MVT Forum Login Problems – Update: FIXED!

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September 29, 2014
Ivan the Target
October 1, 2014

Many are having problems logging into the forum. You are not alone. Myself and the administrator included. The message is too many login attempts try again later.

We have a support ticket in. It may be some form of cyber attack. Please bear with it.






  1. Fred says:


    Like Max said we are working the issue.
    If someone wants to disrupt our forum that means we must be doing something right! 😀

    One more reason to drive on!!



  2. Markcfi says:

    Max, and all Patriots,

    Recently you addressed your decision to take your children out of the public school system. To this, as many have undoubtedly assured you is the right decision.

    Respecting the fact that you may not have a leaning one way or another politically, or religiously, I am submitting for your review and consideration this video clip of a speech delivered by Pastor Rafael Cruz. I was personally in attendance when this video was made during his talk. This is more like a sound history lesson as to our American heritage and the roots of this country. Whether you are a believer in GOD and Christ Jesus or not the message is what is important. Please take the time when you have it to watch and listen. This is a message that is fit to be viewed by the whole family, children included if you so desire. feature=player_detailpage&v=MkEMtX_ooYA

    Semper Vigilans,


  3. Brian from Georgia says:

    It isn’t fixed for me.

  4. trailman says:

    Still having problems this morning.

  5. Fred says:


    Try again now 🙂

  6. Grandpa says:

    Forum log in non-op. I could try a hammer, or throwing a screwdriver into the sheetrock (2 of my favorite fixes) but those are sort of final…