by psychologists and even includes an ‘illusion’ jump from a standing position. The shuffle bars are pretty exposed.


In case the Facebook thing doesn’t work for you, here is another P Company video from YouTube:




  1. Chris says:

    My ever loving desire for punishment is intrigued by attempting something like this at MVT. Perhaps a voluntary level but this is the warrior mindset stuff that has fallen by the wayside dramatically in the US Army.

  2. barry gordon says:

    There is a book on Amazon kindle
    “SurvivalFit” that would be informative to someone wanting to train physically and mentally in order to survive a disaster.

  3. Brian says:

    Never knew that TAB was an acronym (learn something new everyday)
    If you were to add some form of PT/obstacle course to the tactical training. I would definitely be willing and excited about that. Looking forward to when I can get back down there. Desire for punishment haha.

  4. JeffSags says:

    Perhaps you could add something like this to the MVT alumni weekend. Maybe some sort of competition?

    • Max Velocity says:

      I have had a competition in kind for some time. I was thinking more on the lines of a ‘march and shoot.’ That would be a ruck and shoot biathlon event where you carry a certain weight over a course and are timed. You then shoot and between the two you get a score. With my hills the course would be hard.

      I have had my eye on an old power line log that is laying out there in the woods…..team events…stretcher….

      But I don’t want to kill people!

      • Leatherneck556 says:

        Ooh! Ooh! Or what about a super squad type event like what is done in the USMC? Could do it with either 4-man fire teams, or 8 to 13-man squads (depending on how many signed up). Two days of tactical competitions – shooting competitions, PT events like rucking or the aforementioned biathlon, land nav, and possibly some type of live-fire attack or raid. How would you score that last event? I don’t know! Maybe give a variety of mission objectives to meet along with a time limit. Team/Squad that completes the most objectives in the fastest time wins?

        Just wait until after April to do this. That’s when I’m planning on coming to MVT to train… Won’t be an alumnus and be eligible to participate until then.

  5. Fred says:

    Perhaps a future as yet TBD Leadership Class will include a Timed TAB as entry or graduation event?
    Also I noticed all these events are legs and cardio related which makes sense and is what I have been limiting nearly all my training to…. I believe ( and this reference seems to confirm) that tactical PT relates to those 2 areas more than anything else.. : )

    • Thomas says:

      Cardio and legs because this is light infantry. If one can not walk, and walk fast, under load, one does not pass qualification. What is not shown is the upper body work that allows a potential Para to mill for 60 seconds.

      This is total body conditioning. Upper body strength is important. What you do not see is mass developed from weight training. The conditioning focuses on shoulders more than chest.

  6. OldeEnglishCider says:

    The following video is quite long at 18 mins, but it is quite enlightening to see some of the training being done by the terrorist orgs nowadays. Fitness level looks pretty damn good to me, and they also have training with BMP / T-72.


    (and one or two excerpts have some good comedy value too)

    • barry gordon says:

      I assume these guys are bad guys with the black flag? The video got me doing some PT because the enemy is training. Let’s be clear, this appears to be video of the enemy that wants to do terrible things to you and your family. Do you have young daughters? I hope Max has classes that have more participants than these classes. I wish our physical education classes in schools physically trained our youth, but I am sure they don’t.

  7. barry gordon says:

    Is there a difference between looking to fail applicants with physical training vs physical training to improve fitness? To an outsider it appears at first applicants face physical challenges to fail applicants. Once in a unit does training change or change to improve fitness?